How Many Mistakes Can You Make On G1 Driving Test – 2024 Guide


Anyone who wants to get a driver’s licence in Ontario needs to first pass a test. The G-1 licence is made to grant the licence of driving g class vehicles like cars, small trucks, and vans. There are many guides and resources available on the Internet to help an individual pass the test. However, there are many forums which dictate that passing it will be quite difficult and one is more likely to fail at their first attempt.

There are many chances of making possible mistakes but they can be avoided with vigilance. Knowing the details of the driving test will help you in passing without any hiccup. It is also important to know how many mistakes one can make. In this guide, we will be talking about the basics of the G1 driving test and how to ace it.

What is a G1 Test and How Does it Work?


A G-1 driving test is taken in Ontario and it is a written exam. It assesses the knowledge of a candidate of the traffic rules, signs and signals. This exam can be taken at any of the drive test centres. The candidate has the option of opting for an online or offline mode of exam. The paper option will operate on the same principle as the online exam. Along with this basic exam, there is also an eyesight exam which will help in getting the licence.

What are the Documents Required?

To sit for the exam one will need to have all the eligibility related documents. Without these, it will not be possible to sit or register for the exam. The identity proof is obviously a must but one has the option of showing multiple documents. A birth certificate, evidence of citizenship, immigration documents, or passport or all accepted as proof of identification.

Other requirements obviously include a debit or a credit card to pay for the assessment. Since we are mentioning everything you cannot forget do not leave behind the prescription glasses or eye contacts. The eyesight exam is just as important for passing as the written one is.

If there has been a name change then additional documents will be required to support your claim of Identity. Original documents and photocopies will work well. For the actual assessment, make sure you prepare by doing at least one g1 practice test every day in the time leading to the exam.

How To Book It?


Booking a knowledge-based assessment is not common practice as you can just go to the centre and ask for it to be scheduled. As long as you are free in a particular time frame and have prepared well it will be easy to give either the online or offline mode of exam. It is better to know the operating time of the centre so that you are not too early or too late.

Ideally one should go at least an hour before the centre closes and not encounter any issues with the scheduling. It is better to keep at least 2 to 3 hours free in case of any delay with the exam. The licence package will cost about $158.25. One can pay via debit or credit card at the time of scheduling.

This licence package includes a class G2 road test and a licence which will last for 5 years. Paying the sea is mandatory for everyone applying for a G1 licence. This package is very costly but the assessment itself is $15.75. In case a candidate has to retake the exam they will only have to pay the 16 dollar amount again.

What are the Basic Rules and Requirements?

Going directly to the centre without the basic knowledge of the test is a bad idea. Having good preparation would not only mean learning about the driving rules but also collecting the required documents and fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Anyone who is 16 years or older can apply for a G1 assessment.

They will have to show ID proof which includes their age, legal name and immigration status. Separate documents are required for proof of signature so a medical card might work well. After fully feeling the requirements you will be allowed to sit for either a pen and paper assessment or a computer-based exam.

There are two sections both of which are mandatory to pass. The first one will test the knowledge of the candidate based on road rules and the other will check the knowledge of traffic signs. Both of the sections have 20 questions which make it 40 questions in total.

Passing the exam is important otherwise one might have to pay the fees again and try sometime later. The test for each candidate is unique and the computer selects the questions to avoid an array of options. Even if you do not pass, retrying as soon as possible is the best approach. If a candidate applies again within a year they might only have to opt for the sections they made mistakes in.

How Many Mistakes Are Allowed?


How many mistakes are allowed is a frequently asked question with respect to the G1 exam. There are a total of 40 questions in sections. Each candidate needs to score 80% or more in order to pass.

It means that at least 15 questions per section should be correct. So 5 mistakes per session are allowed. However, we will recommend trying for fewer mistakes because one can also lose marks on unanticipated questions.

The Takeaway

Driving tests build a lot of pressure on a candidate but can be easy to ace. It is important to know the rules requirements and basic expectations from every participant before going to a centre. It is also important to do adequate preparation to not waste money by constantly having to retake the exam. Taking practice or mock assessments and giving time to learning the basic knowledge is important.