Why Email Marketing Is Important For Small Law Businesses

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All firms, big or small, need marketing strategies to improve their customer base and overall revenues. A law firm also needs smart marketing strategies to prosper. Big law firms have a great legacy to back up their work. Most clients visit them because they have a reputation that has been built over the years.

However, matters are different if you own a small law business. You have to learn smart marketing strategies if you want to make a name for yourself and survive in tough competition. If you are a new lawyer, you can go for a lawyer email marketing strategy for your firm.

Ways In Which Email Marketing Can Help Small Law Firms

They Have A Great Reach

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The end goal of every marketing strategy is to have a great reach, that is, to reach the maximum number of potential clients. For small firms, reach is the biggest problem. They do not have a brand name, so people do not retain information about them. As people do not recollect small organizations, they end up recommending well known big names in case when some service is required.

So to increase reach, emails can come in very handy. Emails have a very high open rate; this means that if an email is delivered to a person’s mailbox, he is very likely to open and read the mail. Most people in the twenty-first century are used to reading stuff on the internet. So if a person reads about your law firm enough times, chances are he will remember your firm’s name. Thus emails can give great reach to small organizations that are yet to establish themselves in the market.

They Are Fast And Convenient To Use

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If you want to send an email to hundreds of people, it will barely take a few minutes. Thus emails are very fast, and they allow you to interact with your potential client in real-time. For instance, if a person visits the website of your law firm and inquires about property laws, you can send relevant feedback in a matter of seconds.

However, if you were to communicate over the phone, both parties would have to fix a time and then talk. Thus, email allows you to respond to your clients as soon as they have a query. If the customer gets a speedy response, then he is more likely to be satisfied with your services.

Again, emails are easy to use. In the present times, almost every person has an email id and a mobile phone. So emails allow you to connect to your customers quite conveniently. You do not have to be technically skilled to write an email, but most organizations hire SEO experts or professional digital marketers to help them write effective responses. Hiring a digital marketing team might be a little expensive for a new law firm, but it gives huge revenues in the long term.

They Are Cheap

Sending an email is free of cost if you have internet services. There are companies that send bulk emails/messages in a customized format to all your potential customers. The subscription for such bulk messaging facilities is quite cheap, and most small firms can afford them.

They Are Not Intrusive

Sending mail is the least intrusive way to engage with another person. Unlike a phone call which has to be attended to then and there, mail allows a person a lot of flexibility. If a person is interested in your work but is busy at the moment when he receives your mail, he can mark it for reading it later. Most customers are turned off by intrusive conversations, and by not persistently bothering them, you gain their interest.

You Can Pass On A Lot Of Information In One Go

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If you have a small law business, then you can send a whole lot of information via email. You can attach case files of your successful trials or testimonials of your ex-clients who are satisfied with your services. You can attach heavy files that contain many megabytes of data, and a potential customer can get all the relevant information about your services quite easily.

Maintaining Safety Is Quite Easy

Communication via the internet is notorious for transmitting spam files. But if you are a small business, then your first concern is to gain the trust of the consumer. Maintaining secure interactions over email is quite easy. All you have to do is install a good antivirus software to make sure that no spam mail is delivered from your organization’s official email id.

They Allow A Customer To Prioritize And Saves The Customer’s Time

An email has a subject, and a customer can choose to read or not read them based on how relevant the subject is to their interest. Thus, they save customer’s time and help them prioritize their reading as per their needs and likings. When you respect the customer’s time they do not get irritated with your promotional messages.

They Have Great Conversion Rates

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Conversion rate means the percentage of people who will hire a service after reading a promotional message. Most emails come with a call to action; that is, they have a message that asks the reader to buy a product or a service. This message is usually followed by a clickable part that directly lands on the main website of the service provider.

Emails have a great conversion rate, meaning that most people who read a promotional message will actually end up buying a good or service. So if you are the owner of a small law business, sending an email can make sure that most of your marketing efforts get you customers and increase your revenues.


Messages in emails are written in a personalized manner, and most people tend to respond to such messages. Emails have great reach because almost 50% of internet users between the age of 16 and 64 regularly check their emails regularly.

Sending emails is thus an intelligent marketing strategy for small firms because the cost of promoting the business is minimal, the method of interaction is not intrusive, and the overall return on investment is relatively high.