10 Tips For Designing Custom Challenge Coins

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No matter how good you are in the design and how well informed you are, making internet content is a hard job, since the market is huge, and you probably want to be seen on the net and recognized as a designer in order to be able to use the coins you have made. It is very important to pay attention to those small details and not rush into it since you should make content that is high in quality. This is why we have done some research and found essential tips and tricks that will help you design a challenge coin you will be proud of.

1. What will it be used for?

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Before you start doing this project, do some digging, and focus on the details around the challenge coin itself. The first and most important question to answer is the purpose of it or what this particular one will be used. Once you have the answer to this question you can then shape the coin in order to serve the purpose which will increase the value of it and make it more valuable.

2. Make many designs

The key to designing a product that is perfect is good design. This means that you should not just stick to one, but try many before deciding. The process of making design can be long and hard, but it is essential to be done perfectly, since, the whole product will depend on it. Do not settle and make compromises, but make it the way you always wanted. Be mindful when choosing fonts and colors in order to make it perfect and not “screaming” and being too much.

3. Drawing can help

If you are fonder of pen and paper be free to use them for the design. Again, it is essential to make a good design that can be executed in a proper way. The sketches on paper may help you visualize the coin and its size, details, and how it all fits. After this is done, you can easily transfer it to the digital world.

4. Use vectors

When designing, it is crucial to use vectors and not raster. Why you might ask? Well, vector images and objects do not lose in quality when resized and there is no snapping and pixel bursting; in addition, the design will look perfect and polished with smooth lines.

5. Choose material

Image source: unitcoins.us

Since coins are made from metal in most cases, do some picking and try out some different options in design in order to choose the material that your coins will be made from. In this case, the material will need to compliment the coin and give more life and sophistication to it. You may consider metal plating, which is a process in which you can add a coat of precious metals on top of the design, this can be gold, silver, and platinum.

6. Trusted designer platform

When making any internet content it is essential to use the platforms that are proven to be safe. This means that you will need to do the research and find the one that will suit your needs as well as provide you with a safe environment from where you will be able to trade the coins.

If you are willing to try yourself in making challenge coins, why not choose the best out there, gs-jj.com offers two options in making the coins; you can try to make them on your own or if you are not to be bothered, choose the other option and have a designer team to design them for you.

7. Personalization

We do believe that this part is self-explanatory, but will elaborate briefly; each designer has its own personal style they are recognized by. It is essential to give a personal touch to the challenge coin you are making since this will increase its value as well as make it more your own.

8. Recheck it

Before doing any printing or carving be sure to recheck the design; even a few times if needed. It is essential to do so before you go into the process of production. You can always use another pair of eyes and ask for an opinion about the design and the overall looks in order to be certain that this is it, and the design is flawless.

9. Take your time

Errors happen when you are in a hurry, so take your time in all steps of the process in order to get the best possible results. The importance of having enough time to recheck everything and make the design and execution methods perfect cannot be stressed enough. If you are in a hurry, the challenge coin may turn out to be sloppy, not polished and it is not going to look good.

This is especially true when it comes to fast designing, since all those small details may be neglected and lead to the product that is not satisfactory in quality. So, take your time and focus in order to get the job done the best way possible.

10. Reconsider the usage of different tools and techniques

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When executing an idea, there are two options, to use what you know and used before or experiment with different tools and techniques in order to make the challenge coin unique and better than the ones designed before. One of the techniques you may consider using is 3D printing and molding, this, again depends on the finishing look that you are aiming for, as well as the material of preference. You may try different ones and choose the ones that will make you get the product which is perfect in all ways.


As you can see, with some patience and a lot of work you may lend a very unique and if we may say perfect challenge coin. When diving into designing be sure to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and choose all the materials, tools, and techniques in order to get this idea into reality. Take your time and be patient, and we are sure you will make something that is extraordinary.