8 Tips How Do you Write an Essay the Day Before Its Due

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It is necessary to start writing a persuasive essay or any other paper you may be required to complete as early as possible, of course. However, not every student can start beforehand due to many reasons. Modern students are obviously overwhelmed with different assignments and must set up their priorities.

If you know how to write essays and are pretty good at it, you should know that the process requires some time and preparation. Every essay requires:

  • thorough outline;
  • collection of credible sources;
  • excellent writing skills;
  • decent research;
  • analysis of the material, etc.

As you can see, a top-quality essay cannot be written within a couple of hours. However, with some tips from real professionals from PaperHelpWriting, you will be able to compose an essay just the day before it’s due as an expert. Learn the most helpful tricks and just useful tips on how to manage to submit your essay on time even if you procrastinate. Keep in mind and it is still recommended to start as early as possible.

1. Do not neglect to have breakfast

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Before you even say, “help me write my essay, please”, you should just start with a good and well-balanced breakfast. Keep in mind that starting the process from as much coffee as you can drink is not a good idea. Your brain will lose its capacity very soon if you have taken nothing but coffee in the morning.

Therefore, the very first advice is not even related to the writing process. Just make sure your brain has enough energy to work on a complicated topic and complete all steps of the writing process. You should eat to give this energy and strength to your brain!

2. Understand your goal

You know that there are multiple essay types, do you? To write an essay, you should realize its goal. Different types of essays have different purposes and requirements. Regardless of your academic level, discipline, and topic, you should find out the type of your paper first.

Are you assigned a descriptive, narrative, or argumentative essay? Please make sure you understand what kind of essay you are assigned before you even start picking your topic.

3. Pick “the right” topic

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It’s not a secret that there are complicated and easy topics to write on. Naturally, you cannot choose a topic that could be good for a dissertation and requires thorough preparation and a lot of sources to process. As a rule, brainstorming a topic is also quite a process. However, you do not even have a single day to do it, so it is necessary to act quickly.

Try not to spend more than 15 minutes on this stage of your work because the best is yet to come. Just write down up to three ideas that come to your mind. Pick the most appropriate among them and start writing. Any topic is still better than no topic at all, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The topic must be specific (writing on a very wide topic is a failure because you are going to write on everything and nothing at a time);
  • It should be easy to understand for you (if you start writing on something you are not aware of, you will spend much more time than you have);
  • There must be sources and researches on that topic (writing on something that was never or very little researched until now is very difficult — you will have no sources to browse and no ideas to cite even).

4. Set up deadlines for each of the stages

Before you even start saying, “I can’t write my essay,” you should devote certain amounts of time to each of the writing steps. For example, you can spend 15 minutes brainstorming your topic, 20 minutes crafting an outline, and 2-3 hours writing the essay itself.

The time can be different since you know your own abilities and skills much better than anyone else, but just create such a timeline and stick to it. It is necessary to plan the only day you have well.

5. Eliminate all distractions

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When you lack time, essentially, you must avoid using gadgets or contacting people you do not need right now. For example, you need just a laptop to type your essay, but you may not need your smartphone at the moment. Just turn it off or set your “Mute” mode on.

Of course, you may need WiFI to browse the site that writes essays and see some good essay examples for inspiration. However, you do not need your social media now; therefore, do not even open them. The only thing you need is to stay focused, so just do it and turn everything that may distract you off.

6. Create an outline

Although you may think that in terms of tough deadlines, you can neglect to write an outline, it is not exactly like that. If you need help writing an essay, here you have it — an outline is a must, especially when lacking time!

A good and appropriate outline keeps your essay in shape. It is well-formed and organized. You will not spend more than 20 minutes crafting it. It will facilitate the process significantly, though. Do not make your outline too detailed. Just create a plan to follow in the process of work, and your writing will be much easier.

7. Write your introduction after the body part

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Here is the tip for an easier writing process — do not hurry to write your introduction at once. You remember it must be a hook, do you? The introduction is something that must grab the attention of your reader, but it is very difficult to think of it in the beginning.

If you complete your main body first, it will be much easier to create your introduction and build it around the body part.

8. Use professional help

Writing an essay using these tips is not difficult, even if you do not have enough time. Of course, if you have great writing skills and at least some basic knowledge of the topic. If you do not have any of these qualities, you can always hire an online essay writer who will craft your essay well, no matter how soon you need it.

If you are really scared of writing essays, just relax and think that all students do it. Someone does it by him or herself while the rest of the students use the help of professionals. No matter what option you choose, you will anyways be able to submit your essay on time.