What is Personalized Email Marketing? Definition and Examples

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Given that 70 to 80% of people use the internet on a daily basis and spend time on computers and mobile devices, which are for business or private purposes, it is not surprising that digital marketing has become more interesting than traditional marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, digital allows us to get feedback, and thus get closer to the target audience. There are many types of digital marketing, and only some of them are SEO – website optimization, content marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and many others, but one type, in particular, has caught our attention – email marketing.

What is email marketing?

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Email marketing is actually the use of email as a channel to promote products or services. As suggested by snov.io, email marketing helps a business to develop and maintain a customer relationship over time, which will later result in an increase in sales and the number of loyal customers. The best way to take advantage of email marketing is to create your email lists, which is much better than buying ready-made lists from companies that deal with them.

Without e-mail in today’s modern world, it is almost unthinkable to live. From private messages exchanged via e-mail, business purposes of using e-mail to the use of e-mail for marketing purposes as one of the elements of the promotional web and will in this part of the paper describe in more detail the conceptual definition of email marketing. So, it could be said that email marketing is sending mail to current and future customers.

E-mail marketing means the promotion of products and/or services via e-mail or e-mail or sending a marketing message to potential customers via e-mail. This type of electronic communication is direct communication, so this form of marketing is considered direct marketing. Email marketing allows you to build successful relationships with customers, such as sending greeting cards or gift certificates for the customer’s birthday and the like. In this way, you can increase sales, but also build a sense of consumer loyalty.

The downside of email marketing is that the post often ends up in the Spam folder, but it is still considered one of the more effective methods of advertising and reaching the target group.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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Many things go to the benefit of this type of advertising. In addition to being much cheaper and faster than standard mail, directly addressing the consumer, or rather the target group, the method of promotion is very simple and effective, and so on.

Email marketing is much more interesting with personalized content. Think about it, how many times have you received an email that started by addressing you with your name? Great, isn’t it? In this way, the e-mail itself, which represents strictly business communication, gets a new dimension – it becomes a tool that brings the brand closer to the target group. Just like other online tools, but in a different way. Using marketing automation platforms like Esputnik, you’ll be able to send hyper-personalized emails to your subscribers and generate new leads with minimum effort. Research has shown that, despite the expansion of social networks, personalized e-mail marketing is still the most used (94% of Internet users use email and 61% of social networks). So, compared to advertising through social networks, we give preference to this type of advertising. Moreover, the client is more likely to see the email than the post on the social network, and will certainly remain in the inbox until it is deleted.

How to personalize email marketing?

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First of all, it is necessary to understand the target group, ie to have as much information as possible about their interests, hobbies, gender, age, and so on. In principle, any information is welcome. Many conduct surveys and make an advertising strategy based on them.

One type of personalized email is especially interesting – behavior – trigger mails, ie those that react to the client’s behavior, ie monitor how often the client visits the site, and in the inbox receives a personalized message that reads something like “you haven’t used our service for a long time”. Usually, these emails are the ones that “make” clients, after reading, open the site as well.

Good e-mail marketing deepens your relationship with clients through an effective subject – which ensures that your e-mail will be open and through the delivered quality, with a precisely defined target group and e-mail content that intrigues your clients and encourages them to action. Email marketing is an important aspect of your internet marketing because it transfers the conversation about your business to the personal field in the personal inbox of your clients!

Email marketing is another medium of advertising with differences in key characteristics in comparison to the print media, which are: it is cheaper, the intensity of information is higher, personalization is easier, and so on. The purpose of email marketing is to get more and better amounts of email marketing led to desired consumer actions. All these results in building a relationship with customers, business growth, and this way of marketing are called e-mail marketing. The purpose of email marketing is to create relationships with customers who want to hear about a particular brand so communication takes place with a sense of one-on-one conversation and all of this results in brand growth.

Final thoughts

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Email is most commonly used as a tool to turn potential customers into permanent ones and retain users using client lists that contain usernames, e-mail addresses, and profile information of users who have been permitted to send e-mails to the organization, and such client lists are owned by the organization.

Email marketing is a unique opportunity to address the customer just as a man and shows how important he is as an individual. With the expansion of the market, competition is growing these customers have become the ones to which organizations have to adapt, unlike the previous times where this was not the case. Customers are a measure of quality and they choose what product or service they want, that’s why it’s important to approach customers to show them that this is the company, that product, and service intended for them.