Netflix Originals’ most Awkward love Scenes

Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson

Ahh, Netflix. Everyone’s favorite streaming platform to sit back and relax, whether you’re alone, with your pets, or attract a potential flame under the guise of “Netflix and relax.” However, since the launch of its streaming service in 2007 with just 1,000 titles to choose from, Netflix has become the streaming monster that it is today. Like SyFy Wire That said, it has even managed to be more valuable than Disney.

Another thing the streaming giant has that Disney doesn’t have? The cheeky graphic love scenes found in his Netflix originals. These have become so popular, in fact, that major magazines like Cosmopolita have summed up hotter moments than anything they get on their favorite adult-only streaming service, but this list is not that. Instead, we’re here to take you on a stroll through the platform’s most intensely uncomfortable displays of intimacy. Sometimes, it’s because love is messy, no matter how we try to spin it, and Netflix has the ability to bring out uncomfortable and raw human emotions (there’s a reason they won 27 Emmy Awards in 2019 alone). Other times, it’s just a shudder. Either way, these love scenes are so awkward that you’ll want to reach for a Clorox washcloth to disinfect your brain. Here are the most awkward love scenes from Netflix Originals.

You: Joe’s first rodeo with Beck

In the alternate universe where Gossip Girls Dan Humphrey grew up to become Tu Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley’s addictive thriller has so many awkward love scenes that it’s hard to count them. It doesn’t matter the fact that Joe is a nice type of stalker who slowly cuts off Genevieve Beck’s (Elizabeth Lail) best friends and hides a dead body in the trunk of his car like no one would notice. The writers didn’t even wait a single episode before making us see how Dexter 2.0 was reveling outside of Beck’s apartment when she finished work that her selfish boyfriend couldn’t (a scene that Badgley almost got creepier upon opening his eyes, okay with Cosmopolitan Philippines )

That was undeniably awkward, especially when an older woman caught him, or rejected him because, of course, Goldberg was out in a public place and, of course, Beck was directly in front of a window. Still, nothing compares to the eight-second love scene where Joe finally, finally puts Beck in bed. Part of the discomfort is in the construction. It is set up to be downright romantic. The hunter has finally gotten his kill, but the poor fool lasts only five bombs. Even Beck is confused. Later in the season, we have an episode with Beck’s narration, where she asks (via Vulture ), “What was that? Eight seconds? Oh yeah, he has that Trump look that Pennsylvania just took. ” I’m sorry friend. Happens.

Sex education: talks about an opening montage

With Season 2, Sex Education had a scandalous reputation to uphold. After all, the first season began with a graphic sex scene in which both Aimee Gibbs (Aimee Lou Wood) and Adam Groff (Connor Swindells) simulate their climax. The end result is that Gibbs inspects her boyfriend’s condom and asks, “Where’s the sperm? »This seems to be a theme in Sex Ed’s openings because the so-called“ spunk ”(in our best British accents) leads to one of the most awkward self-love scenes ever made on television.

Right now, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) is a well-versed therapist at the sex therapy clinic he’s been running in his high school, which is somehow a confusing mix of British and American cultures and doesn’t really can place on a map. Although her mother, Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), is truly successful in the field (she is a literal doctor), Otis has not yet learned that a public straw is not a good idea.

Do you know how the teenage romcoms of the 90s always had a fashion montage? Well, Season 2 gives us an inaugural masturbation montage that ends with Otis helping herself in her car while her mother shows up at a store to run a quick errand. Let’s say you don’t realize that she’s back, and Dr. Milburn quickly learns the answer to “where’s the sperm? »While yelling at her son in disgust at the window.

Love: triple Gus did not go as planned

Judd Apatow Amor’s short life is so successful in its delivery because none of the main characters are particularly pleasant. Gillian Jacobs’s Mickey Dobbs is an often impulsive alcoholic with some severely selfish and self-destructive tendencies (and a penchant for wearing bathing suits as outerwear). Similarly, Paul Rust’s Gus Cruikshank fully embodies the so-called good guy with a chip right over his shoulder, and as a result, the show reads like a game-by-game of how to constantly get in his own way.

Although Amor has many awkward moments, including Gus’s excruciating date with Bertie (Claudia O’Doherty), where he tries to beat one of the only really good people on the show, we have to say that potential incest trumps everyone. In the first episode of the show, Gus tries to score a threesome with two friends at a party, clearly oblivious to the fact that it could be said to be a little too old and too awkward to do so. Where’s the trap? Oh yeah, he’s having a threesome with sisters. Realizing this, Gus jumps up and yells, “What the hell! Ew! »And the sisters try to justify how it is not technically incestuous because they have never really touched. The scene ends with Gus trying to get only one of them to stay, but they both leave.

Unorthodox: Yanky and Esther finally succeed

Unorthodox The representation of the Hasidic community of Satmar has been highly controversial. While the screen adaptation of Deborah Feldman’s memoirs was praised by the Los Angeles Times for having “the correct Hasidic Jewish customs,” Adelante called the series “extremely inaccurate.” Either way, it gave us the kind of crude and awkward love scenes expected of a couple who clinically consummate their marriage with almost no knowledge of the act itself.

