Keeping Your Identity Secret ─ 5 Tips for Sending Anonymous SMS Messages


Keeping your online identity protected from hackers has become a major concern for all parents and children. It has become crucial in light of rising cases of digital theft in which hackers gain access to our social networks. Since our online identity is entirely different from our real identity, it is even more crucial to keep it safe.

Moreover, the digital world is the only place to try various personalities for fun. We can alter the way we act, introduce ourselves, and share the things we love to start life anew. But if this freedom is snatched away, it is very stressful. So, here are a few tips to help you share unidentified SMS to keep your identity secret from the world at all times.

1. Texttasy – Anonymous Text


If you’re searching for a premium application for private texting and calling, Texttasy is probably the best choice. This software lets users text or call a person without them knowing it’s you. So, if you’re thinking of pranking your best friend on their birthday or finding out who the handsome boy in your language class likes, try out Texttasy.

Think of an intriguing text and share it immediately with anyone sitting in any corner of the world without revealing your name. Otherwise, there’s no point in using Texttasy. Although it isn’t free, paying for apps that help you maintain anonymity is safer and more reliable. This third-party app makes anonymous calling and texting simple.

Although your friends cannot trace who pranked or called them at an odd hour, the law can detect unidentified texts used for illegal or malevolent purposes. Some apps even maintain logs of users’ information, which is a good thing to stop online crimes and scams.

2. Try the Private Text Messages App


If you’re an Android user, you can try out its private text letters and calls application to send an SMS that doesn’t track back to you. This software lets users share a text without their number displaying on the other person’s screen. The feature may sound unreal, but it really works!

Through the private messages and call application, you can even share photos, documents, and self-destruct documents. It has many more privacy-oriented elements to help you lead a secret life in this highly nosy world. It is perfect for people who don’t want anyone to call or text and prefer contacting anyone when they need something. So, if you’re also one of those people, try out this application!

This software is free and also presents end-to-end encryption and message-hiding feature. So, it offers an additional advantage of safety.

3. Burner


If you find websites inconvenient, this application will solve your problems. It is a reputable application that lets users choose a VoIP number to share texts or images. You must be thinking how is there anonymity when the VoIP number is visible to the other party, right?

Well, the great thing about Burner is it gives users the option to burn their call number when they are done with it. They can obtain a substitute number each time or after a certain period to send more texts. If you’re intrigued about this application, try out its 7-day free experiment to share up to 40 messages, irrespective of your mobile’s operating system.

4. Hush


Another privacy-protected application that lets you use a secret number is Hush. You might already have a phone number registered everywhere – college, school, job, and even with friends. But you might be looking for a new one to share secret texts and make calls. If that is the case, Hush is a perfect application to fulfill your needs.

Hush lets people text, call, forward, or accept voicemails without showing their number on the other recipient’s mobile phone. The number you get on Hush is not connected to you and can’t be tracked back to them.

Moreover, the app doesn’t ask users to register with a valid email ID or phone number to establish their identity. So, you can maintain anonymity at all levels, even before you use the app.

5. Signal

Another reliable communications software to make your anonymous texting and calling easier is Signal software. Backed by Edward Snowden, it lets users share files secretly by hiding their caller ID in the recipient’s mobile phone. The layout of this software is primitive and comes with a few additional elements to make your experience smooth and better.

It is a world-renowned software for making instant calls and sharing messages to any corner of the world while hiding identity. Since privacy is scarce in this modern era, using such an app becomes crucial sometimes.

If it is your first time using anonymous software, here are a few points to protect your integrity and reputation:

  • Nothing is momentary in the digital world because everything you do is added to history even if you remove it.
  • Since anyone can access and copy your data or save photos on online profiles, make it private.
  • Don’t respond to inappropriate requests or solicitations from strangers.
  • Never share copyrighted images or songs on your profile to avoid suspicions.
  • Logging onto other people’s digital profiles has become simpler nowadays, so pick tough passwords that no one can guess and don’t share them with anyone.

Wrapping Up

We hope you understand the various ways to send anonymous texts or photos and make calls. All the websites and apps listed here offer end-to-end encryption and the best level of privacy without giving a chance for the recipient to trace back to you. However, even if you use a service that claims to hide your ID, it is not sufficient to remain unnamed.

To get an added level of anonymity and stay on the safer side, don’t use a PC, desktop, or cell phone. It is better to use a proxy server, VPN, or the Incognito mode. These steps will enhance your possibility of remaining incognito while transmitting texts or making calls to any corner of the world.