Enjoy the Real-Life Girlfriend Experience on Skissr

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An escort can offer a girlfriend experience as part of services to clients. Commonly referred to as GFE; it is a type of booking where a staff brings more services with intimacy and physical touch to a client, unlike the usual worker who offers just sex. Skissr is a professional escort directory that offers these GFE dates.

We checked out their website and asked owner Amy Pennt what she thinks of the girlfriend experience.

She says; There is a mix of, connection, romantic and sexual services during this experience. If the client, in this case, is a woman, this booking will bring a boyfriend experience with similar benefits.

This booking has been considered a high–end service because clients are willing to pay more for the escorts to “date “them. It is required for an escort to provide services that are meant for a boyfriend, like offering meaningful conversation, foreplay, cuddling, and even oral sex.

How does this girlfriend experience begin?

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The GFE can start with typical experiences that a normal relationship enjoys, like dinner, sharing romantic gestures, and public displays of affection.

Different sex activities like deep French kissing, blow jobs and even anal sex can be part of the service. The client should, however, request these activities from the start.

Open-minded clients know they can get a professional “dream girlfriend “experience with reputable escort agencies at the right price.

Here are common characteristics that are associated with the GFE.

Escorts offer Cuddles

This refers to physical contact where a client may hold his companion from the beginning of their event or after a sexual adventure for physical intimacy.

Kissing is included in their services

Escorts are not known to kiss their clients, but a client might request intimate and different types of kissing from his companion.

They can offer oral sex

A client can request his escort to provide this type of sex, and in some cases, he can do the same to the companion if agreed upon.

Making eye Contact

Do you know that making eye contact during sex is considered an intimate experience between two people? This request can be made in the standard bookings or with the Girlfriend experience.

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Body Caressing between clients and escorts

Strict boundaries are commonly observed between a client and an escort. So this request should be made specifically making snuggling part of the services a GFE offers. Sensual contact, touches, and holding each other are additional services that come with this kind of booking.

Different Sexual types and styles

The pace of sex under this booking can be slower, romantic, and gentle instead of fast, wild, and crazy. Several sexual styles will be part of the package.

Pay extra attention

The client can request to pay more attention to his date, like romancing, and use of fingers in stimulating her genitals before the primary sex experience. Use of protection should be observed in case of these requests to prevent any infections.

Types of GFE escorts

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The GFE Escort

These types of escorts form part of an agency’s premium and VIP section. They are usually compensated handsomely for their time.

They are available to accompany their dates for intimate dinners, weekend getaways, and even holidays.

These escorts are well educated, knowledgeable, and open to providing companionship to their clients without any problems. They are easy to adapt to the event that they are attending.

VIP GFE Escorts

They are also known as luxury companions who are way elite and high class compared to other types of escorts.

These can be models who are very attractive and can be socially recognizable individuals. If you love to indulge in high-end life and are willing to pay the premium offer, these are the types of escorts you want to consider.

How to book a fantastic Girlfriend experience?

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Who is your ideal dream girlfriend?

Decide on the type you will love as your “dream girlfriend “wherever you are. Have all the details from the race, body type and even hair color. Be detailed as much as possible so you can settle on an escort that will meet your fantasies. This woman should be ideal for providing you with an out-of-the-world experience.

Identify a reputable escort agency

Browse for agencies in your area online for the escorts available. Go through their profiles according to your needs and requirements.

Look out for the specific services the members are offering because GFE differs from the standard services.

Once you identify a potential partner for the experience, note their service fees because this is a high-class service, and the cost differs.

Make the initial contact

Every agency has its own rules and regulations on how you should make your first contact and operate. Check the operations area on websites for guidance before contacting a potential escort.

Be detailed as much as possible about your needs from the beginning to make your final decision accordingly.

A well-established agency requires its escorts to put as much information as possible on its website, which will help a client in the search.

You should then agree on the date and the time for your meeting. Please be respectful and treat the escorts as professionals like any other person.

The D-day

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When the day comes, be open-minded and ready to enjoy and experience a fabulous time with your escort for a Girlfriend experience.

Cities where you can find the GF experience

If you are in most countries’ main cities, you can find an escort who will offer you this experience. Thank God for the internet because your dream girlfriend is a search away. Some reputable agencies have a presence in different major cities and workers ready to serve you.

In conclusion

A girlfriend experience is a unique escort service because these workers will offer you affection, and responsiveness and show genuine interest in you.

If you are seeking a special connection that offers emotional and physical services, you should consider this type of booking.

A reputable escort agency will have ideal candidates ready to please you and show you affection beyond pleasure derived from sexual activities.

Check out agencies in your area that offer this unique service and be guaranteed a fantastic experience.