4 Creative Packaging Ideas for Shipping Products

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Modern technology has brought much progress to trade. Today, there are more and more stores that operate online, which in many ways makes our lives easier. Why spend time walking from one store to another looking for a particular item of clothing when you can complete a search very quickly and easily online? You simply go to the store’s website, check if it has what you want, click on “Buy” and wait for the courier to ring the doorbell in the coming days by delivering the shipment to you. Coronavirus has negatively affected many aspects of life, but we can say that the online store has brought only good. The most important thing when sending a shipment is that the goods are delivered undamaged. When sending a shipment, couriers will usually warn you of the risk of damage and may refuse to pick up the package if the shipment is not properly packaged. As a sender, you are obliged to package the shipment in such a way as to protect the contents of the shipment, because, in case it is damaged, the courier services are not responsible for the damage. So, the packaging is key. Read below which types of packaging are suitable for which products.

What we can say for a start is that you will probably need self-adhesive tape, a cardboard box, protective material (sponge, cardboard, newspaper, etc.), plastic foil. Yes, this is a way to improvise. Your shipment may not look perfectly packaged, but it will certainly do what it is meant to do – protect the product from damage. However, this type of packaging will not leave the best impression on your company, so you need to work a little harder on it.

1. Air cushion envelopes

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Less fragile items should be packed in an envelope containing foil with air bubbles. This is packaging that will perfectly protect mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and the like. It is up to you to choose whether you need an envelope lined with air bubbles or just a bubble wrap that will be lined around the entire product. Today, there are many companies engaged in the production of packaging, which is confirmed by Verpakgigant. This foil is so far unsurpassed in terms of packaging that is fragile and sensitive to shocks, falling out, etc. The two-layer crackling foil is intended for packaging products with rounded edges and objects of smaller dimensions. The three-layer crackling foil is intended for the packaging of objects with sharper edges and objects of larger dimensions.

2. Cardboard box

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This is one of the most convenient ways to pack, whether it is books, glasses, shoes, or a home appliance. Of course, in this case, we must take into account the fragility of the product, and if necessary, additionally protect it by insulating the inside of the box with styrofoam, sponge, or some similar soft material. So, with a cardboard box, there is little chance that you will make a mistake, but keep in mind that the package will gain extra weight, which can affect the price of postage. Adequate packaging should be such as to prevent any friction or impact during transport, either between objects with each other or between objects and the walls of the box, and to ensure full security of the contents of the consignment in transit. Shipments containing glassware and other fragile items, the sender is obliged to hand over as separate shipments, the contents of which require special attention during receipt, processing, transport, and delivery.

It is not desirable to use wire, rope, tape, wrapping in paper, etc. It is best to use stronger, wide self-adhesive tape. If you are sending a fragile item, indicate this on the box, by writing in large letters ‘FRAGILE’ or ‘CARE CAREFULLY’, etc.

3. The two-layer corrugated cardboard in roll

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Corrugated cardboard is the ideal packaging for the protection of the product during transport. The cardboard in the roll is very easy to shape around the product and protects from mechanical damage, scratches, and dirt. For all products of large or non-standard dimensions for which it is difficult to get out the boxes, corrugated cardboard is used for packaging.

4. Plastic bags

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Fatty and sparingly soluble substances (lubricants, liquid soap, creams, resins, etc.) must be closed in the first packaging (box, canvas bag, or plastic bag) and then in a box made of wood, metal, solid plastic material, or some other material to prevent content from leaking out. Plastic bags are also suitable for packing clothes.

When sending sharp objects (such as scissors, knives), sharp edges and tips should be properly protected. Use a strong cardboard box. Protective material should be fixed so that it cannot move during transport. Small items inside the package must be properly packed in small boxes or bags. If you are sending more than one package, it is not recommended to glue the packages together. Keep in mind that shipments that are not properly packaged pose a threat to other shipments.

How to safely close a package?

Glue, adhesive tape, etc. can be used to close the shipment, depending on the type and value of the contents of each shipment. Consignments delivered in a sealed envelope must be secured so that their contents or one part thereof cannot be removed without visible damage to the envelope and the means for closing the consignment (adhesives, adhesive tapes, etc.)

What do you need to indicate on the package?

The package must indicate the mass and personal data of the recipient and sender (name and surname, address, telephone number). The sender is responsible for the proper packaging and closing of the package. The packaging and closure must protect the contents so that they cannot be damaged by pressure and repeated handling. Sufficient space should be left on the packaging or on the envelope for printing official marks and postcards.

These types of shipments are often a surprise gift for a best friend or other loved one. If this is the case for you, after properly packaging and protecting the product from possible breakage, wrap it in decorative paper and your gift is ready to send!