One of the most awkward parts of Yanky (Amit Rahav) and Esther (Shira Haas) completing the act is getting through it painlessly. In fact, Yanky’s mother confronts her daughter-in-law in an effort to prevent her son, in his words, “[losing] her confidence. “It is very clear that she considers sex to be largely about man. Later that night, as the couple argues, Esther admits that she read that it is also supposed to be pleasurable for the woman. This pushes Yanky to the limit because, according to Refinery29 , women are not allowed to read books that are not approved by their husbands.

With the threat of divorce looming over her, Esther finally gives in, breaking into bed and angrily preparing to procreate clinically. She winces throughout the act, assuring her husband to continue. When Yanky finishes, he delights in the glow without even asking Esther if it’s okay. It is clear that she is not.

I always know my maybe: Losing it is never uncomfortable?

You will always be my maybe he manages to accurately show the subtle tenderness in teenage friendship turned into love, but wow, adolescent love is awkward. Is this blocked from our memories? Does anyone remember how it is to kiss with braces? Although the comedy is riddled with the kind of bittersweet moments Newcomer on the Boat ‘s Randall Park saw for six seasons, the inaugural sex scene between Marcus Kim de Park and Sasha Tran by Ali Wong takes the awkward cake, or the free shumai.

It’s never awkward to lose your virginity, and this scene, where the couple nervously sit in Marcus’ car before stumbling awkwardly in the backseat, is no exception, but it’s not just awkward because it shows the tight realities of sex in the car. It is painful because it is true. In an interview with Vulture , Park admits that he based the scene on losing his own virginity to his high school girlfriend. It was just horrible. It didn’t last long. It was awkward, “he said. “… We went to McDonald’s, and the moment I remember it is that we are standing there, looking at the menu, and I feeling , my God, I’m a piece of shit .” We will kindly get away in Keanu Reeves’ UberPool now, thanks.

Bonding: The Other Way to Pay the Rent

Netflix’s Linking was always going to be awkward, and that’s even before we mention the fact that it pissed off the dominatrix community enough that creator Rightor Doyle finally addressed it in The Daily Beast . The show is about a nervous graduate student named Pete (Brendan Scannell) who is learning the BDSM strings from his best friend, professional dominatrix Tiff (Zoe Levin). There’s definitely a learning curve, but that’s part of the charm, and it seems to be very strange from the moment Pete sits down on his first session and watches Tiff’s client review a list of Flintstones characters before they get to their safe word. Barney Rubble.

Things are expected to get uncomfortable occasionally in the dungeon (see: Pete accidentally laughs at a customer), but the real awkwardness occurs at home in a brilliant display that breaks down the ridiculousness of performative masculinity. On the scene, Pete’s direct roommate Frank (Alex Hurt), a human created exclusively from fraternity kids’ tropes, offers to give up a month’s rent on Pete in exchange for, for lack of better terms. , things for the butt. Pete agrees, and Frank keeps his shirt “so I’m not gay.” He ends up an eagle stretched out with his legs in the air, saying: “Wow, you have very beautiful eyes … Come in, roommate! »Everything is fine (if a little awkward) until Frank’s girlfriend comes in and punches Pete in the face.

The chilling adventures of Sabrina: the strange sisters go crazy

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina Spellman would never participate in a teen orgy with her cousin (of all people), but that’s not the Sabrina Spellman that Netflix gave us. No, Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures is darker, much darker. It is the kind of darkness that simultaneously scandalizes Fox News and the Satanic Temple, two parties that you would think would be fighting fiercely for different teams, at least publicly.

The same month that the New York Times revealed that Netflix and Warner Bros. had amicably settled their lawsuit with the Satanic Temple (presumably all parties kept their souls), the series made headlines again for a minor sex scene. uncomfortably vaporous. In the scene of Episode 7, cleverly set in Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” Sabrina of Kiernan Shipka enters with her cousin Ambrose; her boyfriend Luke; his love interest Nicholas Scratch; and the three strange sisters who have what appears to be a teen orgy. Sabrina is told to enter or leave, and she leaves.

In defense of Netflix, no one on the scene was naked, and Prudence was about to die in a ritual sacrifice. Still, it will always be a little awkward to see a 16-year-old potentially have a seven with her relative, no matter how many times they remove it. Harvey Kinkle would never approve of it.

Ozark: leave Wyatt alone

To be completely honest, it would be impossible for Ozark to fill the void left by Breaking Bad completely, but he has something Breaking Bad he didn’t do: an awkward sex scene with an awkward age difference. For those of you who never made it to Season 3 and silently believed they couldn’t tolerate another five minutes staring at a dark blue screen, we implore you to go ahead at least a little bit second hand.

