How Online Casinos in the USA Have Become More Safe

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The gambling industry has significantly changed over the last few years, especially with the expansion of online platforms that became more popular than land casinos. the main reason why people would rather choose a website instead of going to some popular resort like those in Las Vegas is the convenience. You can play games from the comfort of your home and place or withdraw money with your credit card or e-wallet.

However, you have to know that there are numerous websites where you can gamble, but it is important to pay attention to security. There are various factors that you should consider before choosing the right online platform, such as the status of the company, time of waiting for withdrawal, security measures, selection of games, and more. If you are interested in some of the best online casinos available in New York, visit

Safety is the most important feature since scams are not so rare in this branch. Therefore, you should choose those companies that have a high status in the world of gambling. It is easy to check whether some website is secure by checking its ratings and inline reviews of previous users. Safety is becoming better over years, especially in the United States. Here are some of the main factors that are affecting it.

Secure Registration Process

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Before you enter a website and create your account there, you have to be sure that they won’t use your data and share it with any third person. One of the greatest risks on unknown online platforms is that they could use your data to steal your identity and bank account. Every online casino available in the United States must have at least a basic encryption protocol as a form of protection.

Accurate Bonus Policies

One of the most efficient promotional methods used by most online casinos is the bonus reward after you register and place your first deposit. This feature is responsible for making so many people interested in online gambling in the first place. However, many casinos have some hidden policies that limit the way you can use these free funds. For example, if the amount of money for a bonus is too high, or the limitation is too low, you should avoid it. The average platform offers at least double your first deposit. The feature where you can use these funds only for gambling is usual for most of them.

Well-Known Developers

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Another factor that you should pay attention to is the name of the company that made online games available on a particular website. The most popular developers are Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Real Time Gaming, and more. On the other side, if you notice that the game you are playing is made by some unknown developer, there is a high chance that the game is rigged, and your chances to win are much lower.

Wide Selection of Payment Options

Another factor that might represent a potential risk is if the website is only offering you one or two payment methods like Payoneer and Paypal, without the ability to use your credit card or e-wallet. The thing is that the process of getting PayPal payment for your business is much more simple than getting the ability to implement the credit card option. In that matter, we suggest you avoid this type of online platform. The United States has strict laws related to gambling, which means that the chances for such a website to be available in this country are very low.

Available Customer Support

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Every well-known online gambling platform is known for having a reliable customer support service that you can contact at any time. This is a very important feature, and if you notice that a website has poor customer support, you should avoid that website. While many countries don’t focus so much on this feature, the United States is limiting any suspicious platform that might represent a threat for users.

Accessible Track Records

Another method to check some websites is to see its track record that includes the number of registered players, biggest prizes, revenue, company that owns it, and more. However, if there is no possibility to check this data, a website might be a scam. On the other side, the law of the United States forces online gambling platforms to be transparent.

Return Rate

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The main feature of every website is related to the return rate or RTP. That factor represents the chance of winning while playing online slots. The United States doesn’t have limitations related to the level of return rate, but every online casino must inform the users about it. Choosing the games with a higher return rate will provide you with better chances to win. Therefore, we suggest you play slots with the highest RTP, such as Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000, Jokerizer, Gonzo Quest, and more. The average rate of these games is around 99%.

The Bottom Line

While safety is the most important feature, you should learn about other factors that might increase your chances to win. Even in case that you register at some legal website that respects all legal procedures, that does not mean that your chances are the same as when you choose some other website that is following the same rules. We suggest you check online reviews and see if the websites you are interested in have too many negative comments. There is always a chance that the slots are rigged. However, the chance for that is much lower when you choose only reliable sources.

Moreover, we have to mention the feature where you can place your deposit with an e-wallet. This is the safest option today since there is no chance that someone might use your data in any way. Also, the great advantage is that there is no withdrawal time since you can get your winning instantly, while the average time of waiting for standard banking accounts is between two and five days. The gambling industry is improving by implementing the most recent trends like blockchain technology and virtual reality. Therefore, the risks should decrease even more in the future.