How Do You Write a Good Showreel Scene ─ Showreel Script Ideas


Video content has helped gather traffic, push awareness, and win customers. And their effectiveness only goes with passing. In 2021, a Wyzowl survey revealed that 86% of marketing experts employ video as a marketing avenue. And why shouldn’t they, when 73% of consumers indicate they’re more easily caught by videos on social media than any other marketing tool (State of Social Video Marketing Trends 2021)?!

So, any brand would want to add video content to its marketing strategy. But they come in different styles, each aimed at accomplishing a specific goal.

Whether marketing your brand or gunning for potential clients, showreels are an epic way to display your creativity. Read here about capturing the best parts of your work by picking the suitable scenes for your showreel script.

However, showreels stand out as one of the most effective video content tools for promoting a brand, which explains why many companies use them. But what exactly are they? And how do you prepare amazing scenes for them?

What is a Showreel?


A showreel is a short introductory video content for brands and companies. It usually showcases the business’s portfolio, past projects, work, and accomplishments. Showreels can also display a brand’s product or services by highlighting its best features to viewers. And they’re designed to do this as briefly as possible, which is why most showreels are short videos.

Like every other video production project, showreels start with the script. And as well known, writing is primary to any successful production. It’s why the report is first decided before the video concept is committed to showing. So, it’s safe to say any fantastic showreel owes its position to the professionalism of its scriptwriting.

Why Use Showreels?

Most businesses employ video content for their marketing needs, but not all understand how they work to accomplish their set goals. Showreels, for instance, are so often overlooked numerous brands lose out on crucial nuggets of exposure and awareness. But they’re just as important as, sometimes even more than- other video content tools for marketing, and here’s why;

Showreels Drive Sales

By putting your portfolio on a showreel, you save potential clients the time to read through long web pages or PDF files. Instead, they get a complete impression of your skills and accomplishments through a captivating yet brief video clip. And the saved time buys you more customers and clients faster than reading a page would have.

Showreels are Unique

Video content has always offered a promise of originality, and that’s what makes showreels so unique. Because you have tremendous flexibility in production, you can introduce yourself to potential clients in such ways that set you apart from the competitors. With showreels, you get the audience you truly wish for and deserve.

Showreels Display Professionalism

Selling yourself through a showreel is one way to hint to the clients that you’re disciplined in your craft or business. Because your portfolio and accomplishments are clearly and creatively displayed, you create a lasting impression on the audience.

Showreels Inform Faster

The issue of information gaps between clients and brands is eliminated using showreels. Instead of waiting for your responses, clients can get all they need about your brand’s product or services from your showreel video. Even potential customers sitting on the fence can be easily persuaded with the information they need but didn’t realize yet!

What Makes a Good Showreel?


Knowing how essential showreels can be for any business, it’s normal to want to jump at creating one. But like every project out there, without the proper guidance and information, you may set yourself to fail. Before delving into making one, you must understand the factors that make an excellent showreel. Here they are below;


The current digital market is already competitive, and millions of video content have flooded the web. When making your showreel videos, it’s essential to keep them snappy but detailed. You want to combine every necessary information in a short video of at most two to three minutes long.


Don’t use texts, dialogue, or animation that may create the impression of beating about the bush. Your goal is to tell your potential clients all they need to know about you and nothing else! Focus on delivering the message with as clear a language as possible.


With the hordes of videos, you don’t want your showreel to struggle in the tide to be seen. Yes, you may be offering similar products or services, but tell the clients in a way that pops out of the crowd. Use a concept that displays your brand’s complete identity and captures the audience’s attention from start to finish.



Focus only on the information you know the audience needs. Loading your showreel videos with details and facts that don’t solve the client’s problems is pointless. Focus on your brand’s/product’s best features and how it helps the audience, and then you’re good to go.


Emotion sells, and this is no speculation. According to a Harvard professor, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotions. So, why should you tap it into your viewers with your showreels? The key is deciding what feeling best pulls the audience to your message. Do you want laughter, fear, nostalgia, anxiety, satisfaction, or the promise of comfort? Whatever it is, let your showreel video awaken it!


Don’t blow your facts out of proportion or hide details in your showreel videos. Always assume that whatever fact you hide will be uncovered, and it may tarnish your brand’s reputation. Keeping your message honest builds trust between your brand and the audience and promotes their chances of dealing with you.

While these details are great for making a good showreel script, you also need to know what it takes to produce one. And that includes;

  • A Concept
  • A Script and
  • Footage,

The concept is essential as it is the baseline of your entire production. And you can decide to choose between live footage or 2D/3D animation. But your script is perhaps the most crucial aspect of planning a showreel video because it serves as a guide or draft of the production’s progression.

Choosing the Scene – Showreel Script Ideas


When making your showreel, it’s essential to prepare the scene from the script to be as perfect as possible. You must perfect how to write showreel scripts to ensure your final result is captivating enough while also selling the intended message. That said, consider these ideas when picking your showreel scenes;

  • The shorter, the better. Ensure the selected scene works with the planned video duration.
  • Use animation. It’s what sells most today, as fewer showreels with live footage are popping up. But if you prefer, you can combine both.
  • Pick the best quality scenes. These must stand out video, audio, and graphic-wise.
  • Pick the most relevant scenes. Ensure to use clips that send your message faster and most effectively.
  • Choose lively scenes. You want your showreel to capture attention, so ensure enough activity in the selected settings.
  • Pick scenes with the most powerful emotion. You want to move the minds of your audience, and emotion is the best way to achieve that.

While keeping these tips in mind, you’ll want to take care and avoid these common showreel script mistakes;

  • Excessively-long clips
  • Windy dialogues
  • Monologues
  • Overwhelming animation
  • Unfocused video clips
  • Irrelevant language and
  • Outdated information and material