6 Packaging Solutions for Your Coffee Business

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If you are thinking about launching a coffee business, the most important thing you have to consider is the packaging. To know more about coffee and its history visit Dripped Coffee. Sure, there are other business-related things you have to plan and organize, but this one is, without a doubt, the most significant one.

Not only do you have to go with a type of packaging that will ensure the beans stay fresh for an extended period of time, but you also have to choose something that will be convenient for your customers to use. Lastly, there is also the overall design since it is the thing that will make your product appealing and easily noticed.

Different types of coffee bags

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If you want to sell coffee beans only, then you will have to choose a specific type of bag. We will introduce you to five types of coffee bags, and later on, we will tell you about the things to consider when making this choice.

The side fold

Without a doubt, this is the most popular coffee packaging used, so it is considered to be a traditional one. This is why it is almost one of the cheapest options. If you want to go with a minimalistic design, this is the right choice due to its dimensions. Another advantage of it is that it is resistant, which is very important when thinking about potential storage space. Even though it is quite handy packaging, it is not very stable because of the folding at the bottom, so this is a thing you should think about.

Flat bottom

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As you can assume, this bag is almost the complete opposite of the previous one. There is no folding at the bottom, so this part of the bag is completely flat, which is what makes it super stable when placed on a surface. This may be a significant feature for some people who don’t want to use a traditional coffee container.

Since it resembles a box, it gives you more freedom when creating a design, which can be another benefit for you. What’s more, there are even some bags with a reclosable zipper top, which is a feature your customer will greatly benefit from and enjoy.

The doypack

If you are looking for something a bit modern, then you will probably find this stand-up pouch very appealing. This type of bag is not considered to be conventional, but the truth is that it has never been more popular. Due to its design, this pouch will stand up perfectly regardless of its size as well as its weight. This one also has a zipper at the top, so there is no need to use a coffee container.

Pillow bags

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If you want to provide your customers with an opportunity to purchase small quantities of coffee, besides the regular packages, you will absolutely love these pillow bags. Companies all around the world love these, as do their customers. First of all, these are very cheap. For just a fraction of the investment, you will be able to offer single servings to clients. At the same time, this is why people love them. If you are just entering the marketing, or a person simply hasn’t tasted your coffee before, they will probably want to try a cup of it before buying the regular packaging.

Bag in Bag

Finally, you can go with the bag-in bag option. Basically, you will offer a certain number of small pillow bags all packed into a single pouch. The truth is that you can greatly benefit from this option, especially when collaborating with coffee shops that will promote your product.

Capsules, Pods, K Cups

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Finally, if you want to expand your offer besides coffee beans, you will have to choose one of these designs. This entire packaging process can be a bit more complex, meaning that you will need a filling and sealing machine. Yes, purchasing one of these can be a significant investment, which is why you have to learn about some of its basic features. Depending on the machine you choose, there may be some additional features as well, and you should view more online to understand what your options are.

Things to consider

Now that you are familiar with some of your options, or at least the most popular ones, let us tell you about the things that should be on your list of requirements a bag must meet.

The most important thing you have to ensure is that the coffee stays fresh. Even if you are starting a small business, you will still have to distribute the products to coffee shops all around the town. The truth is that no one is going to invest in your company if the coffee is stale. Would you pay for a stale cup in a restaurant? Yes, we didn’t think so. The bag has to be air-tight so that no oxygen can come in contact with the beans. In addition, stand-up pouches feature a 3-ply aluminum coating on the inside, which protects the beans from UV rays that can also destroy their quality.

While on the subject of UV rays, you also have to consider these with creating a design. Generally speaking, most companies go with darker backgrounds or dense artwork to ensure that the bag is not see-through.

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Next, you have to think of a filling process. If you will be doing this manually, you have to go with a bag that will speed up this process. As you can imagine, the doypack will only slow you down due to the fact that it has two corners at the top. On the other hand, the side fold bag is perfect for manual or semi-automatic filling.

Moreover, you should also think about the customers’ convenience. Naturally, you cannot predict whether a person wants to use the original packaging or not, but there is a feature they will all love. That’s right. We are talking about the reclosable zipper. As you can see, this feature is not available for every type of bag, so you should take other things into consideration to be certain that you have made the right choice.

Finally, there is the matter of design and artwork. If you have already created the artwork, it may not be the smartest idea to choose the packaging according to it. Instead, make sure that it meets all the other requirements, and then adjust the design so that it fits perfectly. a