The untold Truth of Fred the Godson

Fred el ahijado

We share the news that New York rapper Fred the Godson passed away on April 23, 2024 due to complications from the coronavirus, according to Complejo . He was 35 years old. The rapper posted an update on April 6 via Instagram, notifying friends and fans of positive tests for the coronavirus. He captioned the photo saying, “I’m here with this Corvus 19 s ** t! Please keep all your prayers! »

It seemed for a brief period that Fred the Godson was going to recover. His wife, LeeAnn Jemmott, told Brooklyn News 12 on April 8 that Fred was showing signs of progress. She said, “Now, instead of the fan holding it at 100%, it’s supporting it at 70%.” She spoke of his importance to her and her two daughters, saying: “We need him as if he were our strength, he is our good vibes, our positivity.”

Tragically, Fred the Godson passed away, so in the spirit of sympathy and celebration of his life, here is everything we know about the Bronx rapper.

Fred the Godson was a family man

Fred the Godson hailed from the Bronx and Frederick Thomas was born, according to NBC . He was married to LeeAnn Jemmott, who regularly appeared on his social media. In late March, when New York began social distancing and closing public places, Fred the Godson posted an adorable photo with his wife at an Instagram club. He said of the photo: «How crazy that I really don’t like going out, but now… I wish I could take my wife to the club, listen to some music and have my family with me! “He joked that she would have a glass of Hennessy in one hand and a blunt one in the other. Fred the Godson ended the post by saying, “Stay strong people! »

The rapper also regularly featured his two adorable daughters, whom he shared with Jemmott. In early March, Fred posted a selfie with his two daughters, Sophia and Sadie, captioning the photo: “I just finished cheering for my daughters,” followed by the “family first” hashtag.

Fred the Godson’s amazing rap career

While Fred the Godson was a devoted husband and father, he was also a successful rapper with a prolific record. According to NBC, Fred burst onto the scene in 2010 with the release of his mixtape, Armageddon, with features of Busta Rhymes and Waka Flocka Flame. In 2011, he joined the XXL freshman class, according to NBC, with characters like Kendrick Lamar, YG, Meek Mill, Lil B, and even the late Mac Miller.

Surprisingly, Fred never signed with a label, despite his success and production. Fred was incredibly prolific. According to MSN, the rapper released two mixtapes this year alone: Training Day, which came out in January 2024. Fred the Godson worked on it with Saturday night live alum Jay Pharoah. In March 2024, Fred launched Recovery, which he promoted on Instagram.

Jay Pharoah jumped on Twitter to express his pain, saying: “[M] Your heart is so heavy right now, I found out that we lost my brother… I literally did a project with him in December and he was a good guy. I remember that we got connected so fast because of our love for lyricism. ” The New York Times called Fred the Godson “a discreet master of pun with a characteristic flow.”