Is TikTok Right for your Business Marketing? Here’s How to Decide


TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps at the moment. Because of the short-video concept, it’s great for businesses looking to connect with their target audience. It allows users to create short videos about themselves or their businesses while sharing them with the audience.

Also, TikTok is a pretty innovative video platform, even though there is nothing new to present to the users. They integrate functionalities from other social media (videos from YouTube, and vertical format from Instagram). Content creators can share their original videos with their followers on the platform, where billions of people can watch them, without even having to follow them.

This is one of the most anticipated advantages. The advanced algorithm can place your video to users who have similar interests, and occasionally to those who don’t even watch similar content, just to test their reaction.


TikTok has become a huge hit around the globe, especially for millennials, but also for Gen Z kids. The popularity increasingly grew back in 2020, due to the coronavirus situation and all those lockdowns.

Many people love using TikTok because it gives them a chance to show off their creativity and express themselves through a relatively new medium.

Digital and social media marketers often embrace the new platforms and are aware of the engaging video importance. Sometimes they need to make a tough decision whether to buy TikTok fans or wait for the organic exposure.

While some marketers believe TikTok provides great exposure and reach to brands, other experts say TikTok isn’t worth your time.

But, let’s get deeper into this topic, by explaining everything you need to know about it:

How to use TikTok?


TikTok is a video-based social networking app where users post short videos. People use TikTok to express themselves creatively and connect with others. Most of the posted content stays public, but users can choose to lock their accounts.

TikTok offers business opportunities to companies, so they can reach their target audience.

Are you interested to get to know more? Here’s how you can take advantage of TikTok marketing strategies.

1. Use creative content

If you want to capture attention on your business page, try making videos that showcase the best aspects of your product or service. If you sell flowers, make a video showcasing beautiful bouquets. If you offer yoga lessons, show off your students’ well-being.

Use video inserts, images, or even pre-recorded inserts. TikTok allows advanced editing with simplified tools and commands. So, you don’t need to be a professional video editor to create exceptional content. Sometimes you can even let the inserts and photos sync with the sound or effect, and just let it become viral.

These types of creative videos allow you to build trust and credibility with your followers, even though they are most entertaining. People love to watch good storytelling and enjoy being entertained while learning something new. You can even add some humor to your videos—it won’t hurt.

2. Engage Your Audience

To maximize engagement, choose videos featuring interesting and relatable content that appeal to your followers.

Posting regularly helps ensure your content gets seen by many people. Also, if you’re uploading videos daily, you’ll get more views each time. Make sure you tag your business in the description of your videos. Tagging ensures your videos show up in searches when someone else posts similar content.

Note: Don’t post videos just for the sake of posting. Always consider what type of content would benefit your community the most.


3. Millennials love it

If the millennials are your target audience, you are at the right place. Many of them considered TikTok as a Gen Z app, but they secretly enjoy different content and have fun while scrolling through the videos. Teens are even more present there, but they don’t have the buying power you need. So, focus on millennials and Gen Z young people.

These people are constantly searching for something fresh and exciting and TikTok fits the bill. Also, they can afford to buy anything they find interesting enough for them.

4. It helps you build community

A lot of people may not realize that TikTok has become a home base for many celebrities, influencers, and personalities. Platforms like this help artists and regular people tell their stories and get the exposure they deserve.

Even ordinary people can create great videos and post them for others to watch. Influencer marketing is becoming a big deal these days and TikTok is helping to make it even bigger. So think about how you can get your name out there. What do you have to offer? How can you reach people? TikTok can help give you an audience and connect you to potential customers.

5. You can target specific audiences

Because of its popularity among younger consumers, TikTok lets businesses focus on a specific group of people. You can create content for the masses, or choose to focus on a specific group of people. As we said, the advanced algorithm helps the content get to you, since you don’t really need to look for it.

You can choose between targeting based on gender, location, interests, content, etc. Want to target men ages 18-24? Or women ages 21-35? Or people with children under 13? Or anyone interested in music? TikTok gives you a way to target those groups and find your ideal customer while keeping things light and fun.


6. It’s cost-effective

One of the biggest reasons why companies use TikTok is because it’s mostly free. There are no paid plans or anything like that. Everything is completely open and accessible to everyone.

Also, you won’t have to worry about wasting money chasing after views or trying to convince your viewers to click and keep watching. You get to market directly to your audience and let the rest take care of themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Join the party and start putting yourself out there. Start promoting your brand and products today.

From this moment on, things can only get better.