The Truth About Meghan Markle and Tyler Perry’s Relationship

Meghan Markle y Tyler Perry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles in March 2024, the same month they resigned as members of the royal family. Many fans had questions about the move, especially where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will live.

This overriding question was apparently answered on May 7, 2024, when the Daily Mail reported that the couple live in producer Tyler Perry’s mega-mansion. The $ 18 million property, a Tuscan-style villa on 22 acres in Beverly Hills, has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The residence is reportedly located in a community closed by the guard, the outlet reported.

It is unclear whether the parents rent the house or if they stay there as guests, although Page Six reported that “Perry is currently out of town in Atlanta, preparing to restart production in his studio.”

For those who didn’t see this coming, there may be questions about how Markle met Perry, who is famous for creating the character Madea. The hilarious character inspired a successful film franchise and theatrical films.

So how did these two connect? We explored the relationship between Meghan Markle and Tyler Perry after the jump.

Oprah Winfrey played a role?

Page six reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in the process of searching for their own Los Angeles home in the $ 10 million to $ 20 million price range, but in the meantime, they are enjoying the luxurious property of Tyler Perry.

“Beverly Ridge has its own guarded gate and Tyler’s property has a gate of its own that is guarded by his security team,” a source told the Daily Mail about the lavish property. “Beverly Ridge is a great place to stay out of sight. Neighbors are mostly old money and mega-rich business types rather than business gossip.”

As for how the couple managed to hook the property? It’s a fair question considering that Markle has never been photographed with Perry. As a result, the response could involve Oprah Winfrey, who is friends with Perry and the Sussexes. The magnate is the godmother to Perry’s son Aman and is working on a series on mental health with Prince Harry. The Daily Mail claims that Winfrey arranged everything, although she has not confirmed it publicly.

Perry also expressed his support for Markle when, in an October 2019 documentary, she expressed feeling lonely. “I felt it when she said that,” the actor said, according to Daily Mail reports. “People throw it away. ‘How are you?’ But not many people really mean it. Or pay attention to the answer.”