This is how much Dak Prescott really is Worth

Dak Prescott
NFL star Dak Prescott became the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback in 2016, after Tony Romo fractured his vertebrae during the preseason. Romo, who intended to return as a starter after recovering, admitted at a press conference: “You have earned the right to be our quarterback. As difficult as it is for me to say, he has earned that right.

Since then, Prescott has impressed fans and soccer professionals, including Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, who believes the athlete has Super Bowl potential. “Defenses take you to the championship,” McCarthy explained (via USA TODAY ) “Quarterbacks win championships.” He added, “I definitely feel like Dak is that quarterback.”

Considering that Prescott is a valuable player in the NFL, it’s only fair that some fans are curious to know how he has fared financially throughout his career. Turns out, the Louisiana native reportedly will take home a big salary for the 2024 NFL season.

Dak Prescott reportedly signed a lucrative contract

In March 2024, the news broke that the Dallas Cowboys had put an “exclusive franchise tag” on Dak Prescott, a tool used by teams to keep “designated players out of restricted or unrestricted free agency markets. restrictions ”, generally for a year, such as famous Sports News. “The positive for tagged players is that one-year deals are guaranteed and wages represent the average of the five highest-paid players in their positions (if not more),” the outlet explained.

Prescott, who would become a free agent in 2024 before this alleged deal was reached, will reportedly earn $ 31.6 million annually. “Cowboys-Prescott agent Todd France has until July 15 to reach a long-term deal,” Calvin Watkins wrote for The Dallas Morning News. “If the parties cannot reach an agreement by then, Prescott will play the 2024 season on the label.”

The soccer star’s net worth is allegedly $ 2 million at the time of writing this Celebrity Net Worth article, but we imagine this figure will skyrocket in late 2024 if the Dallas Cowboys deal is true. TBD.

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