7 Richest British Talk Show Hosts

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Talk shows are some of the most popular shows on television because they’re entertaining. But a huge part of that is the hosts themselves. With the need to be charming and charismatic, funny yet serious, talk show hosts can singlehandedly make or break a show.

The UK has its fair share of talk shows that entertain Britons at all times throughout the day. We will be discussing the 7 richest ones based on net worth and putting them in a list that hopefully, you’ll like.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Alan Carr – $10 Million

Alan is the host of “Alan Carr’s Chatty Man” and is considered as a rising star in the UK. His personality is why millions of Britons love Alan, and his ability to entertain and engage with the audience is why he is adored all across the UK.

Alan starts each show by making his guests a cocktail of their choosing. This puts his guests in a relaxed mood and makes it easier to open up about embarrassing situations that the audience tunes in for.

Tuning in for an episode will put you in a great mood, and that’s all down to the flow which Alan sets for his guests. He will often interview his guests asking random questions, and there will always be a comedic response from Alan’s end.

Phillip Schofield – $11 Million

Everyone in Britain knows who Phillip Schofield is. The charismatic Phillip along with his co-star Holly Willoughby is hosting one of Britain’s most popular talk shows, “This Morning”.

The purpose of the show is to invite popular celebrities from all industries and guests with a background in entertainment and interview them about life, work, and popular trends and topics.

With a net worth of over $11 million, Phillip Schofield has a reputation as a reliable host that millions of Britons tune in every day to listen.

He recently posted a “coming-out” message on his Instagram, stating he was gay despite having wife and children.

Holly Willoughby – $13 Million

Moving up on our list we have the co-host of “This Mornin” and a dear friend of Phillip, Holly Willoughby.

The attractive and charismatic Holly is considered as Britain’s sweetheart, and that has amassed her a net worth of over $13 million. Both Holly and Phillip are equally responsible for making “This Morning” one of the most successful shows in Britain, and that has reflected positively on their bank accounts.

If you thought you’ve seen a better duo on television, then you’ve never seen Holly and Phillip.

Piers Morgan – $17 Million

Piers Morgan is somewhat of a controversial figure when it comes to UK celebrities, and that’s mostly due to his strong opinions and bold character.

Piers is a talk show host with lots of experience behind his back having worked for UK and American televisions in the past. He is currently one of the hosts for “Good Morning Britain”, a show similar to “This Morning”.

But what makes Piers such a popular host can all be attributed to his character. Piers isn’t a person that gets scared easily and he is isn’t one to change opinions based on public feedback.

Piers, as we said, is a rather controversial figure that millions of Britons love, and subsequently hate. It might get him into trouble someday, but we’re betting Piers will find a way to overcome any obstacle.

Paul O’Grady – $30 Million

A rather big jump from Piers’, Holly’s, and Phillip’s net worth’s and we have Paul O’Grady. You might recognize Paul for his love of dogs and lucrative acting career, but he was in fact a talk show host.

We may also add that Paul was also a very good one, even described as one of the best. His show was similar to that of “Good Morning Britain” and “This Morning”, in the sense that he interviewed celebrities and guests about topical things happening in Britain and the wider world.

Paul currently has a show where they rescue dogs, and his passion for the canines has certainly reflected positively with the audience.

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Graham Norton – $30 Million

Graham Norton is on a similar net worth as Paul O’Grady and arguably Britain’s most popular talk show cost at the current time of writing.

“The Graham Norton Show” on BBC One airs also in America, with many of his guests coming from the States to share funny stories about life and work.

His guests are mainly jet-set entertainers with backgrounds in acting and singing, with some of the more popular ones being Matthew McConaughey, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Anniston, and hundreds of others.

His show is quite possibly one of the most entertaining ones and described as many as being on par with the likes of “The Ellen Show“, “The Tonight Show”, and more.

Jonathan Ross – $35 Million

Jonathan Ross is our number one on the list of X richest British talk show hosts amassing a fortune of over $35 million. He is the host of “The Jonathan Ross Show” which is loved by millions of Britons. It usually airs on weekends and it offers Britons the chance to lay back and enjoy the entertainment that Jonathan provides.

The focus of his show is to invite guests and talk on various entertaining topics. His shows are full of Banter and you can find endless YouTube compilations where Jonathan does this to a hilarious degree.

He invites some of the biggest names in the UK and American scenes, ranging from actors to public figures and singers. His shows have huge musical acts, which makes them that more entertaining to the viewers.

With a very successful career that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, Jonathan Ross is and will be UK’s richest talk show host in years to come.