5 Reasons Why Pedestrians Get Hit by Cars

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Getting struck by a car as a pedestrian can be devastating, mainly because pedestrians are not protected if it happens.

With so many people walking on the sidewalks, crossing roads, and using the streets, these accidents are bound to happen. Knowing why they happen can help drivers and pedestrians prevent or avoid them.

1. Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving remains a leading cause of different types of car accidents, including pedestrian accidents. Drivers can be distracted in different ways, with smartphones and other devices being major culprits. Drivers can also be distracted if they eat, drink, or smoke while driving.

2. Distracted Pedestrians

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Just like we have distracted drivers, we have distracted pedestrians. Millions of people walk around with their heads down as they use their smartphones, creating a dangerous situation for everyone around them. When distracted, they may not see that they do not have the right of way or see oncoming vehicles.

Some distracted pedestrians also wander onto roads, especially in areas without a clear sign where the sidewalk ends and the road starts.

3. Impaired Drivers and Pedestrians

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is another leading cause of pedestrian accidents. Impaired drivers have poor decision-making, react much slower to situations than sober drivers, have less situational awareness, and have difficulty driving in a straight line. These drivers are also more likely to drive through crosswalks, not check for crossing pedestrians, speed past red lights, and make left turns into pedestrians.

Impaired pedestrians are also dangerous to themselves and other road users for most of the same reasons that impaired drivers are.

4. Impatience and Speeding

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Drivers are supposed to give pedestrians and other drivers the right of way depending on the situation. However, some drivers are impatient and do not wait for pedestrians to pass the road fully or for other drivers to give them the right of way before trying to go.

Speeding is also a serious concern in some areas. It is dangerous because higher speeds make vehicles harder to control and do not give drivers enough time to brake or act if necessary.

Speeding can have devastating effects, including injuries, fatalities, high medical costs, and additional costs stemming from continuing medical care. Pedestrians who get injured in such accidents can get in touch with the law offices of Christian J. Amendt at Amendt Law to start the process of getting compensation. Personal injury attorney firms such as these have extensive experience getting compensation for their clients, and you can contact them for a free consultation.

5. Bad Weather and Driving at Night

Driving in bad weather or at night means you have less visibility than you otherwise would. Pedestrians should be aware of this and thus be careful when crossing roads in poor weather or at night.

Bad weather can make the road slippery, making it harder for drivers to stop. It can also make it harder for pedestrians to cross the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are a lot more common than anyone would like. They happen for many reasons and knowing them can help drivers and passengers do their part in preventing them.