How Students Are Handling Last Minute Research Papers

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Almost everyone has had a moment where they have run the submission deadline close. Most students like procrastinating when it comes to writing their research papers, and according to, it can prove costly in the long-term. The rushed manner by which students do last-minute research assignments compromises the paper’s quality and leads to low scores upon submission and grading.

Considering the importance of research papers to students, doing the papers in a rush can take away from the potential benefits students gain from such an undertaking. You can waste the opportunity to learn new concepts besides building your logical skills diligently. It can also cost you when it comes to building skills like effective organization, endurance, independence, among other valuable skills.

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So what leads to the last-minute rush? It happens so often that the rushed nature by which students do their research emanates from procrastination. Instead of researching and developing their papers, students use the time to socialize or do other non-academic related things. Additionally, the last-minute rush can stem from the numerous academic projects students get assigned by their instructors. It means having less time and having a lot to do because of each project’s strict timelines. Consequently, you get overwhelmed and end up doing your research paper at the last moment.

But, if you find yourself running the deadline close, do not worry. You can always find ways of doing it quickly, including engaging experts from essay writing companies to do the work for you. It becomes necessary to understand that submitting a poorly researched and developed write-up will dent your grades. Therefore, you need to consider taking the following steps to ensure your research paper’s quality and prompt completion.

How to Handle a Last Minute Research Paper

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Everyone can run late with their research paper, especially when you have a lot of academic projects colliding. However, it proves no excuse, and you have to submit your research paper on time to limit the risk of getting penalized by your instructor. So if you want to complete your paper with the deadline running close, consider doing what most students do in a similar situation.

Pick topics that prove a little researched. In most cases, instructors issue students with topics on what to study and write about. However, if you prove lucky and have to select your topic, you can quickly use mind-mapping or brainstorming techniques to arrive at the most suitable title. The topic will play to your writing strengths besides proving relevant to the assignment guidelines. Remember to pick a broad subject with a lot of information to reduce the time you can spend researching the topic.

Carry out in-depth research and make quick notes. You can write your research paper quickly if you focus on researching extensively before developing the thesis statement. If you develop a thesis before doing your research, you run the risk of not getting sufficient information to back your thesis statement. Consequently, you can waste plenty of your time researching something that you do not have.

Start with Wikipedia to get a feel of the topic before narrowing it down to reputable information sources such as online databases, google scholar, government reports, encyclopedias, among other publications. After that, review the origins, evaluate the information, and jot down quick notes, especially those that prove vital for your research paper. You also have to track sources for citation purposes.

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Develop the structure or outline of your research paper in advance. It becomes crucial to structure every necessary detail or information researched before you begin to write. Outlining and planning can prove pivotal to the writing success of your research paper. It will provide focus and direction to your train of thought. Additionally, having an outline will allow you to construct a simple and concise thesis statement easily.

An outline serves as a roadmap for your research paper and therefore requires elaborate detail to feel the outlook of your research paper. Once you have the structure and outline of the research paper ready, you can begin writing the initial draft.

Write the introduction and abstract first. An abstract summarizes the primary concepts and objective of the research and therefore proves vital to start with. Upon completion, do the introduction where you have to give your title some context. Begin with a substantial opening sentence to capture your audience’s attention. Give a little background information that proves relevant besides explaining why the subject proves crucial.

Write the body of the paper. It becomes vital to refer to the outline when writing the body text. The outline will help keep you focused on the thesis statement as you do the paper’s body paragraphs. Start each section with your topic sentence before analyzing whether it proves true. After that, support the topic sentence with evidence in the form of examples or facts.

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Develop a rational conclusion. Upon the completion of the analysis, you need to conclude on a strong note. It always proves wise to begin the concluding paragraph with a restatement of the thesis, though worded differently. After that, explain the strength of your points in supporting the thesis statement.

Edit and revise your work quickly. Check the paper’s information flow besides flagging the grammatical and spelling errors. All you have to do next entails editing and proofing before it becomes ready for submission.


Most students never complete their research papers on time and will therefore use the guidelines to quickly finish their work and submit it for grading.