How Do I Know if TEFL Is Right for Me? Here Are the Key Characteristics!


Do you have the dream of teaching English while traveling the world? You can make it happen! Start your study abroad adventure to obtain your TEFL certificate in the United States. Once you obtain your certificate, it will take you to amazing destinations, which you may never have imagined knowing. If you have ever spoken with someone who works teaching English abroad and has told you about her countless experiences, then you will understand that this path is undoubtedly one of the best for those who are passionate about teaching and traveling.

In addition, when you have a TEFL certificate your advantages constantly increase by being able to teach in the same way online. All your investment will be worth it!

But why in the US? Well, there are courses to obtain TEFL certificate all over the world, however, we are going to consider that, while in classes you learn how to teach English, outside of class you can get much more involved with native speakers, which will facilitate your learning, and help you to improve your accent. Being such a diverse country, you will have the opportunity to meet people from different states, and countries from which you can learn a great deal to transmit all that linguistic and cultural information to your students. On the other hand, if you choose an online US course, you can be sure that the organization will do its best to provide you with an immersive cultural experience even virtually, and that the learning will be just as effective as a face-to-face course.

We do not want you to simply choose a common program, we want you to choose the best of all programs and have the best education because you will be the one who has the responsibility of teaching the language to other people.

Learn to choose the best program


In order for your journey and your professional life to really be what you wanted, you must know how to choose the best program. In other words, do your research and find out exactly what each course includes. Think about your needs, for example, what you expect from a TEFL course such as theteflacademy, and how you want it to benefit you in your future. If one option doesn’t meet your requirements, move on to the next one.

Are you interested in a network of alumni? Assistance when making your resume or looking for a job? Or maybe you want to get job placement assistance for life? Let’s go for that show!

A good program for TEFL certification has the following characteristics:

  • It adapts to your learning style. What would be more suitable for you: studying online or in-person? How about a mix of both? Check which option is right for you and don’t consider programs that don’t offer what you need.
  • It has excellent reviews and ratings. Read about other people’s different experiences, if you have several good reviews then you are on the right track.
  • It is accredited. Don’t bother with programs that award certified participants who are not internationally recognized.
  • It shows key details easily. You never have to spend hours looking for the important details of a program. If they are so hidden that it becomes a detective mission to find them, the course is not worth it. Your experience should be convenient for you from the beginning.
  • It provides job placement assistance. Obtaining a TEFL certificate is the first step towards a potentially exciting, but a bit scary and overwhelming chapter in your life. Will they help you with your transition from student to teacher? This is the key!
  • It shares additional resources and support for alumni of the program, so you can get a good boost in the right direction for your first teaching experience.
  • You have strong values! You want to make sure who you are working with has similarities when it comes to the important things in life. Respect for the people, places, and things around you, and a sincere commitment to helping students around the world improve their English language proficiency. Join the most honest program provider.

Are you ready to give a more interesting change to your life? You will not regret it! We hope this post has helped you, and if you still cannot find your perfect course, write to us and we will help you decide. Fill out a form telling us in detail what you are looking for, we will send you some options or we will expand the information in this article. Maybe you liked a specific provider and want to know more? Do not hesitate to ask us! Because remember, for your investment, you must get the best education.

Just a quick tip before heading out to tour all the courses. Whether you choose to take a course online or in person, one of the most important steps in determining which TEFL certification course in the United States is right for you is knowing why you want to do it in the first place. Why are you taking this course and why are you interested in teaching English abroad? Do you want to brush up on your grammar, learn from others and their experiences? Set goals that are specific to your future. That will lead you to make the right decision about which program to participate in.


With so many courses to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Starting with a TEFL certification course in the United States will help you learn how to become a teacher, traveler, and global citizen in general. With the help of your friends, family, suppliers, and, most importantly, yourself, you’ll be ready for your first interview abroad in no time. Just don’t forget this recommendation: always stay tuned when looking for programs and providers. Begin your adventure and when you least expect it, you will see yourself traveling the world, learning about new cultures, and better yet: teaching others your knowledge. Studying for a TEFL certification is one of the best options you can have, do it in the United States!