8 Family Activities to Do During Your Visit to Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge, nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, offers exciting family activities for visitors of all ages. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and world-class attractions, this charming mountain town has no shortage of entertainment options.

Did you know Pigeon Forge is home to over 80 attractions and has more than 10 million visitors annually? This article will explore eight family activities you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Pigeon Forge, ensuring you create unforgettable memories together.

1. Titanic Museum Attraction

This exceptional museum transports you through time, providing a glimpse into the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage using interactive exhibits, genuine artifacts, and life-like room recreations to bring the story to life. As you explore the museum, you’ll be astonished by the attention to detail in each exhibit.

From the grand staircase to the crew’s living quarters, every showcase is carefully designed to recreate the atmosphere of the iconic ship. The Titanic Museum Attraction also presents numerous educational experiences, enabling visitors of all age groups to learn about the ship’s construction, passengers, crew, and the tragic events that transpired on that ill-fated evening.

2. Dolly Parton’s Stampede

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Dolly Parton’s Stampede provides an evening filled with entertainment, laughter, and mouthwatering food. This highly praised dinner show in Pigeon Forge is a must-visit, presenting a unique experience that combines thrilling equestrian feats, uplifting musical performances, and sidesplitting comedy sketches into one extraordinary event.

The delightful four-course meal served during the show only adds to the enjoyment. As tempting scents waft from the kitchen, anticipation for the culinary delights grows. Throughout the performance, you can savor many delicious foods on the menu at Dolly Parton’s Stampede, which features irresistible dishes such as a whole rotisserie chicken, succulent hickory-smoked barbecue pork loin, and a rich, creamy vegetable soup. Expertly prepared, every morsel entices your taste buds, keeping you satisfied and immersed in the thrilling show.

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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This stunning park, known for its mesmerizing beauty, features hundreds of miles of well-maintained trails. These trails accommodate different tastes and skill levels, ensuring everyone can appreciate the wonders of nature.

Whether you are an experienced hiker seeking a demanding journey or a family searching for a relaxed stroll, the park’s diverse trail selection will cater to your needs. You can marvel at the stunning landscapes surrounding you as you meander through verdant forests, traverse peaceful rivers, and admire cascading waterfalls.

Moreover, it’s not only the landscapes that can captivate you. The plentiful wildlife inhabiting the park is another reason to discover this magical sanctuary. Don’t forget your camera, as you’ll want to preserve the unforgettable moments you’ll experience with your loved ones when you come across deer, black bears, and numerous bird species in their natural environment.

4. Family Fun at The Island

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During your trip to Pigeon Forge, set aside time for The Island, a one-stop entertainment center created to captivate families and sole visitors alike. This vibrant location features many attractions, guaranteeing everyone remains captivated, entertained, and grinning throughout the day.

A highlight of The Island is the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. This extraordinary 200-foot observation wheel presents incredible vistas of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. As you go up, the alluring scenery will enthrall you. Yet, the thrill at The Island continues beyond this!

Test your agility and balance on the thrilling ropes course, bump and dodge your way through the lively bumper car arena, and unleash your competitive spirit in the vibrant arcade, filled with classic and modern games.

5. Dollywood ─ Rides, Shows, and More

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Your Pigeon Forge adventure is only complete with a visit to the famous Dollywood theme park, co-created by the legendary Dolly Parton. This family-oriented destination provides countless thrilling experiences for visitors of all ages and preferences. With heart-stopping roller coasters and amazing live shows, Dollywood guarantees a day packed with unforgettable moments.

Dollywood features:

  • More than 40 thrilling rides and attractions
  • Roller coasters for adventure enthusiasts
  • Kid-friendly rides for the little ones
  • Engaging live shows featuring talented performers

In addition to its incredible array of rides and attractions, Dollywood hosts various seasonal events throughout the year, adding an extra layer of excitement and charm to the park.

6. Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo

While in Pigeon Forge, visit the Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo for an unforgettable experience. At this family-owned venue, you can get up close and personal with a diverse range of friendly creatures, such as docile deer, inquisitive kangaroos, and impressive camels.

The hands-on experiences at this one-of-a-kind petting zoo will delight animal lovers of all ages. Join one of the informative guided tours run by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff members to make your visit even more enjoyable. These tours provide intriguing glimpses into the lives and behaviors of the animals, ensuring your visit is entertaining and informative.

7. Go-Karts and Mini-Golf in Pigeon Forge

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You’ll find an amazing array of go-kart tracks and mini-golf courses in Pigeon Forge that guarantee a fun time for the whole family, regardless of age or skill level. These attractions provide the perfect chance to engage in lighthearted competition and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

As you explore the various go-kart tracks in the area, you’ll find everything from adrenaline-pumping multi-level circuits to more leisurely options suitable for beginners. These tracks provide a stimulating and safe environment where families can enjoy the excitement of racing against one another.

Similarly, the mini-golf courses in Pigeon Forge offer diverse experiences. You will surely discover the perfect setting for an entertaining game, from enchanting themed courses that transport you to magical worlds to more traditional greens that challenge your putting skills.

8. Outdoor Gravity Park

If you’re seeking an unconventional and exhilarating outdoor adventure in Pigeon Forge, look no further than Outdoor Gravity Park. This one-of-a-kind attraction invites you to unleash your inner daredevil as you roll down a hill encased in a giant inflatable ball called a Zorb.

You may select from three tracks at Outdoor Gravity Park; each intended to provide a special and thrilling experience. Whether you opt for the twists and turns of a zigzag course or prefer the adrenaline rush of a speedy downhill descent, you’re guaranteed to be grinning from ear to ear.

As you tumble and bounce inside the Zorb, laughter and joyful screams will fill the air, creating a memorable adventure for everyone involved.


Pigeon Forge promises a memorable family vacation packed with adventure and cultural experiences. From thrilling theme parks to fascinating museums, there’s something for everyone.

Explore the Smokies, bond over go-kart races, or embrace the region’s history. Remember to capture cherished moments as you create lifelong memories in this charming destination. Pigeon Forge awaits you and your loved ones for an unforgettable getaway.