Different Shapes of Windows for Your House in Canada

Source: sunrisewindows.com

By choosing windows of non-standard form, you have a truly unique design, which will complement the architectural style of your home, help to place the right accents, and make the house even more comfortable for life.

Such products can be used as independent elements, and as part of a creative window design consisting of several models of different styles.

The choice is yours! Why use boring standard window models when you can make your home even more stylish by installing shaped windows in it?

Shaped windows are a boundless number of designs, among which you will surely find the one that seems to be created for your home.

Among the endless variety of options the most popular are the following:

1. Arch windows

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This is the most popular model of non-standard windows.

However, there is something standard here: the bottom part of these constructions has a traditional rectangular shape. The highlight is the upper part, made as a semi-circular arch.

At one time such designs were in demand in Roman architecture. They are still demanded nowadays, as they increase the general attractiveness of the home and make it interesting regardless of the short-lived fashion trends.

By choosing such a window system, you will make your room and the building as a whole visually more comfy: arches smooth out the sharp rectangular lines in the interior and exterior.

2. Oval or round-shaped windows

Oval or round windows are usually used as part of some construction or as an independent element in hallways, walk-in closets, bathrooms, or staircases.

In other words, where you want to add some light to the shaded areas.

This type of design fits perfectly in both traditional and modern interiors. The main thing is to style them correctly and support them with other architectural elements.

3. Triangle-shaped windows

Source: pella.com

This model is often used with standard rectangular or square casements or fixed windows.

For example, you can make one wall of your house completely glass: on the bottom, on each floor, you can place fixed windows, and directly under the pointed roof – triangle-shaped windows.

  • First of all, this is incredibly stylish.
  • And second, you can let more light into the dwelling.

It is also an excellent solution for the living room with high ceilings or for the upper floor, where you need to install a window design of a non-standard shape.

4. Hexagon-shaped windows

These hexagonal windows visually resemble honeycombs.

They were in demand in the 19th century, when they were installed to provide natural lighting in the attic.

Nowadays this model is experiencing another period of its popularity: they are used in corridors, attics, vestibules, bathrooms, etc.

You can choose both fixed and hinged constructions. The latter option will give not only a certain inflow of sunlight but also good ventilation.

5. Octagon windows

Source: pinterest.com

Looking very similar to the previous model, the octagon windows are often used in traditional-style houses: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc.

If you have such a dwelling, we recommend installing window grilles. It will be 100% compliant with the traditional style!

If you have a contemporary-style home, then you can do without grilles: in modern design, they are not needed.

6. Trapezoid windows

This is another model that, like triangular products, is installed along the roof line above traditional rectangular windows.

The choice of a suitable type of roof window depends on the shape of the roof: under a sharper gable roof it is better to install triangular structures, and under a mansard roof – trapezoid ones.

7. Diamond-shaped windows

Source: janforsterestates.com

The diamond-shaped models are usually installed in classical-style houses.

As an independent element, they can be placed opposite the staircase, above the entrance door, or directly in it.

In addition, such windows are often combined into a system of rectangular windows, consisting of small diamond-shaped constructions.

The perfect solution for a traditional home!

To add some spirit of antiquity to the house, you can install exquisite grilles on the windows.

8. Half-moon and crescent-shaped windows

These semi-circular windows visually resemble the half-moon, hence the name.

You can use them both separately as an accent of the design, and install them in combination with other architectural elements of the house.

The most popular option is to install such models above the door. In this case, we recommend choosing a semi-circular window of the same width as your door frame.

9. Quarter-circle windows

This model is often used together with other architectural elements.

For example, as a unifying arch over the rectangular-shaped windows. And they also look great in the living rooms with high ceilings.

10. Elliptical windows

Source: moghulinteriors.com

Externally, they are very similar to oval or round windows. However, there are several differences: elliptical models are visually wider and flatter.

They are often installed above entrance doors, patio doors, or as part of a large window system.

Many Canadian homeowners also decorate these windows with grilles: to break the streams of light and even better highlight the traditional style interior.

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