How Your Bed Can Affect Your Sleep – 2024 Guide


Sleep is one of the aspects which has an immense effect on your health. After a long day at work, if you cannot get proper sleep, imagine the next day at work! You need a good amount of sleep to keep ensure that both your body and mind continue to function well.

Do you know that your emotional intelligence, behavior, and tendency to gain weight also depends on the quality of sleep? If you do not get a sound sleep of at least eight hours, you may wake up with a lot of irritation. Therefore, your entire day can be ruined. Studies also reveal a direct link between a child’s sleep pattern and their behavior and intelligence.

A sound sleep is needed to keep your mind and body healthy. All you need is a relaxing environment and a comfortable bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. You must invest in the best quality mattress and bed sheets as well. Or & Zon has the best quality bed sheets and cushions to enhance the sleep comfort and style quotient of your bedroom. Let’s find out how these things affect your sleep and eventually, your health.

Role of a Bed in Comfortable Night Sleep


Sleeping has a direct connection with your cardiac health. When you fall asleep immediately after going to bed and have enough of your sleep, your heart functions the way it should. But a bad bed can disrupt your sleep in many ways. And many disrupted nights can affect your cardiac health and can get serious! Many research studies have been done on this. To avoid such a situation, invest in a good bed and mattress.

Along with proper mattresses and comfortable bed linen, well-constructed beds play an important role in a good night’s sleep. Make sure your bed does not make any creaky sounds. Sometimes, due to joint issues, beds make noise when you move while sleeping. So, get this fixed so that you don’t get disturbed during sleep. If the bed frame cannot be fixed, then you must consider getting a new one. Make sure it is sturdy and durable to carry enough weight. If you have a sleep-disordered breathing problem, an adjustable bed is a good choice to raise your head.

Role of Mattress in Comfortable Night Sleep


If you feel exhausted in the late evening or at night, it is absolutely fine. But feeling drowsy in the morning is a complete no-no. If you feel drowsy and still can’t fall asleep, the problem may be in your mattress. The mattress might be preventing you from falling asleep. Maybe it is time for the replacement of the old one and bringing the new one home!

To enjoy a comfortable sleep, you need to have the best suitable mattress for you. But the question is, how would you do that? Buying the most expensive or soft mattress available in the market without much thought is not the right way to choose a mattress. Selecting the best mattress varies from person to person according to their problems. Let’s have some handy suggestions:

  • A mattress with medium softness or hardness is ideal for any sort of neck or back pain.
  • Memory foam mattress warms up, but is suitable if one person has a habit of moving too much during sleep.
  • A spring mattress regulates the temperature well.
  • A hybrid mattress works the best as it has foam for weight distribution and springs too.
  • If you have asthma or an allergy, a “hypoallergenic” mattress would be the best fit for you.

If you think that a mattress would last a lifetime, you are wrong. Every mattress has a lifespan. After that, you need to buy a new one. When you keep on sleeping on the same mattress for years, you are most likely to face many of these problems. Using it longer than it can last might cause materials to break down inside. In a situation like this, it is obvious that your mattress would fail to provide you with the support you need.

You make yourself exposed to a lot of diseases just because of a bad mattress. Common flu, cold, fever; are just common symptoms when your immunity system is compromised.

You may have been told that stiff mattresses are good for your health, but in reality, if the mattress is too firm it may affect your back, tailbone, and joints because of too much stiffness. Firm mattresses are good if it provides the exact support that your body needs.

If you have soreness or joint pains, try to figure out if it is because of the mattress. If yes, just leave it and find a softer one or something that provides the exact amount of support for your body type.

Role of Bed Sheets in Comfortable Night Sleep


In addition, you must pay special attention to the fabric of the bedsheet. Some fabrics are naturally cool and thus provide a comfortable sleep, while other materials like synthetic trap heat can create uneasiness. Cotton is the best choice for summers. In winters, you can go for warm fleece bedsheets. So, based on your preference and comfort, you must choose suitable bedsheets. Also, ensure that the duvets or comforters too are comfortable and breathable.

Role of Pillows in Comfortable Night Sleep


Your pillow must not be too high. It must keep your head and neck on the same level. If you sleep on the side, you can go for a pillow 4 to 6 inches high. If you sleep on your back, then go for a 3 to 4 inches pillow. You can go for a pillow wherein you can adjust its fill as per your need. In the absence of the right pillow, you can develop severe neck pain in addition to poor sleep, leading to several health issues.


Now that you know the importance of proper sleep and how a good bed and mattress can improve your sleep, do check if you need to replace your bed or mattress or both. So, act now before you experience serious health issues. Also, make sure that there is no direct light in the room at night, as it obstructs sleep. If possible, you can play some soothing music. A warm bath followed by a foot massage also helps in sleeping well.