How to Make money Through Sports Betting

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The sports betting industry is one of the biggest in the world and the sums of money associated with punting on sport are stratospheric. For most people, betting is a vocational activity – designed to potentially win some money occasionally.

Very few people use sports betting as an opportunity to make substantial sums of money and the recreational attitude most people adopt is an important one. However, making money through sports betting can be done – no results are guaranteed but with a betting strategy and plan, any level of punter can boost their bank balance through betting on the sport.

With markets and sportsbooks available to sports bettors all over the world currently, there is no shortage of betting chances for punters. This variety in the market can help players maximize their winning potential and can broaden their sporting horizons.

Here is a guide to making money through sports betting:

Listen to the Experts

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Sports tipsters are often seen as opportunists – as every punter tends to have their own opinion on a particular fixture. In a crowded marketplace, finding reliable and trustworthy tipsters can be difficult – especially when so many companies have vested interests.

Oddsmanager is one of the leading resources available to punters of all levels. With the latest odds available across a wide variety of sports and tips and predictions available with the best bookmakers on the scene, oddsmanager is one of the most reliable sports betting sites out there.

As a punter, try to make balanced calls on every bet, take on the opinions of those in the know, and reap the rewards.

Always use the Bookmaker Offers

Every bookmaker is looking to attract new customers and with so many sportsbooks out there – competition for trade can be tough. New sportsbooks are popping up on a seemingly daily basis – all over the world and this surge in awareness of sports betting is good news for punters.

Most (if not all) bookmakers offer new and existing customers a range of promotional betting offers. Common offers include a free bet token once a player signs up to a particular sportsbook – giving the punter a free bet, simply for joining a specific bookie.
When looking to win money through sports betting, not losing money can be the most important strategy.

Utilising the free bet money bookmakers give players enables a sense of freedom and damage limitation. If the bet wins, then additional funds will be added to the account and if the bet loses, no damage has been done to the bank balance – making the free bet offers incredibly useful for punters. Using the bookmaker offers as existing customers too can always make a significant difference to winnings.

Accumulator Insurance offers and extends each way placings can hugely impact finances – so look out for any promotion a particular bookmaker is offering.

Be True to Yourself

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Betting is as psychological as it is financial and having a betting strategy is one thing, sticking to it is a whole new ball game. Any punter can predict the outcome of any game and that element of chance is part of the appeal when it comes to betting.

However, it is easy as a punter to chase wins and look for the value that simply isn’t there or seek out picks that no matter what happens, won’t return good money. If you tell yourself that $10 is your maximum stake on every bet that you place – then it must remain that way at all times. In addition, betting on a team/player with your heart rather than your head can be a costly exercise.

We highly recommend joining credit card bookmakers at so this way it’ll be easier to manage your gambling spendings.

Be objective, seek out value, and don’t bet on everything.

Look to be patient with every bet placed and accept that losses are part of the process – all of which is hugely helpful as a sports punter. Everybody has a valid opinion on sporting events but the affiliation to a team/player within a contest can sometimes cloud the judgment of a punter. Seek out objective analysis and advice from experts in the chosen sporting field and listen as much as possible to those in the know.

Of course, betting on a personal hunch is always a good thing to do but don’t be blinkered when sports betting.

Broaden your Sporting Horizons

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Football betting is one of the principal pastimes for punters and the range of betting markets associated with ‘the beautiful game’ is unrivaled. With markets out there from leagues all over the world, football betting is a global business and most punters tend to lean towards football betting as a result.

Whilst football betting can be hugely profitable, adding other sports markets to your personal roster can be more rewarding financially. Accessing bets on sports that are more niche, can yield bigger wins, and with odds often less saturated on less popular sports – there is often more money to be won.

Try to read up and expose yourself to a range of markets, with sports such as golf often generating handsome wins for punters – due to the unpredictable nature of the game.
Betting on more different sports will improve your understanding of odds and probability too and in time, will hopefully yield bigger and better wins.

Be in it for the Long Haul

One of the most common mistakes sports punters make is their obsession with winning lots of money and winning it fast. The reason this is rarely achieved lies in the odds put up against the punter. If a bet is 100/1, that means that only 1 time out of a hundred it will win – meaning 99 times out of a said hundred it doesn’t.

Probability should be at the forefront of your thinking when looking to win money through sports betting, so don’t be drawn into betting on long odds punts. Winning at 5/1 will yield far less money but is far more likely – therefore accumulating smaller wins frequently, will in time return as much as one big win.

Not being too greedy is key with sports betting and if a fun, rational approach is maintained, there are plenty of opportunities for punters to make money through sports betting.