8 Tips And Tricks To Extend Your Phone’s Life

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If your budget plan is doomed and you want to extend your existing phone’s life, this post is for you. Several people simply throw out their handsets the minute it starts lagging or cannot install applications because their storage is full. In any case, if you’re someone who needs to make the most out of their smartphone before replacing it or wants to extend the life of their phone, these tips, and simple habits will help you achieve the inconceivable.

1. Keep Your Device and Apps Updated

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Keeping your phone’s operating system and applications updated guarantees that everything moves along as planned. Dispose of applications you don’t use, keep your phone updated routinely, and guarantee you don’t overburden your phone’s storage. You’d be amazed how much storing old content and SMS can take up.

Keeping your device and applications updated likewise shields you from viruses and malware, which can conceivably damage your device.

2. Get a High-Quality Smartphone Case

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A durable, top-notch case will shield your phone from a wide range of setbacks. You can even discover waterproof cases or those that will protect your device from a long drop. Some have additional security for charging ports, camera focal points, and earphone jacks. It can likewise help forestall sudden fixes and accidents occurring due to excess dirt accumulating within the crevices of your camera focus. Therefore, get a high-quality smartphone case that will protect your phone from costly predicaments or damages that will prompt you to buy a new one.

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3. Use A Screen Protector

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A broken screen can make your phone usage challenging, and it might wind up prompting further damage. Rather than paying $100 to replace your screen, you should find ways to secure this necessary phone component. A tempered glass screen protector is a wise investment that will significantly diminish your risk of winding up with a crushed screen. In any case, if your screen gets broken before you get a screen protector, ensure that you look for a feasible repair option instead of buying a new smartphone.

4. Practice Good Charging Habits

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You don’t have to stress about overcharging your battery by leaving it snared for an extended timeframe. Even though it is a myth, there are a few things you most likely do every day that is harming the phone’s battery and diminishing its general life expectancy.

The absolute most significant thing you can do to extend your phone’s battery life is to put it on the charger when it arrives at a battery life of 75%. Holding up until the battery life drops to 25 percent will significantly decrease its capacity to last longer. Truth be told, if you generally charge your phone at 25%, the battery will work to its maximum capacity of 500 charges.

Then again, charging the battery when it drops to 75% will allow you to avail yourself of a charge capacity of 2500 charges. It is also essential to note that depleting your battery as far as possible and charging it back to 100% is a flawed idea. Your phone will last significantly more if you recharge it a couple of times now and again during the day.

5. Stay Away From Viruses And Malware

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Even though it isn’t highly normal for a phone to get attacked with a virus or malware, you should, in any case, avoid potential risk to secure your phone. Malware attacks come from third-party applications, so don’t download whatever appears to be dubious.

Suppose your phone begins acting strangely after a new application has been installed. In that case, you can check the application’s data usage to decide whether it might be conveying data to an outsider.

Your phone can likely install a virus-loaded application without your authorization if you have a jailbroken device. Know that the best way to dispose of a virus is by resetting your iPhone or bringing your Android into a protected mode to erase the culpable application.

6. Try Not To Exercise With Your Smartphone In Your Pocket

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You can access various applications on your phone that can help you work out. However, it might not be the most prudent idea to utilize them while you are working out. Several phone users have encountered water damage issues because of sweating while their phone was in their pocket or strapped on their arm.

When you consider how costly an iPhone is, it doesn’t bode well to face the challenge of damaging it with sweat. Many phone manufacturers claim their handsets to be waterproof. However, the truth is, they are only splash-resistant. The Brazilian government even fined Apple for falsely advertising to their citizens when the phone was not actually waterproof. Therefore, be cautious where you are keeping your phone when you are working out.

7. Keep Fewer Widgets

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Widgets are not applications, which just run once you decide to enact them. No, widgets are continually running in the background. They are dynamic constantly. While some smartphone users use it to monitor the weather and their significant dates, others use widgets like ‘extended controls’ for speedy access for fundamental arrangements, for example, exchanging Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or their GPS on or off.

They do have their utilizations. However, remember that having a lot of widgets running on your home screen will make your smartphone’s performance obtuse.

8. Keep Away From Live Wallpapers

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You must be loving the live wallpaper feature on your smartphone. Phones (from various makers) accompany different live background wallpapers. However, you should go for a simple one as live wallpapers require more CPU capacity to run. As a result, it can drain your phone battery quicker. Each time you go to your phone’s home screen, your live wallpaper will require an additional battery charge to project its illusion. Therefore, in the longer run, it will damage your phone’s battery as well as slow its performance.


Since you now know how to extend the life of your phone, you can quit squandering cash yearly on replacing phones. Also, recall that the money decisions you make today could tremendously affect the remainder of your life, including retirement.