What To See in Naples in 3 Days – 2024 Guide

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Naples is one of those cities that will live forever in your memory after just one visit. This charming metropolis is one of the oldest in the world, offering you history on a silver plate.

But that’s not all, and with amazing views, incredible sights, and delicious food, Naples continues to attract travelers from all over the world in search of new excitements and past times. It is a city that every person should visit at least once in a lifetime, and it is almost certain that Naples will call you to come back again and again.

Everyone knows that Italy is a beautiful country, and Naples is for sure one of the more fascinating cities in the whole country, so if you plan to travel to Italy, Naples should be the first place to visit. As there are some really amazing sights and attractions, if you plan to spend only a couple of days there, you may not have the time to get and see everything this metropolis has to offer, so let’s have a look at some must-visit sights.

How many days should you spend in Naples?

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When in Italy, do as Italian do and enjoy life to its fullest. That will mean that you should plan the trip carefully but take it easy once you get there. Depending on your plans, three days in this astonishing place are more than enough. This way, one will have the opportunity to discover all of its charming nooks and crannies and leave wanting more.

Considering this metropolis has a lot to offer, think about renting a luxury car in Naples to make traveling easier and more comfortable. There is nothing better than soaking in the culture and sights while being in the privacy of the luxury car.

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What is Naples most famous for?

Many people will mention breathtaking sights, friendly people, and historical heritage, but Naples is most famous for the delicious pizza. It is the birthplace of this popular meal, and even though there are various versions of it throughout the world, the original Neapolitan pizza is where it all started. The Neapolitan pizza is the one item on the menu that everyone should order.

In Naples, there is no such thing as “bad pizza.” That is why we highly recommend visiting some of the lesser-known local eateries for homemade meals and memorable experiences, as there is no place better to find the authentic Italian meal than in a lesser-known place where local people regularly visit.

There is no reason to be shy to ask the local people, as they will be happy to instruct you how to get to the restaurant with the best homemade food. Leaving Naples without trying this food is something that no one should do since we all know how delicious Italian cuisine is.

What should I see in Naples?

Once you have tried this famous dish, there are some truly amazing sights to be seen, and we will mention a few. Try to plan the trip in such a way that you have enough time to visit everything because there are some really amazing things and places to see. If you travel for three days, you’ll have plenty of time to see:

Pompeii ruins

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Start the tour at the historical site, with many architectural and artistic details preserved from Roman times. Explore the temples, forums, and other buildings and get a closer look at this once magnificent place that was erased in a matter of minutes. Take some time to wander around and try to imagine life before everything got destroyed, and let the imagination bring you back to those times. There is no better place to get the real sense of how people lived thousands of years ago when the Roman Empire flourished and, on the other hand, to realize how fragile our life is.

Piazza Del Plebiscito

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Pay a visit to this marvelous structure, also known as the center of the city. It has many buildings, like the Royal Palace and Basilica Royal, among other fantastic sights. Try to visit them all and to take time to admire them because they are something that leaves no one indifferent.

Castel dell’Ovo

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Take a ride in your luxury car along the coastline and visit the oldest known fortification in Naples. This astounding building keeps the history alive and tells the story of past times and warriors. The Castel dell’Ovo also has art exhibits and displays that are open to the public, so try to plan the entire trip carefully so that you don’t miss it. This attraction is not interesting only for history lovers, and everyone will talk about it for a long time.

District of Santa Lucia

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To fully understand, get a better grasp of its importance throughout time, and appreciate Naples, be sure to visit the local district of Santa Lucia. There is no better way to understand what makes Naples so mesmerizing than this part of the city, as its narrow cobblestoned streets and busy daily life will best portray the spirit of Naples. Visiting Santa Lucia will provide a better picture of how life works in Naples, and it is something that no one shouldn’t skip or overlook once they decide to spend a holiday in Italy.

Summing up

These are just some of the sights and places everyone should visit while in Naples, and the longer one stays there, the more they will fall in love with this marvelous city. But, we must add that you should be careful because once you visit Naples, it will leave you craving for more, and it will most likely not be your last trip there.