Dryer Vent Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning

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There are different types of ventilation systems in the home. The crucial ones are the heating and cooling system, dryer vents, and bathroom ventilation. They all play significant roles in the house, and they should be kept in good condition such as thorough dryer vent cleaning.

Our write-up will look at the two major ventilation systems, the dyer vent, and the air duct that you should focus on. Should they be cleaned regularly, and how important is it to clean them? You should also know the signs that these two show to realize it is time for duct or dryer vent cleaning. Check more.

Top 3 Facts That You Should Know & Follow

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1. Essential Facts About Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer vent plays a significant role in the clothes dryer. It leads to the outside of the house. The primary function of the vent is to expel air and gases from the dryer. With time, lint starts to build up in the vent, preventing hot air from escaping the laundry room. This leads to air contamination and other severe hazards like fire break out.

Cleaning the dryer vent is essential because you expel flammable lint from the system. The cleaners also remove debris that could lead to the inefficiency of the dryer. The recommended time for cleaning a dryer vent is once or twice a year.

2. What You Should Know About Air Duct Cleaning

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Air ducts are more complicated than dyer vents because the system is a whole house process. That is also true when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. While the dryer vent is attached to and affects the dryer alone, air ducts affect the entire house because they blow cool and warm air in the rooms.

A) Having dirty air ducts will affect the family members because breathing polluted air can cause complications. Although there is only lint and debris to worry about when it comes to dryer vents, air ducts can be infested by insects, dying inside them and leaving droppings that lead to odors. During house renovations, dust settles in the system and gets blown together with air into the rooms.

B) Mold can grow inside the air duct due to the condensation of air into moisture. Mold is dangerous, and breathing air with mold particles can lead to respiratory complications. Having mold in the HVAC system is also an indicator that a part of the system is broken and needs a replacement.

Ductworks are more delicate and expensive to repair and replace, so you should always work with professional ductwork cleaners. They will clean all the parts of the system, including removing debris and cleaning and treating mold.

3. Importance Of Cleaning Dryer Vents And Air Ducts

These two systems are essential in the house, and leaving dirt to build upon them compromises the free flow of air that circulates through the ductwork. Generally, carrying out vent cleaning eliminates the dust and all debris that could deter the free flow of air. Check out the reasons why dryer vent and duct cleaning is essential:

Due To Dryer Vents

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Dryer vents are an essential part of the dryer. When drying the clothes, lint builds up in the vent and blocks the exit of hot air. The hot air builds up in the dryer and can lead to mechanical damages. Lint is very flammable, and combining it with overheating in the dryer can lead to the fire break out.

You will notice that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned if it takes too long to dry clothes or if the clothes come out damp. Dampness in clothes could lead to odors and mold growth, destroying the clothes. Leaving your dryer vent uncleaned will lead to fire breakouts.

Because Of Air Ducts

Air ducts are essential to the HVAC system, and they are instrumental in the entire house. They blow fresh air into the rooms. Having dusty and dirty air ducts can lead to respiratory complications among the family members.

When air is blown through the dusty ducts, it blows all the dust into the rooms. If there is mold, your family breathes in dangerous mold particles. You will notice some coughing, and others can get asthma attacks.

The ductwork is very delicate, so you should only let professionals clean it. While you can clean the dryer vent through DIY, it is not advisable with the air ducts.

How To Clean Your Vent In 6 Steps

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1. Find the vent

Before you can clean your dryer vent you need to locate it and pay close attention to it. Find a pipe that goes through the vent and pushes out hot & steamy air. Take a peek and see if there’s anything in it, such as dust, mice, bugs, etc.

2. Disconnect it

Once you’ve figured out how your ducts work, you’re ready to unplug your dryer. Make sure that you use a gentle approach and do not use a lot of pressure either since you don’t want to break the pipe.

3. Vacuum it

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The best & most practical way to clean it is with a vacuum and a tight nook. If you’ve got a handheld vacuum, you can repeat this process on the outside duct. Clean out the debris as thoroughly as you can.

4. Clean it with a brush

Push the brush as far back as you possibly can since you will want to clean out all the dirt & debris. Clean it out from the outside & from the inside with a bit of water.

5. Reconnect

Sweep away your new part, and make sure that you plug it and reattach it as it was before. For most people, a 90-degree, fire-resistant aluminum elbow will do the job.

6. Prevent it from happening

To ensure those pesky lint fibers don’t mess up your aesthetic or your process of drying products, it is key to take out the lint trap filter at the outer edge of your dryer door. Make sure that you also sweep the dust regularly (every week or so).

Ready To Enjoy Your Fresh & Clean Dryer?

In conclusion, we believe as if the process can be simple and easy, only if you follow the right guidelines & our recommended steps. Let us know if you plan on doing this process more often in the future, we would love to know how you plan to handle these chores.