Does CBD Affect Your Testosterone Levels – 2024 Guide


Maybe you have become quite lethargic, sleep poorly, are out of shape –  and your muscles are somehow weaker than before? Maybe you lack energy for daily activities, you are in a bad mood and sexual desire rarely occurs and is often very weak? The common factor that connects all these conditions is – testosterone. However, in 2024, with the help of various supplements, such problems can be solved – or at least mitigated. Many today are wondering what is the effect of CBD on testosterone levels? We will try to answer this question.

What Is Testosterone?


It is one of the androgenic hormones – and it is considered the main male sex hormone. Most of it is produced in the testicles. Women also have this hormone – however, men have it in 40 to 60 times larger amounts. Thanks to testosterone, you have more developed muscles and other organs compared to women. This hormone is giving you a “male brain” – that is larger than the female (but we must emphasize that size does not determine the intelligence). On the other hand, it reduced the number of connections between the hemispheres of the brain. And also, testosterone is responsible for the fact that you can grow a seductive mustache or beard. This hormone is responsible for maintaining your masculine characteristics – and it also regulates the work of several organ systems of your body. Therefore, testosterone is very important. So if you haven’t been feeling the most masculine lately, or it has ever happened – then it’s the right time to dedicate yourself to this hormone. A little more.

Factors That Reduce Testosterone Level


This is the factor that will most often raise the level of cortisol and therefore lowers the concentration of other hormones including testosterone.

Problems with sleeping

Testosterone levels will rise while you are resting and asleep – especially during the REM phase of sleep. The decrease in testosterone levels is also influenced by today’s pace of life, which is much more dynamic than a few decades ago – that is, there is less and less time during the day when we can rest.

A diet that includes soy

Soy should be good for you, right? Well, you are wrong! The food that contains soy will raise your estrogen level but it will also low your testosterone level. It also reduces the number of sperm.

Low-fat diet

This type of diet has become a well-studied thing to this day. We know that a low-fat diet influences your hormonal level. However, in case you want to throw another bite of bacon down your throat – just go ahead, because it will raise your testosterone concentration.


Nicotine as well as other elements from cigarettes inhibit testosterone production.

How CBD Affects Your Testosterone Levels?


We have listed some of the causes of decreased testosterone secretion. How to fix it? Realistically, there is no unique approach to this problem, but in recent years, there has been increasing talk about the benefits of using CBD when it comes to this issue. If you’re into this topic, you can read more about it on both medical or specialized websites. However, there is no evidence that CBD has a direct effect on increasing levels of this hormone. However, indirectly, with its influence on other factors – CBD gives quite good results when we talk about increasing testosterone levels. This primarily implies its effect on the endocannabinoid system in the body.

Research On The Effect Of CBD On Testosterone Levels

Every human organism has an endocannabinoid system – in which special CB1 and CB2 receptors are located. They are located in different parts of our body, and in a situation when we stimulate them – we can influence certain changes in our bodies. It is known that by stimulating them, we can regulate conditions such as various inflammations, pains, calming down in situations when we are upset, etc. These receptors are also located in the male reproductive organs – as well as in the hypothalamus of the brain. These are exactly the places where this hormone is produced. New scientific findings partially suggest there is a connection between CBD use and the production of testosterone. Even though some studies have shown some effect – still, we have no completely reliable evidence. What can be said with certainty – is that CBD has an indirect effect on the level of this hormone, by influencing its reduction factors such as stress, insomnia, inflammatory processes, or high levels of cortisol.

Indirect Effect Of CBD On Hormone Level Increase


This is a field where we can almost say with certainty that CBD has a positive impact. Namely, CBD products do not have, or only have a minimal amount of THC – which is known for being an inhibitor for testosterone production. Therefore, already initially devoid of a negative effect – CBD has the possibility of an indirect effect on the production of this hormone. How? Simple – by solving the problems of some of the factors that reduce testosterone production.

The Use Of Steroids Is Not Recommended

As you already know, steroids are not a remedy that will be recommended to you. Moreover, in some countries, they are banned due to their synthetic composition – which can sometimes be harmful. Anabolic steroids effectively fill your body with synthetic testosterone. They do this far more than your body can naturally produce this hormone. It may seem OK to you, but it’s not. It is very common for the body to detect this overload as a signal that it no longer needs to produce this hormone. This phenomenon is known as the shutdown. When you stop using steroids – it is going to take a long time for your body to recognize that it should start its own production of testosterone. This can bring you to a deficiency of this hormone to an even greater extent. So, turn to natural stimulants. In that sense, CBD is almost an ideal thing because it influences indirect factors that lead to a decrease in testosterone levels. When you solve these problems, the body will simply continue to produce the hormone itself in the normal range.

The Bottom Line

It is well-known that testosterone has a powerful positive effect on men. However, taking hormones can have many bad effects on health – experts say. Therefore, the use of CBD is a kind of testosterone replacement therapy without the use of synthetic hormones. It will help the body to naturally produce an increased amount of this hormone with all the desirable effects – and without any health risk.