Reasons Why Nail Wraps Are Healthier Than Nail Polish


Polishing nails, drying them, and coating them with extra layers is a daunting task, especially at home. Nowadays, wraps are becoming more popular as they’re convenient to use.

The wraps are stretchable and perfectly fit your nail. They’re the same as those nail stickers. These nail decors are adorable and bring a gorgeous appearance to your overall nails. Depending on various external factors, they can last for a week to 10 days.

The best thing is they come in multiple designs. Whether you need a highly textured design or a simple emoji, these are available in numerous shapes and designs. Another notable thing is they are much healthier than nail polish. After coating the nails with the base color, you need to press the wrap.

You’ll love this article if you’d like to know more about nail wraps, from their definition to usage to how it’s healthier than nail polish. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Let’s Understand Wraps And Nail Polish


Did you know that wraps were used to fix broken nails in ancient days? Later, silk or other material wraps have become more famous in the beauty world. The technicians started using them back in the 1980s.

These stickers ensure smoother, softer, and flexible nail surfaces. Unlike nail polish filled with several chemicals, the wraps are extremely comfortable and boast minimal chemicals. A few nail products booming worldwide include silk, fiber, linen, and gel wraps.

Usually, nail polish stickers also fall into the category of wraps. Applying and drying nail polish eats away tons of your time. However, that’s not the case with wraps– They hardly take 15 to 30 minutes, ensuring a healthier manicure.

Is Nail Polish Hazardous?

Imagine the odor you get when you open the mini nail polish bottle. Usually, the smell is highly dominant. It’s no surprise that the enormous chemicals in fingernail polish, such as plasticizers, polymers, benzene compounds, aldehydes, parabens, and more, contribute to the lion’s share in nail polish manufacturing.

Often big brands use lead and xylene in cuticle products especially nail polish that irritates skin, eyes, brain, and kidneys. Another most common ingredient is Dibutyl phthalate related to diabetes, thyroid issues, and hormonal changes.

Several non-intoxicating acrylic polishes contain minimal toxins and more organic ingredients. But they’re a bit more expensive than other cuticle products.


How Healthier Are Wraps?

Whether you’ve weaker or broken nails, silk wraps work great on your nails. They’re an even safer choice than toxic gels. Of course, wraps also contain a few chemicals, but they’re relatively much lesser than the other beauty products.

Also, the polish boasts a thicker acrylic coating, whereas the stickers are thinner. So, these stickers don’t cause harm and can be easily applied or removed.

These stickers’ chemical ingredients include Acrylates, Copolymer, Adipic Acid, Polyurethane, PET, and Butyl Acetate. All these ingredients contribute to the texture, design, and utmost flexibility.

Are Wraps Healthier Than Nail Polish

The simple answer to this question is “YES.” Since the stickers are thinner and contain less toxic ingredients, they are healthier than usual acrylic polish. There are even several reasons supporting why wraps are better than polish. In this section, let’s discuss each reason in brief. Read on.

Strengthens Nails

One of the primary reasons people use these sticks is that they support your nail’s growth and strengthen them. But how?

In general, the silk stickers or coverings shape and give a solid shape to nails. At the same time, the resin hardens your nails and offers ultimate strength. Hence, they help deal with weak, broken, or split nails.

Easy Removal Process


In general, most beauty products damage nails during the removal process. Products like nail polish can add strength when applied but damage while removed. Yet that’s not the case for wraps, as they’re pretty easy to remove.


If you’re fed up with thick fingernail casing products, it’s time to try out thinner silk stickers. These are incredibly lightweight and breathable. So, it ensures ultimate comfort.

Efficient Beauty Treatment

The wraps are earlier used in fingernail treatments and are still the most popular to strengthen the nails. If you’re tired of various cuticle or fingernail treatments, take a pause and leverage these silk stickers.

These silk stickers cover the damaged nails and protect them from the external environment. Also, it masks fingernail discoloration and appeals just like natural nails.

Key Takeaways

The wraps are one of the best beauty products to enhance the beauty of your nails. Whether your nails are weaker or torn, silk stickers minimize the damage and ensure fingernail growth. Since silk is a natural material, it’s even healthier than nail polish, gel coatings, or other acrylic products.

Usually, nail polish contains a bunch of hazardous chemicals. Although a few products have minimal to zero toxins, they’re costly and aren’t an economical choice.

Furthermore, fingernail stickers are cheaper and long-lasting. What’s more intriguing is they’re easy to use and require less maintenance. So, what are you waiting for? Apply silk stickers to enjoy a toxin-free manicure right now.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are wraps reusable?

No. Most of the wraps are used merely one time. However, you can buy a lot of them for just $5 and use them for months.

Which is better to stick the silk stickers – Glue or resin?

Both work well. So, you can use either of them. But the problem with glue is they take more time to soak.

Are silk coverings or stickers healthier than other nail products?

Yes. Since they contain fewer chemicals and all you need to do is just stick them onto your nails. So, they’re pretty healthier and cheaper than other products, especially nail polish.

Are wraps stronger?

Yes. The high-quality stickers are strong enough to plug in the guitar strings.

How often should I replace silk nails?

Make sure you replace them every six weeks if you’re applying these stickers at home.