A Comprehensive Guide to Hemp Rolls

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Hemp is becoming legal in many parts of the world. And this means that users can enjoy the CBD experience in many different ways. For instance, using hemp rolls is a way that is becoming very popular among people who are health conscious.

So, what are these hemp rolls? They have many names such as hemp pre-rolls, CBD joints, hemp joints, etc. They are made by rolling dried hemp plant, especially the flower bud, which has the most CBD. Some use crushed hemp plant while others might have it ground; it all depends on the manufacturer.

If you are new to hemp rolls and interested in using them, you should know a lot of information to help you appreciate the benefits, understand the legal guidelines, know where to buy the best hemp rolls, and a lot more.

How Do Hemp Rolls Work?

If you have not tried hemp rolls, you might be wondering how they work. They are smoked just like a tobacco cigarette or marijuana joint. Therefore, all that a user needs is to light up the joint and start inhaling the smoke into the lungs through the mouth.

According to health experts, this is a quick and great way to consume CBD, which is contained in the smoke and gets absorbed through the mouth and lungs when the smoke is inhaled. When you hit the shops to buy your joints, you will notice that CBD rolls are made using different flower strains, and it is easy to choose the one that works for you. Hemp rolls also come in different flavors such as mint and menthol.

The Legality of Hemp Rolls

You can order your hemp rolls from reputable sellers, but you have to confirm the legality of hemp in your region. For instance, the USA has legalized hemp growth and manufacturing at the federal level through the 2018 Farm Bill. But individual states are left to decide whether it is legal or not. Over 30 other countries around the world have legalized hemp. They include Canada, Germany, South Africa, Austria, and Russia among others.

Before buying smokable hemp rolls or carrying them during travel, check their legality to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. If you are lucky enough for it to be legal in your area, then you can freely buy hemp rolls whenever you want to smoke them.

How and Where to Buy Hemp Rolls

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If hemp products are legal in your country, this is great! But do you know how and where to buy them? Whether you are buying online or from a brick-and-mortar shop, there are many considerations to make.

  • Online shops – This is the easiest way to buy hemp rolls today due to the convenience. Reputable websites such as Cannaflower have a variety of hemp rolls ranging from premium to standard. They also have them in different flavors and CBD hemp flower strains for you to choose what works best for you. You will be glad that their payment system is very secure. Make sure that any online shop you select is reputable and secure.
  • Physical health shops – In countries where the distribution and use of hemp products are legal, you can walk into health shops and buy hemp rolls. Such shops are common in cities, towns, and shopping malls. They also sell other hemp and health products such as supplements, CBD oil, and concentrates.

Common Hemp Roll Brands on the Market

The hemp market is quickly growing today. You will be surprised to find overwhelming options for hemp rolls. Some are premium while others are standard. As a newbie, you can test many within a short time before settling on one that makes you happy.

  • Secret nature CBD pre-rolls – This brand boasts high-quality hemp rolls that are made from organic hemp plants. They contain different flower strains, and this is what gives different hemp joints their names. Some of the best you can purchase from them include Mr. Rainbow, Sour Gummi, Frosted Kush, and Secret OG among others.
  • Cannaflower pre-rolls – Now, this brand takes smokable hemp flower strains to a new level. They have hemp rolls that are made from many different strains of premium hemp flowers. When you visit their official website, you will find hemp rolls such as Bubba Kush, Hawaiian, Cannaflower Rest, and Cannaflower Calm to mention a few.
  • Just CBD – This brand also offers a premium range of hemp rolls from different flower strains. It is worth trying their Hawaiian Haze, Bubba Kush, Legendary, or any other type that you prefer.

Reasons to Smoke Hemp Rolls

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People smoke CBD rolls for many reasons. As a beginner, you could prefer this option as opposed to extracting CBD oil, making CBD hemp flower edibles, or taking CBD supplements for many reasons. Here are the common reasons for smoking CBD hemp.

  • For health benefits – Hemp flowers, which are used to make most hemp rolls, have plenty of CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD is likely going to help you manage anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, and boost the functioning of the nervous system. Actually, some people smoke hemp as a prescription from a doctor to manage certain health conditions.
  • For a great experience – If you find smoking enjoyable, then you will definitely love smokable hemp rolls. Many find it fun and entertaining to consume their hemp this way. It is worth giving it a try if you are a beginner in hemp products particularly if you are already a smoker or vaper.
  • Opportunity to try different hemp flowers – Smokable hemp gives a great opportunity for users to try different flower strains. Some come as single rolls while others are packaged in small packets. Either way, they are consumed fast. Hence, you can try many types within a month or season.


Hemp rolls have really spread quickly in the hemp market all over the world. With the popularity of tobacco cigarettes and marijuana, users do not see hemp rolls as a new product. So, if you are planning to start using hemp products, consider rolls.