Sites and Services That Can Help New Players to Master Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is a major MMO project that is a logical continuation of the universe of the first part and Halo, where the player must choose his class and join the general story of the confrontation of people against alien invaders in a distant future shooter network.

The game meta is constantly changing, even though Destiny 2 has only three active classes, the presence of subclasses and the ability to play numerous tactics makes newcomers look for informational opportunities to better understand the game in order to succeed, and not be the usual secondary player.

Sites to help beginners understand the Destiny 2 universe:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 fandom
  • Bungie Forums


Skycoach is a service that allows all players to interact with professional players to receive services of buying glitter, boosting, coaching, raid carry, completing Trial of Osiris, and other services.


Glitter is the main in-game currency in the world of Destiny 2. Glitter is used for all transactions between players and NPCs. You can use them to buy weapons, ammunition, and consumables. Glitter can be used to buy new contracts from NPCs – this means that if you have enough funds, you can constantly generate game experience simply by exchanging it for internal money.


Boosting means transferring a game account with a character that needs boosting to a professional Skycoach player, who will boost the player to the desired value. You will be able to track the status of your order in real-time on the site. VPN is used to ensure all security measures and the safety of personal data is guaranteed. Upon completion of the service, it is recommended to change the password.


More valuable service. Instead of pumping, full-fledged training from a professional Skycoach player is used so that you can fully comprehend all game mechanics, be able to understand the game meta, and adapt to it in order to be combat-ready, even if game developers greatly weaken your class.

A professional Skycoach player will teach you how to farm properly and gain experience with greater efficiency, understand PvP and the subclass system, how to use grenades, and how to defeat difficult opponents – players, and bosses.

Destiny 2 Fandom


The fandom is a great source of information and statistics that will be useful in general character development and mastering game content.

For example, when faced with an NPC and found that he has several tasks, do not rush to waste time on them. Go to the Fandom and find the character you want and the quests it offers. You will see a general description of the tasks, a list of requirements for completion, the final reward, and most importantly, the time that will have to be spent on the overall passage.

For players who like to read and study the internal lore and structure within the game, there will be an opportunity to read about each NPC and event that will occur on the player’s path, from training to mythical raids, Trial of Osiris, and other in-game events.

Read not only the characteristics of the classes but also their prehistory, which is quite interesting:

Titan is the protector of the main city and the main guard who swore an oath at the cost of his life to protect the capital from all kinds of invasions. The order of the titans founded the capital – the city in which the main story takes place.

Warlock is a wanderer and seeker of knowledge. Mage in the world of firearms. Warlocks set themselves the goal of fighting the darkness in any of its manifestations by bringing light. This is one of the reasons why the Warlock can be leveled as a full-fledged healer for the group and himself.

The hunter is a warrior who was expelled from his native lands and spent a long time in the wild deserts, which made him an excellent shooter and master of knife fighting. Hunters have a mercenary code of honor and a branded cloak by which you can always recognize representatives of this class. The cloak is not only decorative but also ideological. The hunter takes a contract to kill and puts on a cloak, and if he dies, then a brother-in-arms must pick up the cloak from the killed comrade and fulfill his contract in order to complete the job.

Bungie Forums


Bungie Forums is a source of in-game information and analysis of all the data that gets in the middle of the game and subtracted from patch notes.

The advantage of the forum is that the players themselves evaluate all the information that gamers share and, thanks to a large number of opinions, the entire amount of data is filtered independently with the ability to draw conclusions.

Create a topic, or go to an already created discussion, to better understand the issues that interest you.

Don’t know which subclass is best for a titan? Looking for a topic on the forum. Lightning will allow the titan to not only stand on the defensive and hold a shield to protect allies but also deal damage with lightning to all opponents who dare to get too close.

The forums are always recruiting. In the guild and in the PVP event – Trial of Osiris.

By finding a good group, you can reach 7 victories in a row, get additional legendary weapons, and significantly increase your gaming potential simply by communicating with other players.

Read the recommendations on how to quickly fulfill contracts. A contract is a mini-task that has a renewal period and requires the player to complete secondary tasks with a reward in the form of experience. You will be required to destroy monsters with a specific type of weapon, shoot in the head, kill specific mobs, and other similar tasks that are performed in the process of farming or completing quests. The main thing is to be on time before the update in time, and you can always take a new contract ahead of time for glitter and convert money into an experience.