Some Lesser-Known Scientific Facts About Sleep Paralysis


Have you heard of sleep paralysis? It is a phenomenon that affects nearly 8% of people in the US, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how much stress we are all under every day. Now, it is characterized as a rare and disturbing sleep condition that causes a state of paralysis in a person.

In this state, a person feels sensations and images that are not less than a nightmare. Yes, imagine having one of the worst nightmares ever and not having the power to move or do anything, and you can get a closer image of what this 8% of the US people are going through.

In general, this disorder usually occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. Now, the entire not being able to move thing lasts for a couple of seconds, but since people often start panicking due to the inability to move or/and speak, it seems that it lasts for much longer. In some extreme situations, it can last for a bit longer, or be more precise, a couple of minutes. As for why this happens well, many researchers found out that it most likely happens due to the fast and rapid eye movement cycle during the REM stage.

People have questions in regards to the severity of its impact, possible measures, and mattress ratings to overcome it. Understandably, due to fear and because they simply don’t want it to happen to them, people often seek ways to prevent this from happening. This article will provide you with fascinating scientific facts about sleep paralysis and give you in-depth information about it.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?


Let’s start by explaining what it is and why it happens more thoroughly. Namely, it is a condition that is between the state of sleep and being awake. In this condition, a person is partly awake, meaning that their brain is confused as it still believes it’s asleep, which is why we cannot control our muscles or talk.

The body is flooded with specific chemicals that keep it in paralyzed state at the time of sleep, and because of all that confusion, this condition can affect everyone regardless of their age or genetics. This phenomenon occurs when the senses are hyper-aware. A person in such a state experiences heaviness in their chest that makes it difficult to breathe, which further causes panic and increased heart rate, and this last one is the most troubling, as because of that fear, we can do more harm to ourselves than the condition itself.

Why Does It Occur?


The phenomenon came into notice in the early nineteenth century and is still one of the most researched subjects in psychology. Due to a lack of knowledge, people have used to believe it was a real demonic experience with the demon who possesses the person during the night. However, with increased awareness, they got clarity about its clause.

Often, when people used to eat stale meat or cheap quality wine, then they used to suffer from this troublesome situation. Thus, they related its occurrence to unhealthy eating and lifestyle.

After research, scientists and doctors concluded that this condition was due to the transition between the NREM and REM stages. It happens due to a disturbance in the normal sleep pattern. This condition could be due to hereditary reasons, but it does not necessarily need to be.

Another important revelation about it was that it was commonly found in psychiatric patients and students who have a lot of stress. People who suffered from a panic disorder were the ones who experienced it more than normal people regarding the research.

Was There Any Cure Defined For It?


Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Presently, the condition has no cure, but there is always a hope it will be found in the future. The main strategies to deal with this condition are to ensure superior quality sleep and lessen disturbances. There are various ways to achieve it, and the selection of the right bedding has great significance in this regard.

Here are a few effective ways to cope with this condition to a considerable extent.

Stay cool

Night sweat is a common reason that leads to sleep disturbances and deprivation, and in most cases, the reason that causes it is the heat. Materials obtained from natural sources, such as bamboo and latex, offer greater breathability than other materials. Cooling gel-infused foam mattresses help regulate body temperature and give a cooling effect. Because of that, it is crucial to choose mattresses and beddings made of natural materials that can help your skin breathe, prevent night sweat and provide a peaceful night without waking up and having bad dreams.

Find the ideal sleep position

To get a goodnight’s sleep, you need to figure out what is your ideal sleep position and try to take it every time you go to bed. That comprises the best position, comfort needs, and body type. The right mattress offers adequate spinal alignment by creating the right level of pressure point relief. It will cause a zero-gravity effect that would promote sleep and help you wake up rested.

  • If you are a side sleeper, then choose higher loft pillows to elevate your shoulders.
  • If you are a back sleeper, then choose from a highly soft to firm mattress based on your comfort needs and weight.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper then you prefer a mattress that gives you a firm surface to ensure adequate spinal alignment and back support. A lower loft pillow will help them avoid pains, and stiffness in the shoulder, back, and neck region.

Choose sleep quality over quantity

Getting quality sleep of a minimum of eight hours should be your priority, and it is necessary to make it a habit. If you want to achieve that, the best option is to wake up and go to bed at the same time, whenever possible. Nowadays, you can find several types of mattresses with a few smart fabrics that can automatically sense and respond to the environment to give you a better sleep experience.

If you want a mattress that gives you adequate warmth, then an organic mattress made from hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials such as wool, cotton, or bamboo would be the best choice.

Advanced fabrics use thermal energy to provide more restorative sleep. Some of them convert the body heat into Infrared Rays, which are safely released back into the body as invisible energy waves. This technology works because infrared rays have the distinctive ability to enter, pacify, and encourage blood circulation in the body.


Sleep paralysis can deprive us of much-needed sleep, cause restless nights and wake us up stiff and in a lot of pain. If this condition persists for some time, it can have severe adverse consequences on the body and our health in general. The lack of sleep can cause severe health issues, as our bodies need the opportunity to rest in order to function normally. In addition to using the best mattress, you should get a detailed consultation about this problem with your doctor and try to find the best possible solution. There is no need to despair, as it is a condition that can be controlled, and people around the world live with it happy and normal lives.