6 Tips For Keeping Your Rabbit Indoors

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If you didn’t know what animals are so sweet, endearing, and loving (but also a little complicated) – it’s time to tell you more about it. They are soft, fluffy, and have adorable long ears, and tiny puffy tails. Of course, we’re thinking of bunnies. However, some will say that rabbits cannot be perfect indoor pets. That claim is partly true, but not quite. So, if you opted for this pet, here are six tips on how you can keep your rabbit indoors.

Rabbit As A Pet?!

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Thinking of getting a home pet? Maybe you’re not exactly a dog person because you don’t have enough space. Also, you might not be the type who is into cats – and we all know we have cat lovers and dog lovers, and a little less often a mixture of both. But what about the rabbits? Well, it is almost an ideal pet. A rabbit is small, cute, and does nothing. This animal will not require a lot of care. OK, maybe it stinks a little bit – but bunnies are so cute.

They eat cabbage and carrots, like to cuddle – and don’t require a lot of care or maintenance? Ummm, we have to disappoint you. This animal is the kind of pet around which most misconceptions are woven. Many proud bunny owners claim that a rabbit can be an ideal pet – however, you should be informed before you get one.

Of course, the advice of a “bunny person” is one thing – and the expert opinion is something else. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a trusted veterinarian before you bring a rabbit to your home – especially if you have any doubts about it.

What Do You Need To Know If You Want To Keep Your Rabbit Indoors?

Rabbits can truly be great pets. However, like most living creatures, they do need adequate living conditions in order to stay healthy and be happy. We hope our tips for keeping rabbits indoors might help you get to know all the things you need to know, so you can enjoy your pet companion to the fullest.

1. You will have to take care of your rabbit in the long run

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The first thing you need to think about before you bring a bunny to your house – is the fact they live relatively long. So you have to commit that you will take care of such pets in the long run. These are rather unique animals that build strong bonds with the family where they live. Still, there are other details you should know about them. Bunnies require routine veterinary checkups – and a lot of attention. If you’re willing to do it, you will surely enjoy the company that these cuties can provide.

2. You should choose the right rabbit cage

When choosing bunny houses, they must be big enough – because such houses will be easier to maintain. A rabbit hutch that is big enough is an important thing for your rabbit. You try to find them in specialized stores or look at this website and find an adequate indoor house for rabbits. Many of them also have parts designed for playing and jumping. However, we cannot say that it is a complete replacement for physical and social activities outside the cage. The cage also must have food, water, and a sleeping compartment – as well as the additional space for bunnies to play.

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3. Bunny toys

Rabbits are curious, intelligent, and playful animals. They need different toys so that they do not get bored. Toys are also significant for their mental health – and will provide you a better interaction with your bunny.

4. Activities and behavior

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Rabbits are loveable animals that love to be petted and want to be in your arms or lap as much as possible from an early age. Bunnies are friendly and they enjoy the company of humans or other rabbits. They can also get along well with other animals. They are quite intelligent animals and easy to train – and after a short time, most rabbits learn to understand some words or commands. However, you should be gentle with them because they require a lot of attention and love.

5. Be sure to take care of the rabbit litter box

Your rabbit first needs to get used to urinating in the litter box. However, rabbits are different from cats – so it is advisable to arrange several litter boxes in the room before you let the rabbit out of the cage to run around the room. The rabbit litter needs to be changed frequently. The recommendation is every day, and sometimes even several times a day. The reason for this is the fact that rabbit urine has an intense odor which is very unpleasant – however, sterilizing a rabbit can reduce these problems.

6. The rabbit demands company

Rabbits, by their nature, are very curious and sociable animals. Generally, rabbits like to be surrounded by other rabbits or people – or even other animals who are not their natural enemies. However, there are times when a rabbit, like any other animal, wants to be left alone and hide for a while. Just like cats, rabbits will let you know when they want to cuddle.

However, if the rabbit wants to be alone – he will mostly get away from the crowd. Therefore, it is important to explain to everyone (especially children), that a rabbit should not be petted against his will. Although they are cute and small – these rodents can also bite, which often happens during interaction with small children. However, since it is generally an animal that is social – we must pay attention to them. Neglecting or leaving the rabbit alone for too long will result in the rabbit suffering – which sometimes leads to its death.

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The Bottom Line

Rabbits can be wonderful pets for a family. They are enthusiastic, attached, and loveable – and they approach people who love and care for them. In addition, they are easy to train and are very clean. However, these animals have different needs and require different care than classic pets – which is important to know when making a decision. So think carefully before you decide to take this step.