What to Know before Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam

Are you looking to travel around Vietnam on off-road paths? Rent a motorbike in Vietnam right now to fully enjoy a wonderful motorbike trip around Vietnam!

My friend told me, “You only can enjoy the beauty of Vietnam to the fullest when driving a motorbike yourself.” At first, I didn’t believe it. But gradually I realized that there are dangerous off-road routes that always stimulate adrenaline surges in me. I started renting a motorbike and now I’m hooked to it. That’s why I wrote this article to give you a little in-depth on how to rent a motorbike in Vietnam.

Can you ride a motorbike in Vietnam?

If you want to drive in Vietnam, you need a driver’s license and basic knowledge of Vietnamese law. Sounds complicated right? Let us explain it to you.

Driver’s license

Vietnamese law requires you to have a Vietnamese driver’s license. But the procedure to get a license is quite time-consuming if you only stay here for 5-7 days. So we recommend that you use your country’s license and submit an additional International Driver’s Permit. If you need an extra step, you need a 3-month visa to convert your International Driver’s

Permit into a Vietnamese license


A simple trick to not getting into this legal mess is using a 50cc scooter or an electric bike.
Please ride a bike only when you have the proper documents. If not, you will have some trouble with the Vietnamese police when they ask you to stop.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is needed to pay for injury or compensation payments for victims. You will not regret using travel insurance. A small insurance sum will help you cover up everything in case something bad happens. You can buy insurance through travel agencies.

Traffic Rules

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The same thing applies to Vietnamese chaotic roads. In Vietnam, you have to follow Vietnamese laws in order to not end up in jail. First thing first, please wear a helmet. Second, 40 km / h for residential areas and the number goes up to 60 for highways. Finally, do not weave through traffic. After all these things, you can safely drive a motorbike in Vietnam in terms of legal issues.

Why should you rent a motorbike instead of buying one?

Some people debate that owning a bike is better than renting one. On a daily basis that is true but when you are traveling, renting a motorbike is more cost-efficient. If you buy a motorbike, you will have to find one that suits your conditions and go through the registration process that feels like forever. When you rent a motorbike in Vietnam, you only need to sign a contract, deposit, and ride to the sunset. It is that easy.

You can find motorbike rental places almost everywhere in Vietnam. Hotels or travel agencies will offer you a rental bike for different prices, depending on the type of bikes. However, you should rent a bike at agencies to reduce the risk of paying additional bike repair fees on your tour.

Which bike is most suitable for you to rent?

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You will surely confuse yourself in front of many motorbike models that serve different purposes. We would like to give you an overview of the types of motorbikes to go for each type of trip in Vietnam.

Electric Scooter

This option is suitable for short trips. You can take a trip around the town on a 50cc motorbike without a driver’s license. This option is great for those who don’t want to bury their heads in papers.


Every novice can ride this type of bike fairly easily because it does not have shifting gears. Automatic bikes will make you happy on tours on flat surfaces. A note for you that these motorbikes are not for off-roading or steep slopes.


We could say that a semi-automatic is superior to an automatic in terms of power. You can conquer mountain passes at higher speeds. This slender bike is very suitable for those who want a solo ride.


A manual motorbike is more affordable than a semi-automatic one. However, you need to be a good rider because it is hard to master this type. Please practice your riding skills before the trip, then you won’t put yourself in danger.
Remember to check your motorbike before you leave following the checklist below:

  • Bike engine should hold an idle well while starting and still function properly when you stop.
  • Turn signals and lights, brake lights should be functioning properly
  • Check the horn to make sure it is loud
  • Check the tires for safety traction in the rain
  • Make sure the back wheel does not vibrate.
  • Have a test drive to check both brakes. They must be in good condition and tight.
  • Check for any oil leaks to make sure the bike is in good condition.
  • Finding a reliable brand for motorbike rental

There are many prestigious companies offering motorbike rentals at affordable prices. The bikes for rent are from 150cc like Honda XR150, Honda CRF250L, Suzuki DRZ400, Honda CB500X, Triumph Tiger 800, BMW R1200GS… for your touring or off-road adventure in Vietnam and neighboring counties! If you want to rent a good motorcycle for your adventure in Vietnam, check out the list of dirt bikes and adventure bikes for rent on vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com

You can also be absolutely assured of the quality of their bikes. All are equipped with high-quality spare parts, thereby keeping the user safe. Besides, it helps to bring a sense of extreme when experiencing single tracks.

Furthermore, the company has a team of regular motorbike repair and maintenance. So you don’t have to worry about an accident or the bike suddenly breaking down! Before departure, we always make sure to bring our customers the maximum safety.
If you want to have an experienced guide with you, do not worry! Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club also has experienced tour guides who are very knowledgeable about the roads, the traffic rules, and the culture of each region.

In Conclusion

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What are you waiting for? For a memorable trip in Vietnam, come and rent the most affordable and quality motorbikes right now. Renting a motorbike in Vietnam is not something too hard, just make sure you have all the necessary documents and certain knowledge about the traffic laws and terrains in Vietnam, your motorbike adventure will be safe and sound! This is especially if you choose to get a bike alarm system from this guide.