Slip And Fall At A Casino ─ Who’s Responsible?

Casinos are a place full of fun music and bettings. Its shiny walls and squeaky marble attract everyone to visit the casino and spend their time there. One might lose money while the other could be attracting all the riches. On a good night, if you go to a casino and slip and fall, sustaining a severe injury would ruin your night. Not to mention the time you would need to heal the injury and the multiple medical tests you would need.

In such a scenario, people do two things- regret going to a casino and grieve their injuries or contact Casino Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas to get advice on the injuries they have sustained. Only a few people know what to do in an accidental situation if they get serious injuries. Thus they should contact an attorney and discuss the problem and issue at hand. Doing so gives you a better idea of what went wrong and whether you’re eligible for compensation.

Slips and falls in a casino can be due to various reasons; these reasons might be accidental or due to the casino’s infrastructure. While one cannot be sure of the reason, one should always carefully look at the surroundings to confirm the cause of their fall. If you need more clarification, read below to find out the common causes of slipping and falling in casinos.

Causes Of Slip And Fall At A Casino

Slipping and falling might be considered minor issues and not something you see daily in the casino. But slips and falls in the casino are more common than you thought. With the bustling crowd and the squeaky floors, there can always be some loose strings. These can be accidental spilling of food or drinks or the stickiness of dirt on the shoes and the just cleaned wet floor. The top four causes of slip and fall are mentioned below.

Drinks And Food Spills

Casinos offer a wide variety of food and drinks for people to enjoy their time. Many people sit and eat their food while others roam around, eating and drinking as they wish. It may seem ordinary, but when you bump into people, there are various accidents where food and drinks spill on the floor. Anyone could accidentally slip and fall from when it was spilled to when someone came to clean the mess.

Torn Or Loose Carpet

Maintenance of the casino’s appearance and infrastructure is the casino owner’s responsibility. Various indoor accessories, carpets, and curtains give off a different look to the casino. In the occasion these curtains and carpets aren’t maintained, that is, if they are too loose or torn, anyone can get stuck or slip and fall.

It is solely the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the accessories and carpets are in good condition. Many people walk through the casino halls daily, and not maintaining the carpet would only cause more accidents and injuries for the people inside.

Broken Chairs

Casinos have a massive number of games, some that are popular and some that are average. These games always have a chair or two for sitting purposes. With time chairs get worn out and even break here and there, due to which anyone can fall while playing the game. While broken chairs are a common reason for slipping and falling, noticed mostly around the gaming area, it can happen anywhere in the casino where the chair might be broken.

Damaged Handrails And Staircase

The staircase is one such place where anyone can fall if the stairs and handrails are appropriately maintained. In casinos with bustling crowds, anyone can fall if they are not holding the handrails. On the occasion that the staircase is not maintained, anyone can sustain severe injuries. The injury could be on the head, neck, hip, or foot, ranging from minimal to severe. Injuries suffered due to falling on the staircases are known to be severe and could result in bed rest for a long time.

Can You Sue The Casino For Slipping And Falling At A Casino?

A casino owner is responsible whenever there is any neglect or mistake while doing their duties. This negligence can cause anyone to fall and sustain injuries. In that case, the casino owner is responsible for breaching its legal duty to care and not maintaining its place for the expected use. As the casino owner is responsible for maintaining the area and following their legal duty, the person who has sustained the injuries is liable for compensation for the damages.

Legally all casino owners are responsible for protecting every visitor from any possible injury or impairment they could sustain on their premises. But this does not mean that every injury would be the casino’s responsibility. If a brawl were to occur inside the casino, it is not the casino’s responsibility but the responsibility of the individuals involved for the damages.

If there is proper proof that the damage sustained by the victim is due to the casino’s negligence, the casino owner is responsible for compensating for the injuries.

The victim can claim compensation for medical therapies and treatments, out-of-pocket expenses, and the wages lost in the healing process. Sometimes you are denied the claim, for which you should consult an attorney before pressing the claim charges. The attorney would better know about rules and regulations that could help you claim or deny compensation for the injury.


No matter whichever casino you go to, you can see people having fun with the games and food and enjoying their time. On occasion, if anyone was too excited while playing the games, they could slip and fall. The worst-case scenario could be that you would sustain a permanent injury and would have to sit at home for a long time. Contacting an attorney after you have gotten the medical reports would help you better understand the situation.

According to the injury sustained, you can consult the attorney for all your options and sue the casino.