3 Pros And 3 Cons Of CCTV Cameras

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Today, everyone who owns a property usually wants to provide maximum security for it. It means you don’t want to think about things such as burglary, theft, or stealing anything that belongs to you. When we talk about security, the best way to fight against possible crime is to take precautions. Video surveillance is often mentioned as one of the basic preventive measures This is a very powerful system, and its application has become extremely common. However, there are also some questions related to possible abuses of such systems. We will try to find out what are the pros and cons of CCTV cameras.

What Exactly Does Video Surveillance Mean?

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In today’s era of informatics and technology, when various gadgets and other technical means are available – CCTV cameras have become an integral part of life. We can find them almost everywhere. Traffic is monitored on city streets, companies monitor workers and daily workplace processes – and in a house or apartment we ensure our property. All we just listed is video surveillance. CCTV camera systems primarily serve to protect people and property – and records everything that can be of great importance to us today, and tomorrow if something happens. The most common application of such systems is protection against theft, control of employees in the workplace, and other security reasons.

What Do You Need Video Surveillance For?

When it comes to CCTV cameras, what you need to pay special attention to are the options – such as shooting in the dark, the ability to remotely control focus, and zoom. All of these options should be considered, but only after defining the purpose of setting up video surveillance. It is important to note what the complete CCTV camera system consists of. The entire system consists of cameras, equipment for storing and displaying video material – and cables that connect all components. This is the basic system.

What Other Systems Can We Use?

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In practice, there are many other options because it can also be enriched with an alarm system or have microphones to record sound. Also, the cameras can be connected wirelessly, so in that case we do not need cables for data transmission. These are all additional options that you choose according to your capabilities and needs when buying a video surveillance system. Installation is generally quite simple – however, some systems require special installation. If you want to learn more about installation methods, visit here and find out everything you need to know before you get your CCTV system.

Pros And Cons Of Using CCTV Cameras

Like all other security systems, video surveillance has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to assess what pays off more. We will point out some of the pros and cons of video surveillance before you make a final decision.


1. It Prevents Crime

CCTV cameras are one of the factors that will deter potential thieves from the offenses they intend to commit. It is not the same if you have cameras at a facility – or when everything is left to employees or bystanders. The CCTV camera will greatly reduce the number of thefts or possible attempted thefts in the facility where it is located. This system will be a great way to record every person who enters your property or business premises. While not everyone who enters needs to be a potential criminal, one thing is for sure – the fact that your facility has video surveillance will deter anyone from doing anything illegal. If you place it in the workplace, that is, inside the workspace – your employees will feel safer.

2.    This is an Economical Solution Regardless of the Cost of Installation

Although it doesn’t seem that way to you – installing CCTV is an economical solution. Here’s why. The fact is that the installation itself is not very cheap – especially if you install wireless cameras that have recorders and microphones. Maintenance itself is also an expense. However, if you see things from a different angle – you will see that it still pays off. Namely, how much damage is it if someone steals your expensive car in front of your house, and there are no witnesses to help identify the thief? How much damage will you suffer if one of the employees breaks an expensive machine and you don’t know whose fault it is? Certainly, much higher than the cost of installing a surveillance system. That is why the installation is a good solution. Even many insurance companies offer a reduction in the monthly cost of paying insurance for facilities that own CCTV systems.
One of the aspects you should consider when installing CCTV is it improves your property appeal should you come to sell it. If you install a professional surveillance system the security aspect might improve your homes value, according to https://www.thepropertybuyingcompany.co.uk/locations/manchester.

3. They Improve Productivity

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While many will not justify this method, the fact is that if you set up cameras in the workplace – you can expect higher productivity from your employees. Numerous studies support this claim. If employees are aware of the existence of security cameras in the workplace – it is quite certain that they will work at their full potential. Although it seems a bit ridiculous, it is very similar to leaving children alone at home. If they know you are supervising them – they will not dare to do anything that is forbidden.


1. This Is An Expensive Toy That Can Break Down

The fact is that buying and installing such a system is not cheap at all. Moreover, these are very sensitive electronic devices that can easily break down. Also, it can happen that someone intentionally breaks them or causes damage and mechanical failure. That’s why it is very important where and how you install them. Even more important is the supplier of this equipment. If you buy cheap equipment from a lesser-known supplier – you risk getting a system that will not provide you with good image quality. Therefore, make sure you choose a reliable supplier. In the end, although it is not cheap and can break down – with good maintenance CCTV is still a smart investment. In case you ever need simpler protection, tayloralarmandcctv.co.uk believes that burglar alarms do just as good.

2. Misuse Of Video Surveillance

Today, this type of security is widespread. However, it often happens that these systems are abused. This applies, in particular, to use within companies and their business premises where people’s rights to privacy are often violated. This must also be taken into account when installing them at home or inside a residential building. When installing video surveillance, you must do it so that it doesn’t infringe on the privacy of third parties (neighbors). The angles at which the camera is placed must be set so as not to violate the privacy of other people.

3. CCTV Can Prevent Crime But Can’t Stop It

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Although the existence of video surveillance will in most cases prevent criminals, it still happens sometimes. Some of them do not give up on crime  -even when they know that the camera is filming them. In that case, video surveillance cannot prevent the crime that is happening. However, if you opt for cameras connected to an alarm system – it can deter criminals from further breaking into your home or business premises. Also, you will have a video recording that will make it easier to catch the perpetrator.