How to Be a Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier Senior


After you reach your silver years, a new adventure begins. It can be a time of health, wealth, and happiness when you approach it with the right attitude.

Yes, it’s true that aging brings its challenges, but you’re the final authority on how things unfold for you. You can buy into the limited thinking of some of your friends who see everything as winding down or you can see your life as continuing to bloom and blossom.

Here’s how to take charge of your life to safeguard your health, increase your wealth, and discover the secrets of a happy life.

Safeguard Your Health


Let’s begin with a sensitive topic—taking better care of your health. While you may be able to do your daily tasks, like paying your bills on time, and do your own chores, like preparing your own meals, your family may be concerned about your independent living.

Your children, for example, may want you to live with them, especially if you’ve had some health issues in the past. Although you reassure them that your doctor compliments you on your vital statistics after your routine medical check-ups, you can tell they worry about you living on your own.

One way to reassure your family that you will be fine in an unexpected medical emergency is to research the best medical alerts and purchase one whose features you like. This will comfort your anxious family members. They now know you will be able to get immediate medical assistance should you ever need it.

Earn an Extra Grand a Month


If an extra $1,000 a month would make a difference to your life, then get a side hustle. Pick something fun, not tedious or exhausting; something that fits into your lifestyle.

If, for instance, you love going to garage sales on weekends, browsing through resale shops, or fixing electronics, turn this hobby into a profitable business.

Instead of buying things that you find at bargain prices for the pleasure of discovering treasures, consider selling stuff on eBay. You could turn things that you buy at garage sales or resale shops into profits.

Review blog posts on how to do this. Watch a few YouTube videos. Buy a Kindle book. Sign up for an inexpensive online course that walks you through the steps you need to take to become a successful eBay seller.

It’s theoretically possible to buy things for less than a hundred dollars and earn around $1,000. The trick is to find collectibles and restore them by cleaning, polishing, or fixing them up.

The Happiness Advantage


If you were happier, your life would change for the better. You would be healthier, do more fulfilling things, and be surrounded by people who loved being around you.

When you are happy, all your physiological systems work better:

  • Since your heart rate and blood flow are better regulated because your parasympathetic nervous system will be more dominant than your sympathetic nervous system, you will lower your risk for many cardiovascular diseases and lower your blood pressure.
  • Especially if you use medical marijuana from a licensed provider like Wholesome, you will be sleeping better, your brain will clean out waste metabolites generated by your active mind during the day. Also, your muscles and nervous system will have a chance to recuperate from overexertion. You can also see cannabis products like CBD which can help with fatigue and muscle relaxation, the key is to put stress on your body to improve strength, but not so much to cause injury.

The reason people are not happier is that they’ve gone about it the wrong way. They’ve associated happiness with achievements. While you might feel exultation over finally achieving a challenging goal, your joy is only fleeting.

A much better approach to happiness is to nurture it. Spend more time with loved ones. Meditate. Enjoy the great outdoors. Become more mindful. In short, retrain your mind to be happy and content rather than anxious and despondent.

Try these three ideas today. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

Combine Modest Activities and Proper Nutrition


Taking care of your financial situation and spending a lot of time with your friends and family is a great way to feel much better all the time. It is proven that feeling satisfied in life can affect physical and mental health.

Also, you should avoid staying at home all the time. Be sure to have a walk at least around the quart every day so you can keep your body in good condition. There is no reason for some activities that require more effort but walking around half an hour every day can bring many benefits for your health.

Besides that, make sure to visit the doctor and get examined more often, so you can prevent any potential issues. For example, you can check the balance of minerals in your body and start taking supplementation like vitamin D, calcium, and more.

Proper nutrition is essential. Your body is not capable of digesting only food from fast-food chains anymore. You will need a diet that involves a lot of fibers, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Take Care of Your Mental State

Since some big changes are happening to seniors, like retirement, changes in social behavior, increased need for medical help, and more, there are chances for developing mental challenges like anxiety and depression.

People might feel less capable of dealing with some things while they are distancing from friends and family at the same time. It could lead to a constant feeling of sadness and loneliness.

You have to keep in mind that it is natural that your kids and grandchildren won’t spend too much time with you every day unless you live in the same home. Therefore, you should find some activities that will keep you entertained, such as finding a group of people with similar views who are interested in the same activities. Also, talking with an expert is always recommended.

Find the Right Entertainment


Commonly, seniors are not so up to date with modern technologies. However, it can bring many benefits. For example, creating an account on Facebook will help you to stay in touch with your family and friends. You can check on your grandkids even when they don’t have time to see you. Also, it can be a great way to find friends of similar age.

Besides that, you can find many interesting things on the internet, like movies, TV shows, and video games. There are some proven health benefits of playing video games, such as improved memory and cognitive functions. In that matter, you should research this field and find a game that will suit your preferences.

You can start with simple models like cards and basic arcades. Moreover, you can enjoy in YouTube videos where you will find a lot of interesting and entertaining videos about numerous topics.

Last Words

The best way to live better in old age is to make a good plan. There is no need to feel desperate and lonely. Some changes related to your social life and physical condition are inevitable. Still, there are many things you can do to feel much better. You can use your free time in your retirement to try out various hobbies, travel, and even start a private business.