Kelly Bensimon Shows off Her Figure in Plunging Neckline Swimsuit

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The beaches of South Florida were finally officially opened to bathers after they were closed due to a coronavirus pandemic. Many could hardly wait for it and hurried to enjoy the charms of the ocean, including retired model Kelly Bensimon.

The 52-year-old made sure her return to the beach did not go unnoticed, so she appeared in a one-piece swimsuit that highlighted her figure. Bensimon proudly walked and posed in a sexy swimsuit with a plunging neckline.

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For the last few weeks, while she was in quarantine, Kelly has been showing off her body and top form on social media by posting photos in bikinis. Her appearance is due to regular workouts that include running, squats, weight training, and other exercises. Two years ago, she started attending peace classes after being encouraged by her 22-year-old daughter Sea Louise.

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“I started going to classes with her, and my body started changing. By amping up my exercise routine, my body started changing. I think a lot of women exhaust themselves and they age a lot quicker”, she told Us Weekly at the time.


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