What Is EMDR Therapy And Its Benefits?

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EMDR is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing used to cure psychological disorders. It is a rare new type of psychotherapy process used for post-traumatic stress disorders. This usually happens when people suffer from sudden attacks like military or physical assaults, rape, and car or bike accidents. Only some hospitals in metro cities have started using this technique to treat their patients.

Despite its popularity, it is said that this method is safe and reliable. This method might seem to be unusual, but the results are amazing. EMDR uses eyeball movements to cure traumatic disorders. This treatment relaxes the mind and helps people relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. But some people might think that it erases everything from the mind, but it is not the truth as it just calms down the mind.

This eventually results in achieving a positive mindset. In simple words, it dilutes the harsh feeling of a patient. So it might be beneficial if people prefer to undergo EMDR therapy for themselves. But still, the procedure is experimental, and it might take some time to receive an official announcement from the federal. Visit the site to opt for the best EMDR therapy Dunedin. To know more about the benefits of EMDR therapy, stay connected till the end.

Working On EMDR Therapy

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First, the specialist directs the patient to focus on the traumatic memory that they have. During this, the patient will be instructed to move their eyes depending on the instructions provided by the specialist. During this process, the patient might feel relaxed, which eventually results in loosening harsh feelings and emotions. The therapist might ask the patient to pinpoint that particular event or happenings related to that trauma.

The patient might explain the situation and rotate his eyeball according to the instruction provided by the therapist. In this concept, the patient will be allowed to speak about his negative belief so that the therapist can try to calm down the patient’s mind by doing some basic level activities. The patient might be instructed to follow a specific point or look into the therapist’s hands.

At times an intensive layer of light will be projected into the board or wall, so by doing this, the patient can easily follow the light. The concept is the same, but the method for that procedure will be changed according to the therapist’s preference.

Sometimes taps or sounds might be used to guide a patient. It is a combination of several processes, and this process will be repeated various times until the situation feels less traumatic for that particular person. This process will train the brain to store things differently, which eventually reduces the effect of hard happenings stored earlier.

Different Phases Of EMDR Therapy

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Generally, the process can be divided into several phases in which the specialist will guide people to complete several processes in 10 to 12 sittings.

1. Planning And Execution

First, the specialist will look into the history of that particular person and analyze the exact treatment procedure for that particular person. Soon after that, the specialist will plan what to do and how to execute the process. So by planning, the procedure can be done properly.

2. Explanation and Assessment

The specialist or his assistant might explain the entire procedure and the time taken to complete the procedure. So by doing this, the patient can obtain some confidence about that particular procedure. So after explaining, the specialist might start assessing the negative beliefs of that particular person. History will help specialists in completing the process with ease.

3. Starting The Procedure

This is where the actual procedure starts. Here the specialist tries to recover his old memories. This process is named decentralization, from which people can actually divert their negative thoughts and turn them into positive energy. The aim of this therapy is to build up self-confidence and self-esteem to have a better tomorrow. But to achieve this, the physiotherapy expert might take several sessions depending on that particular patient.

4. Analyzing the Body and Mind

If required, the specialist might suggest that the patient undergo a body scan, or the specialist might ask the patient to recall the past miserable memories of their life. At this time, the patient will feel relieved. The specialist might ask the patient to compare the feeling before and after the treatment. For instance, it can also be called a progress assessment session.

Benefits of EMDR

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1. Recovers Trauma

As mentioned earlier, this procedure can recover people from severe trauma. This procedure might cure people who have self-limiting beliefs because of some bitter experience they had in their lives earlier. Despite the skills, these negative thoughts might eventually result in a disaster. This kind of severe trauma can be cured by attending several sessions with an expert. Moreover, both sides of the brain will be activated to distress the stressful memories.

2. Helps in Managing Stress

Soon after completing the sessions, people might find it easy to have control of themselves. So anger and stress management can also be achieved by having this mindset. In simple words, a person can feel light-hearted soon after completing the treatment. People must have undergone many critical situations and some bitter past. Nothing can be changed, even the memories cannot be changed, but this treatment will help people lighten the sad happenings in their hearts.

Final Thoughts

Hence some of the common things, along with some basic level explanation about EMDR therapy, might help people have a better understanding of what the treatment is. People might have wondered about the treatment procedure and benefits of completing this process as it is new.

It might be hard for people to have a stressful life because of some bad happenings in the past. Trauma might happen because of work experience, accidents, or sometimes it might happen by seeing some unhealthy things. Anything might have registered in your mind. So by having a clear mindset, people can easily achieve great things in life, or they can at least lead a peaceful life without any stress.