9 Best Online Writing Courses for Free

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Online learning has been a key global trend since 2018. The field is developing rapidly, using the latest technologies and approaches that meet modern challenges. And now is a great moment to remember the desires that waited till later. And then later came. And the best thing you can do with the free time that has appeared is to invest it in developing writing skills.

Working from anywhere in the world, crafting compelling stories, writing promotional copy or academic papers – these opportunities are the benefit of writing courses.

Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself

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Here, published memoirists and essayists introduce you to the tools and tricks for writing about yourself. Get ready for professional advice, hints, reading challenges, and interesting exercises, among other activities. Unlike other courses, here, you will create a portfolio of work that you can later use as valuable components.

If you experience some difficulties while learning to write a personal essay, we advise you to get help on services like EssayShark. There, you will get help to solve your writing problems and be able to move on in your study. To learn more about this service, you can read this review.

Creative Writing Specialization

Covering the three main genres of creative writing – storytelling, narrative essay, and memoir – this course will help you learn the technique of presenting your ideas as clear as possible on paper. So if you were going to work on some exciting elements in a preexisting plot, or emphasize the setting of your story, or just articulate more clearly, put this lesson on your list. If you’re a beginner, this course is also helpful.

By the way, creative writing courses can help greatly in dealing with academic papers. However, if taking this course is not enough for you, or you do not have enough time, then articles with tips will also help you. For example, you can find valuable tips for writing an argumentative essay in the article if you check this.

Ted-Ed Writing Workshop

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TED-Ed is a TED youth education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission, as the brand defines it, is to capture and spread the voices of great educators. To this end, the TED-Ed team connects outstanding educators with talented animators to create a gallery of vibrant instructional videos. The writing workshop is a series of numerous lessons under one theme.
The course starts with a video about the proper use of the comma, while the rest contain a lot of other interesting information for everyone involved in writing. Subtitles in different languages and funny animation are included. Lots of lectures on other topics are here.

Write Your First Novel

Did you want to write down your thoughts and weave them into an interesting novel? Take this virtual course where you will learn an integrated approach to creating a novel. Through a step-by-step process that culminates in your individual compilation of a 50,000-word book, the curriculum will provide you with all the important pointers right from the start.

The Art of Storytelling

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This is a unique online course from Pixar studio. Industry leaders share their experience at Khan Academy for free. The course instructors include Pixar directors, animators, artists, and producers, notably Mark Andrews (“Brave”), Pete Docter (“Up”), and Sanjay Patel (“Ratatouille”).

The course consists of six parts and allows you not only to learn the basics of storytelling but also to immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of the Pixar team.
And on the Khan Academy website, you can find many other free courses. There are more than 4,000 in the resource. The mission of the project is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, everywhere. The site lives on donations, with significant contributions from Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest

Complete with online readings, video lectures, expert testimonials, and presentations by renowned authors, this course will offer a complete guide to creative writing for young aspirants. In addition, you will also explore the significance of famous works in culture, analyze how art and words interact, and learn standard storytelling elements including dialogue, theme, point of view, plot, and so on.

Write a Feature Length Screenplay for Film or Television

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Whether you are interested in a romantic comedy, serious drama, or thrillers, this free virtual course will cover all aspects of screenwriting so you can choose the genre you want. By following a well-structured process, you’ll have created a finished script by the time the program ends. Along with understanding how to create a basic idea and a logline, you will explore the three acts story arc and more.

Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop

This workshop confirms that poetry is more than a medium of expression. Most likely, using it for this is similar to “using the Internet only for email.” If you are also ready to think not only about this but also to engage in art in order to change the thinking and ideologies of people, you need to take this course. You will learn how to use different tools of poetic composition, the works of modern poets, and try your hand at poetry as well.

Transmedia Storytelling

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For those who believe not only in advanced training but also in useful skills for different mediums, this course is extremely versatile. The description of the course explains that transmedia storytelling is about formatting, sharing, and participating in a coherent story across different traditional and digital platforms in entertainment, marketing, advertising, and social change. You will learn to design extensive narratives and optimize your writing for social media communities, mobile devises, VR and AR, and more.

Why take a course?

Taking an online writing course offers numerous benefits for aspiring writers. Firstly, it provides a flexible learning environment, allowing individuals to study at their own pace and fit the coursework into their busy schedules. Creative writing courses also provide access to a wide range of resources and materials, including writing exercises, instructional videos, and feedback from experienced instructors.

Additionally, these courses often offer a sense of community, allowing students to connect with fellow writers and receive constructive criticism. By honing their skills through structured lessons and practical assignments, aspiring writers can gain confidence, improve their writing abilities, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards achieving their literary goals.

As a form of expression and means of conveying thoughts and ideas, the act of writing can serve a variety of purposes. And it doesn’t matter what reason you put your pen to paper or keys to the screen; these writing courses can help you develop the important techniques you need while presenting your creativity. We hope that you can find interesting lessons for yourself.