Best Cookbooks for Meat Lovers

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The meat lovers of the world – unite! If you consider yourself to be an incurable carnivore, you probably have your own recipes and dressing formulas that you keep buried in safe. Meat is not only your favorite meal, it’s the centerpiece of your dining table every day. You keep perfecting your ways of preparing, always looking for that just-right proportion of seasoning and spices. You’re passionate about cooking that filet mignon to where it melts in the mouth, or finger-licking ribs that will keep people talking about the feast you prepared. In your way to excellence, you might end up needing some help. In case you do, here are some cookbooks that can serve you as an inspiration.


Meathead is a scientist. No, really. He titled his book “The science of great barbeque and grilling”. This guy takes his grilling seriously. Many questions that could throw you into doubt are answered here. Putting salt in rib rub? Should a steak rest in a fridge or not rest at all? What are the results of each one? Everything, from a scientific point of view, Greg Blonder will explain. These might seem like basics, but these are exactly the things that can make or break your barbeque party. If you’re serious about grilling, you should read this cookbook; it can only help you advance your skills with a patty flipper.

Cool smoke

Tuffy Stone wrote the cookbook and became a world-known personality explaining the art of the barbeque. However, before he focused his attention on bloody pieces, he was a traditional chef cooking all sorts of meals, including vegetarian plates. In case you’re not a hardcore carnivore check out these recipes. Stone was a part of a competition that had a goal to perfect barbeque rubs and techniques, and finally wrote a book about it. Some stuff you might find pretty traditional, but keep reading, he has some combinations that you wish to try since all the photos look so mouthwatering.

Going hardcore


Move over all you lean-mean meat lover’s men! This one was written by a woman. Jess Pryles is actually an Aussie with a Texan soul. In her own words, she got intimidated once by the ignorance of the meat section staff in the store and decided to learn everything she possibly can about it. Her book “Hardcore carnivore” will take you into the world of meat lovers with ease, taking you slowly from the basic recipes to more complicated ones but still achievable. So, if you like meat but don’t know where to start with all these contradictory pieces of advice this book is the way.

The Food Lab

Cooking is a mix of art and science. If you lean more towards the science check out the “The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science”. J. Kenyi Lopez-Alt wrote a comprehensive book about cooking meat from A to Z. Science is implemented every step of the way, and this is definitely a book you’ll return to over and over. It explores the basics, as well as tearing down the myths and presenting a new and modern way of baking and grilling all sorts of meat. If you’re new to meat processing and cooking this is the perfect book to get the head start. Learning to crawl, then walk, then run, is something this cookbook will take you through step by step.


Pat LaFrieda is a hardcore butcher and meat lover. The third generation, as a matter of fact. If anyone knows his meat, it’s Pat. The book features 75 recipes, illustrated step by step. Making a mistake is virtually impossible with this book if you follow it. In between, you’ll find a bunch of useful advice on how to buy, cut, and store meat from the first hand. LaFrieda collaborated with many world-famous chefs that shared their tips and discovered tricks that will make every meal cooked to perfection.

Smoking meat

Aaron Franklin’s stand that no meat can be perfectly cooked if not smoked before comes as a mantra of his cookbook. The master of the smoking pit, he puts on display his secrets and tricks on how to make that brisket melt on your taste buds in his debut book. The former smoke and coleslaw joint owner shared his experience of decades-long smoking and barbequing meats. If you want to hear from folks chef with many years of hands-on experience under his belt you should read this book. It will give you an insight into some unique techniques that will keep people talking about your grilling skills.


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This cookbook was long forgotten by chefs and public both. Fortunately, American chefs still kept it in their minds and decided to polish their techniques, remastering and modernizing the ways of cooking a great piece of meat. “The River Cottage Meat Book” has been put in the spotlight again, with new adapted recipes. This cookbook will begin with the very simple basics, like which parts are best for grilling, cooking and baking, how to store the meat, and for how long, as well as how to find the most quality pieces. If you’re a carnivore that would like to learn more about the sources and ways to process different pieces this would be a good start.

Carnivore’s cookbook

Michael Symon is super popular in a restaurant business and a very successful chef. In his book “Michael Symon’s Carnivore: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers” he offers advice and recipes on everything from chicken wings to Kobe beef steaks. How to cook them, how to store the meat, and all the side dishes. A comprehensive cookbook that can be useful to beginners as well as the professionals.

Becoming a true pro meat chef is a long way, but a tasty one. You will make many mistakes so don’t get discouraged but rather learn from them. If any cookbook can inspire you, grab it. Implement the technique, while giving your own personal stamp to every meal. Take every bit of advice you can, and develop your personal and unique flavors.