How Common Are Cheaters In Online Blackjack?


Online casino games are constantly gaining popularity as an ideal platform where people have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of casino games right at their fingertips. This platform allows you to make easy, quick money if you are good at casino games. Blackjack is an online casino game of luck and strategy.

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Online blackjack is easy to understand, and you can win a good amount of money if you have luck favoring on your side. While several people play these games for entertainment with legit means, few cheaters take unfair advantage using software that helps them to win every round and make money easily.

In this article, we will get insights into how common are cheaters in online blackjack.

Are Cheaters Common In Online Blackjack?


Yes, cheating is quite usual in online blackjack. Several cheaters advanced software to take all the winning for themselves. Several betting platforms have been closed due to continuous cheating practices on their website.

Don’t get confused with the free cheating apps available on the android play store or iOS app store. Most of these applications are fake and just provide nothing more than easy access to basic strategy cheat sheets.

While some of these applications provide tools that can be used to count cards, providing you with a theoretical advantage. These applications just increase your chances of winning if you know how to use them to your advantage.

There are other premium applications and software that are very costly and are not available that easily. Using this software is 100% cheating as it allows you to win at any cost. Getting an unfair advantage of the game spoils all the fun of playing it, and using unfair means to win a game is illegal. Still, these people consider themselves smart and take the risk.

Cheating is most common on websites that are new and do not adopt high-level security measures to detect cheaters. Many websites often ban these players if they figure out the player is cheating, and you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings. You have to be smart if you want to get away with this money.

Big and reputable online casino websites usually adopt top-notch quality security that can detect unusual activity status on your account, and if they sense you using unfair means, you can be banned for a lifetime. Hence, these gambling sites must ensure using the best quality security measures to prevent cheaters up to some extent.

Cheating Techniques Adopted By Online Players


Every game has cheaters using unfair means to get an advantage over others. There are several blackjack cheating techniques through which winning casino games like blackjack becomes much easier.

First comes card counters. Many people consider this is not technically cheating as compared to other cheating techniques. It allows players to keep track of the big cards in the deck and find mathematical situations that increase their chances of winning.

Up next, the common cheating techniques like sector targeting, magnetic balls, wheel gaffing, dice control top-hatting, and much more have made several cheaters earn huge money from casino games.

The dice control technique is the most common. It helps the dice shooter win each round instantly. Using these cheating techniques is illegal, and you can go inside prison if you get caught and might have to pay back the complete money with penalties to the casino company.

Online Cheating Techniques In Blackjack


Several players attempt to cheat in Blackjack, but not everyone has been successful. Hence unlike other casino games, the chances of cheating in Blackjack is rare but possible.

Gambling games like blackjack are not actually random number generators, but they work on programs that generate random results in a looping pattern of numbers.

To cheat in blackjack, you will require programming skills to make software that can predict the results from random number generators. Predicting the results from RNGs is next to impossible because the list of numbers generated by RNGs is too long, and many reputable casino sites use the latest RNGs, which generate thousands of results in each second.

The other technique of cheating in online blackjack is by using advanced software that allows them to know the dealer’s hole card. This technique of cheating has also been used in online poker by many players.

Several players use blackjack bots to make an optimal play in online blackjack games. These bots can easily regulate the correct time to hit, stand, spill or double in each turn. This gives you an optimal basic strategy lowering the house edge to the least number possible. Even with blackjack bots, you won’t get many advantages as it will lower the house edge maximum by 0.5%. You can use the counting card technique while playing with online live dealers to increase your winning possibilities.

Not only players but there are online casinos that cheat and deprive players of winning. These casinos make money by fixing a house edge and promoting their casino games amongst the casino players. Online casinos which cheat through games like blackjack fix the house edge too high, making it very difficult for players to win. This might affect the business adversely as players won’t return if they don’t win anything from casino games.

The Bottom-line


It is somewhat easy for players to cheat in online casinos and earn money, but this will only help you to earn money, and you won’t get the excitement and joy of winning with your luck and strategies. It is also unfair to casino companies to cheat and spoil the fun for players.

This projects a bad image for the company. To regulate a casino business effectively, online casinos must set the house edge as low as possible, which can allow them to make profits as well as give the opportunity to the players to win money for themselves.