Malia Obama Gets Cyberbullied for Her Head Shape

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Barack Obama’s daughter Malia is under attack by Internet trolls. Twitter users have been bullying the 21-year-old Harvard student after her appearance in Michelle Obama’s documentary “Becoming”.

Social media users were shaming Malia over her physical appearance, particularly her “long” face. One of them wrote on Twitter: “Can’t get over the size of Malia Obama’s forehead. No business being that long”, and another one added: “When did Malia Obama face get that long?”.

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The rude comments didn’t stop there. “Malia Obama got a face shaped like a foot”, one commented. Some of them even accused her of trying to be a “white” person.

However, reading these negative comments, people stood in Malia’s defense. “Malia Obama is NOT ugly. Y’all need to stop”, one tweet read. “Ppl poking at Malia Obama for dressing ‘white’ and having white friends and comparing her to her sister is the dumbest thing and actually makes my blood boil???? Black people, especially black girls/women are not obliged to conform to a specific way of being that is”, one responded to haters.

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“Leave Malia Obama alone. Stop trying to nitpick her for seeming ‘less cultured’ as her sister. The vibe of y’all tweets are not (and barely ever) ‘a lil jokey joke’ so cut the act. Y’all do this all the time. Stop”, one tweet read.

In Michelle’s documentary, Malia praises her mother for her hard work, in and out of the White House. “This has demonstrated in a way-it’s just like, damn, those eight years weren’t for nothing. You know?”, Obama’s oldest daughter says after seeing the crowd at her mother’s book tour. “You see that huge crowd out there, and that last kind of speech you gave about-people are here because people really believe in hope and hope in other people.”