4 Pros And Cons Of Online Chat Sites

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Online chat sites have never been more popular than now. These are services that provide users the ability to communicate with other people.

What these services specialize depends on the type of demographic they attract. Some are strictly based on chatting, while others provide video content.

Regardless of which you use, here are our 4 pros and cons of online chat sites.

Pro: Anonymity

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The best thing about these services is the fact that you get to stay anonymous throughout the session. While some require you to create an account by registering, others have the option of logging you in as a guest.

If you do make an account, then you will have the option to use your very own alias. This might be seen as useless for some of you, but do know that these chat sites have dedicated followers that are known throughout the community.

The prospect of staying anonymous is a highly-sought-after feature on the internet. Not everyone likes to be known on the internet, so anonymity is a great pro when it comes to using them.

Con: Financial Transactions

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Implementing a financial transaction system onto your live chat website is a double edge sword. Sure, some people will want to spend some money on it, but it is generally seen as predatory.

Why is it seen predatory? Well, these rooms usually have one person creating them. This person could be anyone. It could be a normal user or a creator on the website.

So when a person creates a chat room, other people can join them. What they do is entirely up to them, but it isn’t unheard of for financial transactions to take place.

These transactions could be meant to order a song the creator to play for them, or perhaps even talk to them. Regardless, online chat should be free so this is seen as somewhat of a negative trait.

Pro: You Can Meet New People

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The primary purpose of online chat sites is to be a place where the community can meet new people. As new users join the website, others can get to know them by chatting.

This is a harmless thing that attracts a lot of people’s attention. The prospect of being anonymous means that you cannot be physically harmed at any time.

By using an alias to get to know people you are preserving your identity while still meeting cool people.

Many of these chat sites specialize in hooking up, while others are nothing but messaging boards. Third ones provide a unique 18+ service, while an entirely different type of chat websites offers content creators the chance to play video games and have others watch and chat with them.

This is the great thing about these services. Regardless of what type of entertainment the website specializes in, you still meet new people.

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Con: Doesn’t Suit Older Demographics

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The internet as a general is a pretty negative and even hostile place for the elderly. Apart from them actually having no idea how to use it, you can imagine how strange and weird it would look to go online and talk to complete strangers.

It’s safe to say that your grandma and grandpa won’t be getting on it anytime soon.

Pro: Cyber Talk

Cyber talk is nothing but using acronyms and shortened words to say essentially the same thing. But what’s weird about it is that people that use chat rooms are pretty much up to speed on the language.

This means that you can talk to someone in acronyms and still have them understand you. What’s even better is that this saves you tons of time on pointless typing.

It might not be much, but cyber talk is generally considered a great thing with these websites.

Con: There Are Plenty of Trolls

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Onto probably the biggest con when it comes to these sites is the fact that there are plenty of trolls on them. By trolls, we’re not talking about mythological creatures from Lord of the Rings, we’re referring to people that essentially start fights by intentionally upsetting people on the internet.

They’re pretty common and people still get worked up about them. They’ve existed for god knows how long, but people never learn. There is a great saying when dealing with online trolls called “Never feed the troll”.

If users would simply stop getting worked about it, then the troll would have nothing to feed on. Trolls want you to get upset, throw a tantrum, and even start insulting. In their eyes, once you insult him you’ve stooped to your lowest and he sees that as a win.

Never feed the troll, people.

Pro: Real-Time Chatting

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Unlike other forms of chatting, live chat is very popular because you talk to people in real-time. Social media also provides the same level of real-time chat, but not exactly.

Chat rooms and websites provide a unique service. While you can communicate on social media, you can also talk to people by commenting on posts. This isn’t real-time as it takes time for your message to be received and the other user to get notified.

Online chat sites, on the other hand, are exactly what they sound. You talk to strangers on the internet in real-time and without any issues of delay.

Con: You Need to be Present to Receive Messages

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As we mentioned earlier, some chat sites have dedicated users that communicate on a daily bases. But unless the users are online, then they cannot see what other people have messaged them. This creates a need to constantly be online not to miss anything.

While there is nothing wrong with being online, some people might develop a harmful trait of being addicted to a particular website. This is, even more, the case with chat websites that provide an 18+ service to their loyal users.