8 A-Listers Who Love to Splash the Cash 

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It’s no secret that A-list actors, singers, and sports stars earn a lot of money. Designer clothes, fast cars, and million-dollar houses seem to be a given in the elite world of show business, but among the super-rich, there are some who take the Hollywood lifestyle to the next level.

While some celebs are known for smart investments in stocks – 50 Cent and Ashton Kutcher, for example – there are some who like nothing better than spending their money on the finer things in life. So here are our top 8 A-Listers who like to splash the cash:

1. Elton John

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One of the most successful singer-songwriters the UK has ever produced, Elton John’s career has spanned an impressive 6 decades, and he’s amassed quite a bit of cash over that time. Said to be worth a staggering £360m (around $490m) as of 2024, he’s well known for enjoying his money and loving a particularly lavish lifestyle.

Back in 2010 he reportedly spent £40m in just 20 months, including £293,000 on flowers. That’s right; flowers. And that’s not the only frivolous purchase John has made throughout his career. He once owned a pink Rolls Royce Phantom V worth $450,000 and has a collection of over 250,000 sunglasses, which are kept in a special temperature-controlled room at 16℃.

2. Beyoncé

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One of the most famous women in the world, Beyoncé is not only known for being an A-List singer in her own right, but also for having married one of the most successful rappers and producers on the planet: Jay-Z.

This absolute powerhouse of a couple is said to be worth over $1.bn collectively, and Beyoncé is known for enjoying the trapping of a billionaire’s life. She allegedly spent $70,000 on matching cribs for her unborn twins and a further $75,000 on a diamond-encrusted pacifier. And it’s not just her kids who she lavishes with gifts; she gifted her husband a Bugatti Veyron Grand car worth $2m for his 41st birthday.

3. Kim Basinger

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Hollywood actress Kim Basinger enjoyed a hugely successful career in the 80s, appearing in films like Batman and LA Confidential, but has shied away from the limelight in recent years. That didn’t stop her from spending $20m to buy an entire town though!

The town in question is Braselton in Georgia, which only had a population of 500 at the time Basinger bought it. Both residents of the town and worldwide media were puzzled by the purchase, and rumor had it that Kim had planned to develop the town by installing a film studio or other attraction. Unfortunately, the development of Braselton was not to be, and the town’s name has once again faded into obscurity. You can read more about this odd investment here.

4. Kanye West

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One of the most successful hip-hop artists on the planet, Kanye West is known as being a talented rapper, businessman, and the husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian. In the press constantly for his often strange outbursts on TV shows and odd rantings on social media, he’s not a man you easily forget. While there’s no doubt that Mr. West is extremely wealthy, finding an estimated net worth for the rapper is difficult; with reports ranging from him being $53m in debt, to the star himself claiming he is a multi-billionaire.

One thing’s for sure though, Kanye likes spending money, although some of his purchases are a little on the usual side. He’s recently been spotted driving around in a $500,000 custom-made tank – you read that right – and bought his friend Jay-Z a jewel-encrusted gold skull for his first father’s day, which he hand-delivered by private jet. Like many of us, West also enjoys taking care of his appearance, but unlike the majority of people, he spends $500 a day on a private barber who travels with him.

5. Jay Leno

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This late-night talk show host and philanthropist has been a staple of US television for decades. With an estimated fortune of over $450m, Leno isn’t short on cash. While he donates a lot of his wealth to charitable causes, including keeping a small New York-based kids charity alive, there’s still plenty of money left over to live the life of a multi-millionaire. An avid motorist, Leno owns 181 cars and 160 motorbikes. This whopping collection of automobiles is said to be worth over $52m and has even spawned its own TV show, called Jay Leno’s Garage.

6. Victoria Beckham

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Former Spice Girl and fashion entrepreneur, Victoria Beckham has made quite the name for herself since her pop career in the 90s. Marrying Premier League footballer David Beckham certainly didn’t hurt her finances, and the couple is estimated to be worth over a billion dollars.

While she’s busy running her multi-million dollar fashion brand, you can call her on her $22,000 gold-plated iPhone. And, if it’s Christmas time, you can find her in London’s Fortnum & Mason store, spending over $35,000 on decorations!

7. Charles Barkley

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Basketball legend Charles Barkley was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1993 and enjoyed a prolific sporting career until he retired in 2000. Racking up substantial wealth not only from his basketball skills but also in the form of endorsements for big brands like McDonald’s, Nike, and Coca-Cola, Barkley is known for being one of the NBA’s most outspoken and controversial players, as well as his penchant for high-stakes gambling.

Barkley himself admitted to having lost $1.6 million in just 5 hours on Las Vegas slot machines, and reports have claimed anywhere between $10m and $20m losses overall. That being said, he also wins a lot too and has said that he will continue gambling as he can afford it.

Online slots are becoming hugely popular and are a great alternative to the physical machines that Vegas offers. Many of the best sites are offering over 1000 different slots, and often have specific bonuses available for slot players. However, if you’re going to try them out, you might probably want to keep your stakes considerably lower than those of Mr. Barkley.

8. Tom Cruise

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They don’t get any more A-List than Mr. Tom Cruise. With a career that has gone from strength to strength since his first film appearance in the 80s, Cruise has amassed a fortune of over $500m, making him one of the richest actors in the world. Over the years he’s been a favorite of the media and has always maintained the role of “nice guy” within the film industry, which costs at significant personal cost to the star.

One of his most heart-warming stories is from 1996 when he came across a woman who was injured in a hit-and-run car accident. Not only did Cruise stop to help her, but on finding out she didn’t have medical insurance, paid 100% of her hospital bills. But when he’s not being a hero on and off the screen, Cruise does enjoy some of the more typical Hollywood-esque treats that his lifestyle affords him. Cruise was the previous owner of the superyacht SuRi, worth $50m, which he put up for sale in 2018.