Air Humidifier for a Child’s Room – What to Pay Attention to?


Adequate levels of humidity in the air that our children breathe are invaluable. During the heating season, when the air is dry, it is worthwhile to assist with air humidifiers. What to follow when choosing the right model for our child?

Air quality matters

The humidity level in the apartment should vary from 40 to 60%. Then we feel comfortable. However, it is often, especially in winter, too low. How to recognize it? When unpleasant ailments begin to appear in us or our children, such as dry skin, sore throat, cough, or even a runny nose, these are not necessarily symptoms of a cold. Headaches or sleep problems can further compound the problem. The reason may be the poor quality of the air we breathe in the apartment. The right air humidifier can solve this problem.

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Types of humidifiers


Our grandmothers dried laundry on radiators to moisten the air in the room more. Fortunately, we can have a constant appropriate level of humidity in the air, and without piles of laundry piling up. Before we decide to buy a particular model of humidifier for our little one’s room, it is worth knowing the basic parameters and types of these devices. The offer is wide, but the most expensive model does not at all guarantee us the greatest satisfaction.

The most popular are steam humidifiers, which work through electricity. In the tank, we place water, which is heated to a high temperature. This is how a warm mist in the form of steam is created, spreading through the room. Thanks to the high temperature, the Steam humidifier cleans the air of microorganisms and allergens. However, will it work well in a child’s room? Let’s pay attention to the noise level – it is often about 30 dB. Thus, steam air humidifiers are pretty noisy compared to other such devices. Easy access to hot water is additionally a high risk of scalding, so it is better to place such a humidifier in a place inaccessible to children.

Ultrasonic air humidifiers are definitely quieter. The ultrasonic sounds they emit are inaudible to humans…but to animals they are. Think about this if you have a dog, cat or hamster at home. The operation of the device is based on ultrasound breaking up water molecules, thus creating a mist. The air is not heated in them, so the device does not clean the air of microorganisms, but it is safe for children. An ultrasonic humidifier is quiet, it can reach noise levels of even less than 26 dB. So it is worth considering models of this type when considering buying a humidifier for a child’s room.

Quiet and safe for children (and, in addition, not disturbing animals) is also an evaporative humidifier. The air in the room is absorbed by it and then released as a cool mist. It makes no noise, is energy-efficient, and is very efficient.

Air purifier with humidification function


You can also go a step further and think about buying an air purifier with a humidification function. Such devices improve air parameters and allow you to breathe air that is clean and properly humidified. They are great for the room of babies and small children.

Such an air purifier is often equipped with a HEPA filter, which is able to get rid of as much as 99.97% of microorganisms, fungi, mold, and protozoa. Thus, the devices are dedicated especially to allergy sufferers and people sensitive to any allergens and smog. The air purifier is also useful in a house where one of the parents is a smoker, it helps to get rid of the unpleasant smell and harmful substances contained in cigarettes.

The size of the room is important when choosing the power of the device

When choosing a humidifier for a child’s room, pay attention to other parameters as well. The area of the room in which the device is to operate is important, as this will help determine its capacity.

Also, check the capacity of the water tank. The larger it is and its capacity, the less often we need to refill it. The optimal choice is a humidifier with a container of about 5 liters. Other criteria are the energy efficiency of the device and power. The higher the power, the air is humidified in a shorter time. The efficiency of the humidifier is also affected by the filters installed in it. For example, the HEPA filter additionally removes pollutants and allergens, and the carbon filter neutralizes unpleasant odors.


Silent humidifier for good sleep for the baby

An air humidifier for a baby that works quietly and almost imperceptibly is a guarantee of a child’s sleep that is peaceful and not interrupted by frequent awakenings. However, also think about his safety. In the room of the youngest members of the family, we would rather not put steam humidifiers, which emit warm air but also heat up due to the heating of water.

Rather, we would opt for a quieter ultrasonic humidifier and an evaporative humidifier, which poses no danger to the toddler. We can put it anywhere. Here we have a lot of room to choose a model that matches the interior design of the room, or a universal humidifier with a timeless design. After all, it will serve us for many years.