6 Benefits of Using a CCTV System

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Currently, security is one of the biggest concerns of companies both nationally and internationally. This situation has led many companies to bet on protecting themselves from possible risk situations through various methods that provide them with security in their work. Of these methods, one of the most widely used in the implementation of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), which is one of the most important video surveillance systems at present and which has evolved according to the various applications and scenarios in those that unfold.

The evolution is reflected in the variety that it presents in terms of design and technology. Taking into account the expansion of the use of this technology, we will analyze the main advantages of having a CCTV. For more information check out this website.

How does CCTV work?

Due to the development of new technologies there are many types of CCTV, analog, digital, with or without cables that vary in their way of operation, the equipment is basically the same, cameras, lenses, cables and a monitor are required to view the images.

The cameras receive the images that are sent to the monitors by cable or wireless route where they are observed by qualified personnel or viewed remotely in real-time, in turn, are recorded on dedicated devices or equipment.

The most modern equipment allows recording to begin when motion is detected, this saves storage space during the downtime of the protected area, also sends notifications by email or SMS when activity is detected.

Systems with an internet connection allow remote access to images from mobile devices.
Monitors can be shared by several cameras so that one is not needed for each camera connected to the system, some teams divide the screen into four or more parts to see the simultaneous images of all the cameras, others allow you to select which camera you want to monitor, current technologies allow connecting multiplexers that incorporate these controls electronically.

Benefits of using

1. Video analytics

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CCTV has state-of-the-art security cameras. These devices offer excellent benefits to their users, among which is video analytics, thanks to which we can collect relevant information about our company.

For example, with this function it is possible to detect the formation of lines, crowding of people, unauthorized traffic in restricted areas, staff productivity, among other characteristics. Also identifying how many people are on the premises optimizes the planning of daily operations. In addition, it allows knowing who is inside and, in an emergency, having better control of the situation. And thermography allows to immediately see the heat points of the facilities, regardless of the lighting conditions, in order to safeguard personnel and machinery in use.

Due to this, installing it in a company will bring added value to it, without forgetting you will have high-resolution images, permanent video recording and zoom functions. You just have to choose a respectable company that will do all the work concerning the installation of CCTV so visit here for more info.

2. Permanent monitoring

When a company opts to install one, it must consider another of its great benefits. This is the ability to monitor the images generated by security cameras.

This is one of the main functions of it, and it can be carried out in two ways. On the one hand, we have the integration of the CCTV system to a monitoring center, which can be within the company, if the building is large enough, or can be hired externally, through a company that provides this service.

On the other hand, it can also be monitored in real-time and directly by its users. This occurs through the incorporation of applications or websites, which allow viewing the image generated by security cameras from a smartphone or computer.

In addition, the operation of the CCTV system in a company is permanent, this means that it continues operating even when the company is closed.

3. Deterrence of threats

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The installation of a CCTV system will serve as a deterrent against possible threats. For example, people involved in a robbery may be intimidated by the presence of CCTV.

This can happen because they run the risk of being fully identified thanks to security cameras, and also because thanks to the video analytics that these teams incorporate, it is possible to trigger an alarm signal in the event of an unusual event.

In this sense, only very experienced thieves would dare to cross the perimeter protected by a CCTV system.

4. Reconstruction of what happened

Another interesting reason for the implementation of it in a company is the possibility of reconstructing adverse events in order to clarify them. Thanks to this, the company authorities and the security forces will be able to determine responsibilities for the events that have occurred.

This covers different areas, such as thieves entering the facilities, robberies carried out by employees at the company, workplace accidents, compliance with working hours, emergency response, fire accidents, infrastructure failures, among others.

5. Integration with other security systems

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CCTV systems integrate very efficiently with other security systems, such as alarms, motion sensors, panic buttons, among others. In this way, they promote a comprehensive approach to security that covers the entire company.

In the case of alarm systems, the devices associated with the CCTV system allow alert signals to be emitted when a strange event is detected, as a result of video analysis. When the alert signal is issued, an alarm is immediately triggered, which alerts the monitoring center and the main user of the system.

6. Excellent cost-benefit ratio

The cost of implementing a CCTV system is small when compared to all the benefits it brings to a company. This is why the cost-benefit ratio of incorporating all its components is truly indisputable.

The possibility of preventing theft of merchandise, materials, or cash, in addition to determining if an employee fulfills his role efficiently through visual supervision, are some of the main benefits of CCTV systems.


Without a doubt, this will make it easier for the company that decides to implement it to save financial and human resources when dealing with events of this nature. Likewise, the image of the company will be improved for its employees, clients, and visitors, who will feel safe within its facilities.