Review of The Carado Axion

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The German Erwin-Hymer Group founded the Carado company in 2005. Carado was introduced to the United States in 2016 after the Erwin-Hymer Group acquired Roadtrek Motorhomes, which was founded in 1960. Just recently, Thor Industries acquired the Erwin Hymer Group to become the world’s largest RV manufacturer.

It is a Class-B recreational van built on the principle of being ergonomic to use, and spacious while still maintaining a beautiful design. The impressive lineup of class B models is built on Mercedes, Chevrolet and Ram ProMaster chassis.

It measures 17 feet 9 inches, the camper is somewhat on the smaller size but was made to contain two sleeping individuals comfortably.

Carado Axion is good for many reasons, some of which you will discover later in this article. However, let’s quickly set you on the right path before you fall victim to the same mistake most buyers of RVs usually make – buying from the wrong dealership.

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The Carado Axion was built to be a compact vehicle, measuring 17’ 9” by 6’ 9″ by 9′ 5″. While not exactly small, it’s not one of the larger trailers out there. It is built on a Promaster 1500 Short Van chassis, so rest assured that it was built sturdily.

One great thing about the size of the Carado Axion is that it offers a great deal of maneuverability. You can easily parallel park as long as there’s enough available space. Even entering parking lots is not a problem provided you do not block the driving lane.

Living space

Looking inside, you’ll find multipurpose and ergonomic utilization of the available space. Behind the driver’s seat is a long leather sofa that can double as both a couch or workspace. It can also be converted into a twin bed for one person or a double bed if two people are going to use it.

A full-length wardrobe with deep drawer storage provides a place to hang clothes in the rear of the van, and plentiful upper cabinets do the same for smaller items.

The living space is well lit with both natural and LED lighting. The design is excellent but honestly doesn’t offer much legroom, and the 6’2″ ceiling might be a problem for taller individuals. The flooring of the entire RV is a beautiful vinyl finishing.

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Right across from the sofa is the kitchen area. It features several culinary essentials like an 88L compact indoor-outdoor refrigerator, a dual-burner propane gas stove, sink, 700-watt microwave, and an extendable counter. Water from the sink drains into the grey water tank.

Another cool feature is a pop-up computer desk attached to the kitchen block. The living area can be converted into a mini dining area by bringing out the pedestal dining table mounted in front of the sofa or between the swivel driver-area seats.


The Axion has a rather compact shower set-up located at the rear of the vehicle. This helps maximize space and leaves the living area free for other accessories. To make good use of the available space, the designers chose to get rid of a drywall partition instead of using a shower curtain for privacy.

The bathroom features a fold-down sink, pull-out shower head, Alde furnace/water heater, 105-Ah battery, 2,000-W inverter, a 67-L freshwater tank, and toilet. A rear access door allows you to enter the bathroom without tracking in any dirt through the leading coach.


The Carado Axion runs on a Pentastar VVT 3.6L gas V6 fuel-injected engine, with a 6-speed automatic TE transmission and 280 hp. It was built to last and made strong enough to handle a vehicle of this size.

It delivers 260-lb/ft of torque to the 136-inch wheelbase. With an 18mpg fuel consumption rate, not only is this car well built, it’s ergonomic.

Weight and carrying capacity

The dry weight capacity stands at around 6853lbs, with a payload capacity of 1697lbs and a towing capacity of 4532 pounds. This makes the Axion quite strong for a camper of its size.

Water tanks

This RV comes with the standard three tank set-up. A single 17-gallon freshwater holding tank, a 22-gallon gray water holding tank, and a 22-gallon black water holding tank.

While this may be adequate for daily needs, a 17-gallon freshwater holding tank is quite small compared to other RVs of similar size.

All the tanks come with measuring gauges to keep track of how full your tanks are and when they may need to be emptied soon.


The Axion comes with a battery power converter, AC, heater, cable pre-wiring, and exterior plugs and ground fault plugs. Other essential safety devices like a carbon monoxide alarm, propane alarm and smoke detector are all available, along with a conveniently located emergency exit.

You might like to add a 22″ HD TV, a 400W lithium power module so you can extend your travel or go off-grid, or even add the stability program designed to keep your Carado safely on the road no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

The water heater tank has a 6-gallon holding capacity and is powered by a propane heater.
With the cruise control, power windows and a rear video backup camera ensures your ride is going to be a smooth one.

Indeed a great vehicle, the Carado Axion, is a must-have for any RV enthusiast. If you’re looking for a modern, compact trailer with all the necessities and a lot of accessories, then the Axion is the vehicle just for you. Don’t forget that the best place to get the best deal in the sale of used motorhomes of all kinds, makes, and model is