What Types of Motorcycles Are There?

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You´ve decided to become a motorcyclist? That’s awesome, at least if you´ve taken safety classes and keep in mind that riding a motorcycle can be really dangerous. Now, you´re spoilt for choice: If you´ve already been to a motorcycle dealer, you may have realized that there are not only many different brands and models but also different types of motorcycles. In order to find the perfect one, you´ll need to figure out what makes each one of them special and which one fits you best. These are the most popular types of motorbikes:

Standard Motorbike

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Standard motorcycles are really popular as they are perfect for all purposes. The flexibly usable bikes come in variations from 125cc all the way up to 1.000cc. There’s usually enough room to fit some luggage as well as a tank bag.

Standard motorcycles are neither leaning forward nor leaning backward, but are constructed in a rather neutral way. Why? Because they´re neither racing motorcycles nor pure cruisers – their neutral ergonomics offer you the best of both worlds. The seat height is middle-range or even shorter, which makes standard motorcycles the perfect fit for almost anybody. All in all, standard motorbikes are the ideal starter model, but also a great choice for experienced riders.

No matter what type of bike you choose, always make sure to protect yourself well. Motorcycle clothing from ChromeBurner.com is known for its high quality and a great way to reduce the risk of severe injuries in case of a crash.


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If the first thing that comes into your mind when thinking about riding your bike is a chopper, a cruiser might be the perfect choice for you. Cruisers aren’t meant for going fast. Instead, their ergonomics invite you to sit in a very comfortable way – even during longer rides. That makes cruisers the perfect motorbike for weekend tours, be it through town or overland. Maybe you can even fulfill yourself the dream of your own Harley Davidson, the most well-known chopper?

Sport Bike

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Sport motorbikes are inclined forward in order to guarantee an agile riding experience. They´re the closest thing to real race bikes and allow you to carve corners thanks to their light and aerodynamic ergonomics. Seats are typically situated higher than cruisers or standard bikes, which is why sport bikes usually come with foot pegs. Short riders may need to stand on their tiptoes, which normally isn’t a problem thanks to the low weight. Sport motorcycles are made out of lighter materials like aluminum. That makes them easier to maneuver from one side to another without the rider having to throttle the speed a lot.


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There´s a reason why it’s called “riding” a motorcycle: As a rider, you sit the same way you would sit on a horse – with your legs to both sides. If you´ve ever seen a scooter, you may have realized that it’s not “ridden”. Instead, you sit on it the way you do in a chair. Because of that and other reasons, there are people who argue that scooters aren’t real motorcycles.

But as they´re two-wheelers with an engine, we´re not willing to forego them on our list of motorcycle types. Scooters are very popular in Europe and Southeast Asia. That’s because they’re usually less expensive than bigger motorbikes, but also because they´re safer for beginners.


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Mopeds are like a smaller, slimmer version of standard motorcycles. That makes them a great choice for people that don’t have a lot of experience on the road yet. Their frame is usually lighter than that of a motorbike. Their small engine (50cc) is sometimes replaced by an electric motor. While mopeds are still popular in Europe, for example, they´re becoming more and more vintage in the US.

There are still some mopeds on the second-hand market that are in good condition. If speed and agility aren’t what riding a motorcycle is about for you, a moped might be your perfect companion.