Fans weren’t prepared to witness Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) jump into bed during Season 3, Episode 5. Forget about Mom’s problems; These are some serious grandmother problems. The scene is a perfect storm of awkwardness that goes beyond how uncomfortably passionate or how it all happened after Darlene asked Wyatt (who is young enough to be her grandson) if she was a good mother. How would he know? Also, murdering your husband on a whim doesn’t put you in the running for being the mother of the year, you know?

Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that Darlene is the type of cold-blooded murderer who stands out as particularly sinister among a whole series full of bosses, murderers, and criminals. In fact, Wyatt is one of the few characters who almost managed to get out of his family’s sad criminal patterns. It is sweet, it is soft, it is naive and it is easily manipulable. It is painful to see him fall into the arms of such a calculating force of evil.

13 reasons why: Jessica’s solo career

13 reasons why it seems a series that exists only to make people uncomfortable and annoying. Throughout his three seasons, he has been accused of glamorizing teen suicide, considered “trigger” by some celebrities, and has been criticized for a two-minute graphic sexual assault scene that is so horrible we can’t even describe it. According to The New York Times , it’s also linked to an increase in actual teen suicides, too. Considering the show’s history, this Season 3 scene seems pretty boring, but we’re choosing to focus on scenes that involve love rather than heartbreaking displays of hate that already have their own headlines.

In Episode 3, Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) experiments with a vibrator in an attempt to rediscover her sexuality after her assault. This is perhaps what makes everything so uncomfortable: watching her cry while looking at her naked body, her hands on her naked stomach. It’s hard not to cringe at any masturbation scene that starts to cry, but to see someone’s trauma unfold in real time is particularly painful, and that’s the point. According to the Daily Star , fans were “horrified,” but in a series rife with traumatic sex acts, Davis’ solo career turns out to be the show’s best sex.

Polar: sorry for that camera operator

Netflix’s Polar, a film adaptation of the award-winning comic Polar: It Came From the Cold, is sad across the board. At just 19% in Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritical , the two-hour epic has been described by Variety as “flashy and flashy genre sludge” and, frankly, that’s exactly how it feels. It’s an endurance test, like running in quicksand through one exaggerated violent act after another, and that’s even before mentioning that it depends on the cliched premise of a veteran killer coming out of retirement. It was not easy for the actors either. Mads Mikkelsen, who plays protagonist Duncan Vizla (aka The Black Kaiser), told SyFy Wire that it took “quite a few weeks” to recover from the brutal torture scene, though whoever was fired for the visual errors may have taken longer. .

Polar The awkward free sex scene is actually a bright spot, something like that. It doesn’t even stand out as unusual except that it ends up with someone getting shot in the middle of the act. In other words: don’t watch this with your father because it’s going to be really awkward, but on the upside, the scene takes you out of a movie monster for a second. This is only because an unauthorized camera operator is visibly present behind the window and somehow no one noticed, but we will take what we can get.

Black Mirror: Here, little pig, little pig

There’s a reason Black Mirror won four Emmy Awards in 2018 alone. Although the series shows a terrifying and dystopian future, it’s not that dystopian or that far into the future. What makes it so disturbing is the fact that almost everything in every horrible scene. It could almost happen, and the show doesn’t stop. The show kicked off with its debut in the series “The National Anthem,” which relied on such a horrendous sexual act that it makes us want technology to catch up with those sticks that erase the minds of Men in Black.

In the episode, Prime Minister Michael Callow has an intimate relationship with a pig to save Princess Susannah, who has been kidnapped from the Royal Family. The act painstakingly unfolds on live television as viewers grimace at Callow’s sob for nearly an hour. This isn’t just one of the cringeworthy scenes on all of Netflix, it’s one of the cringeworthy scenes, period, and one of the few true cases of life that imitates art, if you accept the rumors.

British Black Mirror fans were shocked to see the series trend on Twitter after former Treasurer Tory Lord Ashcroft claimed that former Prime Minister David Cameron put his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig, as the Independent put it – “For jokes”. Supposedly he was part of Cameron’s “initiation of society” when he studied at Oxford. Black mirror hits again.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s wedding

This is not a sex scene, per se, but it would be negligent if we didn’t mention Tiger King. The last awkward display of unbridled love that was Joe Exotic’s strange wedding to John Finlay and Travis Maldonado. In many ways, it rivals the pain factor of Doc Antle’s strange harem (which he claims doesn’t exist, according to Cosmopolitan ) and Carole Baskin’s wedding photos that we’ll never be able to see (which definitely exist).

Exotic’s wedding, which you can watch for 20 minutes on YouTube, doesn’t just have an awkward moment. Rather, everything in that scene works like magic or like Jeff Lowe and the $ 3,000 hitman when they had to play nice with the feds. There’s the matching fuchsia buttons, the fluorescent lights of what is clearly a community playground, and the great, uncomfortable unspoken reality that two out of three of these men were straight. Also, a three-way marriage is not even legal. What kind of two-for-one special was Exotic trying to get here? Were you served with expired Walmart meat? We have questions