Top 10 People Who Spent Fortune to Look Like Celebrities

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Many celebrity fans often want to look identical to their idols, and they mostly achieve that by putting on make-up and dressing like their role models. They mostly want to look like a Barbie doll, her partner Ken or influencer and reality star Kim Kardashian.

However, some of them went so far as to try to achieve the same look with plastic surgery. These are the 10 most expensive attempts fans made to look like celebrities.

10. Valeria Lukyanova

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Ukrainian model Valeria Lukiyanova is famous around the world for being the spitting of a Barbie doll. She refuses to admit that she underwent plastic surgery to look like a doll, although, of course, the photos say otherwise.

9. Myla Sinanaj

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Myla Sinanaj reportedly spent $ 30,000 on numerous surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian. She had lip and buttock surgery, and she went so far as to film porn as the famous reality star has.

8. Herbert Chavez

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Herbert Chavez has adored Superman so much since he was five that he did everything to look like a comic book character. He is otherwise engaged in the design, and he spent about $ 20,000 on various operations to look like his idol.

7. Kyleigh Potts

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Kyleigh Potts has been to more than 40 cosmetic procedures that cost about $ 75,000, all just to look like Kylie Jenner. She pointed out that her life goal has long been to look like a beauty mogul and youngest billionaire in the world.

6. Bryan Ray

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Britney Spears is a role model for Bryan Ray, who spent more than $ 80,000 to look like a pop star. “Britney will always be one of my biggest inspirations,” he pointed out on one occasion.

5. Toby Sheldon

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Toby Sheldon spent as much as $ 100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber. He was obsessed with the famous singer, but unfortunately, he passed away in 2016 as a result of a drug overdose.

4. Pixee Fox

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American Pixee Fox underwent 200 surgeries, and her goal was to look like her favorite cartoon character – Jessica Rabbit. She spent $ 100,000 on corrections, removed six ribs, and put green lenses in her eyes to look identical to Jessica.

3. Jordan James Parke

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Jordan James Parke is also obsessed with Kardashians, and he wants to be like the 39-year-old Kim. He spent as much as $ 130,000 on plastic surgery, so he did all the details to look like Kanye West’s wife.

2. Jennifer Pamplona

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Jennifer Pamplona went even further and cashed in $ 470,000 on surgery to be like the “KUWTK” star Kim Kardashian.

“My goal is to be a human doll, people call me ‘Susi Doll’ in Brazil, which is like Barbie but with more curves”, she admitted.

1. Roddy Alves

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Barbie also has her soulmate, boyfriend Ken, and that’s what Brazilian Roddy Alves looked like before he revealed that he is transgender. He spent $ 650,000 on surgeries to look like Ken, and appeared in numerous shows and gained additional popularity. He earned a nickname “Human Ken Doll” for his appearance. Recently, Roddy went through numerous surgeries to change his sex.

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